GayHoopla Releasing “Blast From The Past” Cole Money Scene Filmed At Least Two Years Ago

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gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-01Gay porn star Cole Money has not filmed a gay porn scene since September of 2015 when he announced he was leaving GayHoopla. Then, in February of 2016, the thick-cocked performer came forward with the news that he was suffering from a rare blood disorder that caused him to nearly lose his entire arm (ICYMI: graphic photos of his arm during the emergency surgery). But, next week, GayHoopla is giving Cole Money fans a fun treat by releasing a never-before-seen gay sex video that Cole filmed prior to his medical issue and GayHoopla departure in 2015.

gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-03 gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-06 gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-04The scene co-stars another old school GayHoopla model, Jarod Spear, and there’s more good news: This scene is a flip-fuck. In fact, Cole and Jarod argue back and forth about who gets to bottom first, as they’re both very eager to be fucked.

gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-15 gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-18 gayhoopla-jarod-spear-cole-money-21When asked why this scene’s release was delayed for so long, GayHoopla revealed that it had been “lost in the chaos of things.” Gay porn can be chaotic, so I understand!


For those wondering, Cole Money is no longer filming gay porn scenes, but he is on Chaturbate sometimes, and his arm looks like it’s healing:

Trailer for Cole Money and Jarod Spear’s flip-fuck (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Cole Money And Jarod Spear Flip-Fuck]

  • GayTornado

    Why couldn’t this scene have Cole and Sebastian Hook? I miss that hot little fucker staring into the camera while getting pounded…

  • emercycrite

    Jarod was so hot.

    • Keith

      saw him on american ninja warrior a few months ago..he is ripped and a bit older. still hot as hell!

      • emercycrite

        What when?! Now I need to find that episode!!

  • Dave

    Yes, str8 dudes not knowing how to film gay porn gets so chaotic. One thing is certain, this scene will look terrible. As poorly shot as GH scenes are now, they were so much worse. I do miss the hairiness that was Cole Money. No recent GH model comes close to matching him in that department.

    • Zealot

      Yep. They’re just a pack of shaved lesbians.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Me: *sees link to graphic pics of Cole’s arm and carefully maneuvers past it*
    Me: *keeps reading and scrolling down*
    Me: *sees graphic pic posted anyway… and throws up* ughhhhh!!!

  • Zealot

    The pic of Jarod holding Cole’s weenus reminds me of something…….?!?

    • Keith

      omg im fucking dying over here…too much

  • Maximus

    THAT’S healing?! Shit. I’m starting to suspect dark magicks over flesh eating bacteria at this point.

  • FrenchBug

    They paid for and filmed a scene that they … lost? I mean, if the actual movies weren’t proof enough of the reigning incompetence over there…

    • Dave

      Just PR bullshit. GH has no idea what they are doing, even after all these years. I am sure there are tons of old, crappy scenes that they shelved because they knew they were shitty. They will roll them out eventually.

  • erexshawn

    in a flip-flop, or a multi flip scene the last guy to take the dick is the bottom.

  • pje821

    Their old crap isn’t any better than their new crap. This joke of a studio should just close its doors and send its hottest men to Sean Cody, its sister site, to replace the trolls SC has hired in the last two years. That’s about as positive as I can state how I feel.

    • nbtx27

      Why do you say sister site? Other than that great idea to replace the “trolls” (there are a lot of them) at SC with the hot GH guys, SC could really use them. Agree about GH being a joke. But they do seem to get the hottest new guys most of the time soemhow.

      • pje821

        They’re owned by the same parent company. SC was bought out last year, which is one of the main reasons the quality of the models and the photography has diminished. If all the hot men at GH moved over to SC, at least we know they’d be photographed, lit and edited better, and their cumshots would be captured (but SC seems to have forgotten how to capture them from two distinct angles, which used to be one of their hallmarks). As Trump would say, “Sad.”

        • nbtx27

          No MG does not own GayHoopla. Not the same company. MG bought SC in Jan 2015. It’s been downhill since then, I agree it is just awful now.

          GH has always been awful, except for the hot guys they are able to get so often. Hard to understand how they do it. The owner sucks, the videography sucks, the lighting often sucks, the editing sucks, the “I’m straight” interviews suck, but most of the guys are hot.

          • Dave

            And if they were owned by MG, Zach would be trashing this mediocre site at will.

          • 2345

            Hello, maybe you can help me. There’s a rumor that SC has backlogged scenes up until Jan 2015 (MG purchase). How can people be so sure of this? Do you know anyting about this? Thank you in advance

  • nbtx27

    No problem.
    True! SC should hire GH casting/ recruiting. Sorely in need of new guys, but with our luck they’ll keep the current SC guys and hire the GH videographer and lighting guy (probably the same guy, the owner).

  • T2TheB

    Good news: The the two models are good looking enough.
    Bad news: Their scene is likely just more of the softcore gay porn GayHoopla delivers.