[UPDATED] Exclusive: GayHoopla Models Jayden Marcos, Chase Arcangel, And Franco Styles QUIT Studio Over Alleged Pay Cuts, No STD Testing, And Lack Of Scenes

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This story is being continually updated below.

EXCLUSIVE: Str8UpGayPorn can report today of a major shake-up at gay porn studio GayHoopla—as well as their sister studios BiGuysFuck and HotGuysFuck, where many GayHoopla models perform—with at least FIVE performers quitting the studios abruptly and nearly simultaneously over the last week. Of the five, the three models confirmed to have pulled out from GayHoopla are: Jayden Marcos, Chase Arcangel, and Franco Styles. In addition to Marcos, Arcangel, and Styles, my source has confirmed that performers Ryan Love (a newcomer who made his first GH appearance just last week) and Megan Taylor (a female performer seen in multiple BiGuysFuck and HotGuysFuck videos) have also departed.

Franco Styles (seen bottoming for Chase Arcangel, above) has appeared in five GayHoopla sex scenes since debuting late last year, while Chase Arcangel skyrocketed to fame following his sex scene debut back in September of 2020 (ICYMI: read Arcangel’s February interview with Str8Up). The biggest star (literally and figuratively) to have quit is Jayden Marcos, who’s appeared in dozens of gay and bisexual scenes as a versatile performer since his debut in early 2019.


Marcos, who made headlines earlier this year when he had a brief cameo in HBO’s Euphoria, has issued the below statement to Str8Up explaining why he’s quit GayHoopla. In his statement, Marcos says that he’s only been asked to film five scenes (at two shoots) over the past year, and that models recently received a pay cut of $50 per scene, “without telling anyone why.” He also takes issue with GayHoopla’s lack of STD testing (the studio uses condoms instead), and the studio trying to “dictate what content you get to create on OnlyFans.” Here is the full statement from Jayden Marcos:

The reason I left GayHoopla was because I was being neglected as a model. I’d only received 2 shoots (with 5 scenes) in a 365 day period, and one of them only happened because I was conveniently located nearby the shoot at the time. They also cut every model’s pay for certain types of scene by $50 per scene without telling anyone why. They wear condoms, so STD testing never has to happen, but fully expect you to give oral without the use of protection. They also try to dictate what content you get to create on OnlyFans, with who, when you can release it, and then want you to send them the content for free so they can post it on their secret menu (if it involves another one of their models).

With regard to what Jayden Marcos will be doing next, he’s now exclusive with a company called “HussieModels,” which is a modeling agency that also produces its own straight content at a site called “HussiePass.” Sadly, Marcos will no longer be performing in gay porn, and he explains why as his statement continues:

As for what I’ll be doing now, I’m contracted to HussieModels. I have left gay porn temporarily due to two reasons. One, GayHoopla DID pay me exclusive rates for my gay content and it’s a hard price for many companies to want to match. The other reason is because I’d like to experiment in making other kinds of content, such as transgender. I’m not gone from the gay world, but I am taking a break. In that time I hope to make large strides in the trans community and others respectively.

In addition to Jayden Marcos, “Hussies” has also snapped up Ryan Love and Franco Styles, based on tweets posted over the weekend:

While we know where Marcos, Styles, and Love have gone, performer Chase Arcangel has not issued any statement or comment as of post time, but there are no signs that he’s aligned with the Hussies. So, hopefully, he’ll still be performing in gay porn. Arcangel did post the below subtweet today, indicating that while he’s left GayHoopla, he’s not “part of the movement” (to Hussies?). He also wrote, “I have my own plans.”

For their part, GayHoopla has issued the below statement to Str8Up, addressing when and why models come and go, as well as their “competitive pay.” They also state that “it is no secret that we are currently cleaning house when it comes to problematic models.” Yikes. Here’s the full GayHoopla statement:

GayHoopla is the launching pad for amateur models. It is never our goal or need to keep models year after year. We offer all of our models ample opportunities to film and be seen in the industry, including our connections with HBO, Hulu, and Netflix casting directors. (A GayHoopla perk that landed Jayden a job on HBO’s Euphoria set.) Not only is our pay competitive, it is all inclusive — covering food, travel, housing and any other needs of the model. We have a lengthy list of applicants that want to film for us, so when it’s time for a model to leave, we understand and can move on to new amateurs quickly. It is no secret that we are currently cleaning house when it comes to problematic models. As of this week, we have begun filming new content concepts with all new exclusive models who have never been on camera before. Big things to come for loyal GayHoopla fans and our new models.

One performer who has clearly stayed on at GayHoopla is Dustin Hazel, who threw some shade at Hussies for not even mentioning male talent in the model information section of their website. Hazel’s tweet:

This is a developing story…


Performer Franco Styles has now issued his own statement to Str8Up, and he appears to be even more disgruntled than Jayden Marcos. According to Styles, some models are not paid for content they shoot, others are made to sign an “illegitimate contract as a scare tactic,” and GayHoopla “relies on new models coming into the industry with no experience,” because “anyone who knows would know better than to work for them.” Here is the full statement from Franco Styles:

I left because they gave me so much shit and were being really controlling about Onlyfans, especially if it was with an HGF model they feel like they own all the models. Even though they take advantage of the girls for content saying it’s for the “secret menu” that they don’t get paid for. They make us sign illegitimate “contracts” as a scare tactic and tell us we can’t work with other companies for a year. They don’t require any models to be std or Covid tested before coming to set, even though condoms are used oral is still always expected to be done. Most models are lucky if they get called back a second time or more even though they make it seem like they care about the success of any newcomer. Their whole company relies on new models coming into the industry with no experience or else anyone who knows would know better than to work for them.

UPDATE 2: While newcomer Ryan Love (as seen above) has only had a wrestling video released on GayHoopla (he may have filmed more for GH and HotGuysFuck, but the scenes haven’t been released yet), he’s just released his own statement, and it’s quite detailed. Love echoes the complaints of Jayden Marcos and Franco Styles, but he also makes the disturbing claim that straight guys are “finessed” into performing in gay sex scenes, and “when you’re not expecting [it], they start doing something that you’re not comfortable [with], but you feel pressured to not speak up since the cameras are rolling.” Str8Up has asked Love to clarify what exactly he means by this, and will update this post if he responds. Ryan Love’s full statement:

UPDATE 3: Jayden Marcos has now posted a video message further explaining his reasons for leaving GayHoopla, and while he says he has no issues with the owner, he does have a problem with the way some of the things are run at the company, and he did end up having an issue with one of the cameramen, “DocTayTay”:

UPDATE 4: GayHoopla’s Dustin Hazel (referred to up in Ryan Love’s statement as a “pint-sized ginger beard with muscles who acts as their guard dog”) is responding to all of the claims from the former GH models, and he presents his defense while pacing shirtless in a backyard:

And in a direct reply to Hazel, a similarly shirtless Jayden Marcos posted this video response:

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