Government Dismisses Jarec Wentworth Gun Charge Appeal

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Before Jarec Wentworth’s extortion trial last July, prosecutors and defense attorneys argued over a seventh charge in the government’s superseding indictment against him: Possession of a firearm in the furtherance of a crime of violence. Ultimately, the court dismissed the charge, as Wentworth didn’t have the gun on his person when he was arrested during the infamous Starbucks sting operation. However, after Wentworth was convicted on six felony extortion counts, the government filed a motion to appeal the court’s dismissal, and the gun charge was brought back into play.

Now, on the eve of Wentworth’s sentencing, the government has dismissed their own appeal, noting that “the Office of the Solicitor General has not authorized the government to pursue its appeal of the district court’s judgment.” In other words, someone in a position of authority recognized that the prosecutors had no case whatsoever, and told them to stop wasting everyone’s time (not to mention taxpayer dollars).

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This dismissal has to be a crushing blow for Wentworth’s victim Donald Burns, given that the Republican multimillionaire was likely the one pushing the government to pursue the appeal (and more prison time for Wentworth) in the first place.

Wentworth is still set to be sentenced on Monday, October 26th. He faces up to seven years in prison.

  • FooFight

    A small glimmer of hope for Teo. But still…

    • n24rc

      So does that mean the “ship” is going to hit the “fuck”?

  • Okosan

    Even if Teo comes back to porn (which i highly doubt) we wouldn’t be able to view him the same way anymore.
    Just think about it his real name was revealed to us and jarec will no longer mean anything.

  • Todd
  • erexshawn

    a big Republican money guy supporting penalties for someone having a gun? Don is probably willing to let that one go in the name of ideology and party loyalty.

  • Webslinger
  • Webslinger
    • n24rc

      And you know that 88% loves the white pussy. Expect Teo to be someone’s girlfriend before the end of the first year.

      • Webslinger

        I will ignore your first comment and only address the second…

        I expect Teo to be released with time served…he returned the money, the weapon charge has been dropped…oh yes…he will be a free man…

        • n24rc

          maybe so. Time will tell. But until then, let us enjoy!

        • beariac

          Don’t bet any money on that expectation. For the record, the money was seized by the government before being claimed back by DB, less ~$50K.

          • Webslinger

            I would not be surprised if Donald Burns wants it that way…this could be the reason for all these dismissals and lessening of charges…also the minor $50K is easily made up in his time served…no BIG deal…things are going on behind the scenes that would put the Wizard of Oz to shame…


        • Myko

          I agree. I think he will be out pretty soon, if not straight away.
          My money is on March 2016

    • WhimsyCotton

      An easy way not to land in prison is not to commit a crime, and to cooperate with officers if you get pulled over for whatever reason. This method works regardless of your race or ethnic background.

  • Maximus

    …Bring in the dancing lobsters?

  • n24rc

    He’ll get the full seven. They have his emails and texts as well as your twitter feed.

  • sxg

    What a damn shame Toefill won’t serve any time for the gun charge! That would have been way more hilarious!

    Any idea what kind of prison he’ll serve his time in? A regular one or a minimal security one that’s mostly for white collar crimes like where Martha Stewart was in?

  • Multiverse Inhabitant

    I hope gets sentenced to seven years (just for his asshole moves), is released in 3 having learned his lesson, and returns to porn in a raging stallion video. Best wishes, Teo.

  • kevin

    I don’t think ambitious prosecutors need outside incentive to get a convicted felon even more time in the slammer

    • John Iii

      Nor do ambitious prosecutors waste their time on something they won’t win

  • Zealot

    If anyone can rock this look, it’s Teo. AND– it serves double-duty. On-trend for message and breast cancer awareness month!

    • sxg

      Damn who the fuck is the officer with the gun on the right??? He looks like one tasty daddy from the back!

      • Zealot

        I don’t know, but he sure has the guy immediately to his left pretty giddy.

  • MAnthony

    Guys who do porn can murder someone and still get a job with any porn company. They could give a shit. Look how many of these asshats have beaten their GF’s or Bf’s and put them in the hospital or are constantly using racist and homophobic rants on Twitter. Shit… this site sells the fact that these guys are racist by stating it in their click bait articles for so and so’s new scene. Must be making bank off of the studios to advertise their stuff in “Gossip” form.


    Zach, I think you’re missing your calling. You should go to law school.

  • n24rc

    The judge will not be making a decision based on DB or any push from him. Let’s be real here. You really have a mental picture of DB and the prosecution in your head, yet the crime and the defendant has been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You should step away from the keyboard. It’s only making you sound semi-paranoid.

  • Odetofear

    Someone’s really trying to hammer in every nail into his coffin. Boo-urns!

  • John Iii

    Looks great in those undies. He should have been an underwear model and not a crook.

  • GuyN90068

    Sentencing was posponed from yesterday to today. Teofil Brank was sentenced today to 70 months in prison followed by three years probation.