Grabbys Predictions Part 2: Who Will Win, Who Should Win, And Who Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell

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GrabbyAd2015The 2015 Grabbys will be held this Saturday, May 23rd at Metro in Chicago, with returning hosts (for the 900 millionth time) Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West. Joining them as co-hosts are Tayte Hanson, Boomer Banks, Billy Santoro, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, and Ryan Rose. Str8UpGayPorn is in Chicago with live, 24/7 coverage through Monday (I apologize in advance for all the drunk tweets), and here is Part 2 of my annual predictions for who will win, who should win, and who doesn’t stand a chance in hell. (Part 1 is here.)

Like every year, I usually get most of these dead wrong, so please keep that in mind. The Grabbys are known for dividing up the awards as diplomatically and equally as possible, so the only real guarantee to be made is that everyone always wins at least one award. Full list of nominees here.

tumblr_ncah6nyiXK1sxhdaxo1_500Hottest Bottom:
Luke Adams
Jay B
Blue Bailey
Jake Bass
David Benjamin
Hans Berlin
Duncan Black
Brenner Bolton
Brent Corrigan
Mike De Marko
Seven Dixon
Sean Duran
Jimmy Fanz
Darius Ferdynand
Alexander Gustavo
Jesse Jackman
Killian James
Brandon Jones
JD Phoenix
Johnny Rapid
Liam Riley
Armond Rizzo
Andy Taylor
Johnny V
Sean Zevran

Will Win: Jimmy Fanz or Armond Rizzo
Should Win: Brenner Bolton
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jay B

As with every Grabbys category, there are simply way too many nominees here, but Brenner, Armond, and Jimmy are definitely worthy of their noms. Of course, wouldn’t the nomination feel more special if you were one of just five nominees (or even 10)? Instead, there are 25! Absurd. Also, who in the fuck is Jay B?

dalton briggs 2Hottest Cock:
Doug Acre
Boomer Banks
Dario Beck
Dalton Briggs
George Ce
Tommy Defendi
Dmitry Dickov
Alexander Greene
Tayte Hanson
Dylan Knight
Sebastian Kross
Jesse Jackman
Dean Monroe
Valentin Petrov
James Ryder
Rocco Steele
Tyson Tyler
Jarec Wentworth
Christian Wilde
Sean Zevran

Will Win: Rocco Steele and Dalton Briggs
Should Win: Dmitry Dickov and Rocco Steele
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jarec Wentworth

As hilarious as it would be to hear Jarec’s name called, it’s not happening. If the Grabbys select one cut and one uncut cock, I predict Rocco and Dalton, which would be great. Watch out for Dmitry Dickov though, whom I’m rooting for.

austin-wilde-bareback-1Best Web Performer Of The Year:
Hans Berlin
Paul Canon
Colby Chambers
Dmitry Dickov
Jimmy Fanz
Tyler Hanson
Colby Jansen
Adam Killian
Mikey Knox
Damien Kyle
Paddy O’Brien
Johnny Rapid
Billy Santoro
Andrew Star
Tyler St. James
Kevin Warhol
Austin Wilde

Will Win: Austin Wilde
Should Win: Austin Wilde
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Tyler St. James

Given that literally every gay porn star is a web performer, I have no idea what this award is supposed to signify, other than another chance for the Grabbys to roll out a long list of names? With that said, the success of Austin’s studio should secure him a win. If you’re wondering who in the world Tyler St. James is, join the club. He did eight scenes for, the last of which was released in 2012! I can’t.

fat_man_on_computer Best Porn Blog:
All The Porn That’s Fit To Fuck
Gay Daily Hot
Manhunt Daily
Men of Porn
The Sword

Will Win:
Should Win:
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell:

Do people other than bloggers care about this award? I doubt it, which is why I left my predictions off. That being said, anyone who reads porn blogs should have a pretty clear idea as to who deserves this award…

51182_017-1000x600Best Group Scene:
Brandon Jones, Dylan Knight and Mike De Marko / Horse Play / Hot House Entertainment

Chris Harder,Levi Karter, Bravo Delta and Dillion Rossi / Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys

Jasper Robinson, Evan Parker, Ryker Madison / Boy Stories / Helix Studios

Levi Karter, Max Ryder, Bravo Delta, Jett Black, Ricky Roman and Dillion Rossi / Boys to Adore Galore / Cockyboys

Van Darkholme, Alex Adams, Derek Pain, Conner Maguire, Connor Patricks / Connorligula Punishes Enemies Rome Part 2 /

Brian Jovovich, Connor Maguire, Marcel Gassion, Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell / Dirty Rascals /Nakedsword

Alexander Greene, Armondo De Armas and Valentin Petrov / Everybody Fucks / Channel 1 Releasing

Trenton Ducati,Dominic Pacifico, Rico Palace / Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas /

Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin and Rocco Steele / Guard Patrol / Raging Stallion Studios

Diesel O’Green, Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vittorio / Head Hunting / Kristen Bjorn

Boomer Banks, Race Cooper, Trelino, Tyson Tyler, Dato Foland and Shawn Wolfe / Into The Darkness / Raging Stallion Studios

Dirk Caber, Dolan Wolfe, JD Phoenix / Joe Gage’s Cut to the Chase / Titan

Duncan Black, Colby Keller, Justin Matthews / Kiss Hung Fuck Love/ Cockyboys

Dario Beck, Hunter Marx, Justin King / Night Heat / Titan

JR Bronson, Brock Avery, Kieron Ryan and Adam Russo / Sentenced / Channel 1 Releasing

Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade, Scott Harbor, Dirk Caber / Stepfather’s Secret /

Tayte Ryder, Sean Duran, Jeremy Stevens / Sweat Box / Dominic Ford

Cam Christou, Boomer Banks, Leo Forte, Seven Dixon and Marcus Isaacs / The Pack / Nakedsword

Dario Beck,Donato Reyes and Alessio Veneziano / The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios

Will Win: Mitch Vaughn, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Rocco Steele in Guard Patrol
Should Win: Boomer Banks, Race Cooper, Trelino, Tyson Tyler, Dato Foland, Shawn Wolfe in Into Darkness
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Tayte Ryder, Sean Duran, Jeremy Stevens in Sweat Box

As good as Guard Patrol’s group scene was, Into Darkness‘ group fuckfest was even better.

NakedSword-Tommy-Defendi-Connor-Maguire-Dirty-Rascals-hunk-Dato-Foland-fuck-huge-uncut-cock-horny-studs-007-tube-download-torrent-gallery-sexpics-photoBest Duo Scene:
Trenton Ducati and Max Cameron / Addict / Nakedsword
Levi Karter and Dean Monroe / Answered Prayers / Cockyboys
Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran / Auto Erotic 2 / Raging Stallion Studios
Hunter Marx and Damian Stone / Bad Cop / Titan
Trenton Ducati and Tyler Sweet / Bound Gods /
Jason Phoenix and Armond Rizzo / Dirty lil Brother / Channel 1 Releasing
Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland / Dirty Rascals / Nakedsword
Armond Rizzo and Connor Maguire / Embrace / Buckshot
Ryan Rose and Christian Wilde / Guard Patrol / Raging Stallion Studios
Kevin Lee and Adam Champ / Into The Shadows / Titan
Colby Keller and Luke Adams / Last Call /
Andy Taylor and Landon Conrad / Man on Twink / Helix Studios
Tayte Hanson and Justin Mathews / Meeting Liam / Cockyboys
Johnny V and Ryan Rose / Naughty Pines 2 / Falcon
Evan Parker and Casey Tanner / Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Vance Crawford and Bryce Evans / So you think you can Fuck 4 / Dominic Ford
Johnny Rapid and Dirk Caber / Stepfather’s Secret /
Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran / Stunners / Falcon
Jason Phoenix and Johnny Hazzard / Sucked off in Weird Places / Channel 1 Releasing
Paco and Rogan Richards / The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios

Will Win: Tommy Defendi and Dato Foland in Dirty Rascals
Should Win: Johnny Rapid and Dirk Caber in Stepfather’s Secret
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Vance Crawford and Bryce Evans in So You Think You Can Fuck 4

I haven’t even seen it, but based on what commenters have said, that Vance Crawford/Bryce Evans scene was one of the worst things released in 2014. As far my “should win,” Stepfather’s Secret was actually pretty good (for a scene), and it at least deserves to win here. But, Dirty Rascals will likely be shut out of all the other categories, so the Grabbys will want to give NakedSword at least one award, and the Tommy/Dato duo is deserving.

Best Director:
Bruno Bond / Guard Patrol / Falcon
Steve Cruz / The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios
Tony DiMarco / Naughty Pines 1&2 / Falcon
Dominic Ford / So you think you can Fuck 4 / Dominic Ford
Jake Jaxson / Answered Prayers / Cockyboys
Chi Chi LaRue / Sentenced / Punished / Channel 1 Releasing
Jasun Mark / Bad Cop / Titan Men
Keith Miller / Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
mr. Pam / Dirty Rascals / Nakedsword
Kristofer Weston / Embrace / Buckshot

Will Win: Jake Jaxson
Should Win: Jake Jaxson
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Dominic Ford

It’s true that Jake Jaxson won this award in 2013 for Project GoGo Boy, but that won’t stop the Grabbys from awarding him again, for an even more ambitious and more beloved movie.

img_0911Best Movie:
Answered Prayers / Cocky Boys
Bad Cop / Titan Men
Dirty Rascals / Nakedsword
Embrace / Buckshot
Gay of Thrones /
Naughty Pines 1&2 / Falcon
Saddle Up / Hot House Entertainment
Scandal at Helix Academy 2 / Helix Studios
Sentenced/Punished / Channel 1 Releasing
The Tourist / Raging Stallion Studios

Will Win: Answered Prayers
Should Win: Answered Prayers
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Gay Of Thrones

Gay Of Thrones is my personal pick for the worst movie/series released in 2014 (or any year, tbh), and it’s embarrassing that it’s even nominated here. This award will wrap up the sweep for Answered Prayers, if my predictions are right.

57110_02Performer Of The Year:
Luke Adams
Boomer Banks
Jake Bass
David Benjamin
J.R. Bronson
Landon Conrad
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Darius Ferdynand
Jessie Jackman
Levi Karter
Colby Keller
Connor Maguire
Hunter Marx
Jason Phoenix
Armond Rizzo
Ryan Rose
Billy Santoro
Johnny V
Mitch Vaughn
Sean Zevran

Will Win: Ryan Rose and Tommy Defendi (alt: Colby Keller)
Should Win: Ryan Rose, Colby Keller
Doesn’t Stand A Chance In Hell: Jason Phoenix

Remember: The Grabbys always pick two winners in this category. Tommy Defendi has never won a major award like this (he has won Best Cock), and he’s way overdue. Ryan Rose, meanwhile, has had an almost flawless year, with one great performance after another, so he’s pretty much a lock. The one complication? Colby Keller. He was already voted Str8UpGayPorn’s Best Gay Porn Star Of 2014, and he deserves this more than anyone for his epic, 11-year career in gay porn (remember, he started at Sean Cody in 2004). If he sneaks in here (despite not being an exclusive for any studio or having a manager/agent to promote him), it would be a fantastic surprise.

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