[UPDATED] Here Are The Stars Who’ll Be Appearing—And Performing!—At The Inaugural Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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unnamedAs announced previously, Sandra Bernhard will host the Str8UpGayPorn Awards on June 22nd at Stage 48 in New York City, and I’m thrilled, shook, excited, and honored to introduce the all-star lineup of presenters and attendees making live appearances at the inaugural ceremony.

First, I’m so excited to now reveal that RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Trinity Taylor and Detox will be taking the Str8Up stage—together!—to put on a very special performance during the ceremony.

detox_trinityTrinity “The Tuck” Taylor is a top four finalist (and maybe even top three, depending on what happens this week) on the current season of Drag Race, while Detox was of course a top four finalist on season five, and then a top three finalist on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

Before the ceremony and before Trinity and Detox’s performance, nominees and stars will walk the red carpet. Our red carpet hosts will be the stunning Bruce Beckham (a performer up for three awards that night), and the one and only award-winning director mr. Pam:

bruce1 pamPresented by Pornhub and in association with Flirt4Free, Orbital Pay, and Fleshjack, the Str8UpGayPorn Awards red carpet arrivals with Bruce and Pam begins at 7pm, followed by the ceremony at 8:30pm. (The ceremony will be streamed live here on Str8Up, for those unable to attend.) For guests and nominees attending the show, our host hotel offering group rates is the Sheraton Times Square, using this link. Tickets to the Str8UpGayPorn Awards are available via Voss Events here (FYI: the VIP floor seats are nearly sold out). And do note: There’s a premium open bar for all attendees of the Str8UpGayPorn Awards, so please send your thoughts and prayers that I stay at least partially(?) conscious until the end of the ceremony and Best Picture is announced.

Following the red carpet, awards in 19 categories—including Best Picture, Best Performer, Best Actor, Best Cock, and more—will be presented by the industry’s biggest gay porn stars from the most popular studios, including Helix, CockyBoys, Falcon, Sean Cody, TitanMen, BelAmi, GuysInSweatpants, and more. If you’ve been following Str8Up on Twitter, you’ve likely seen some of these posters over the last two weeks, but here’s a round-up of all of them released so far:

allen austin blake colby diego diesel evan helm unnamedhoyt jj johnny kyle levi liam max mickey rick ricky ryan sean taylor tyler will boomer brent calvin carter christian Brandon

In addition to Sandra Bernhard, Trinity Taylor, Detox, Sean Cody’s Brandon, Allen King, Austin Wilde, Kyle Ross, Blake Mitchell, Boomer Banks, Brent Corrigan, Levi Karter, Evan Parker, Helmut Huxley, Jerome Exupery, Tyler Hill, Calvin Banks, Carter Dane, Sean Ford, Will Wikle, Taylor Reign, Hoyt Kogan, Colby Chambers, Mickey Knox, Ricky Roman, Christian Lundgren, Liam Riley, Max Carter, Rikk York, JJ Knight, Diesel Washington, Ryan Rose, Diego Sans, Johnny Rapid, Bruce Beckham, and mr. Pam, several more surprise presenters will be added, so stay tuned…

Those in the media needing press credentials, feel free to contact me. We’ll see you at the awards!

  • sxg

    Allen King, Austin Wilde, Bruce Beckham, Diego Sans, JJ Knight, Levi Karter, Taylor Reign, Will Wikle, Tyler Hill, Brent Corrigan, Carter Dane
    Blake Mitchell, Colby Chambers, Evan Parker, Hoyt Kogan, Liam Riley, Mickey Knox, Rikk York, Ricky Roman, Sean Ford, Calvin Banks, Christian Lundgren
    Diesel Washington, Johnny Rapid, Kyle Ross, Max Carter, Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, and Brandon
    Can’t wait to see who the guest performer is. I’m really hoping it’s not that guy who fucked his hyena. Great move streaming this live! This will be me throughout the event.

  • Ceecee

    Nica and ML must be having a fucking meltdown over how many major studios and actors are appearing.

    What a dream.

  • Tellingthetruth
  • Logan Fisher™

    So let me get this straight…For Gay Porn there are Cybersocket, Grabby’s, Prowler & now Str8upgayporn awards??? Any others I’m missing??? Jeessh and for REAL Hollywood movies there are the Oscars, Screen Actors Guild & Golden Globes??? So there are more awards for porn than for real movies these days?? LOL Talk about patting yourselves on the back way to much.

    • Zachary Sire

      Don’t forget the BAFTAs, Independent Spirit Awards, MTV Movie Awards, AFI Awards, the PGAs, the DGAs, NAACP Awards, GLAAD Awards, and maybe the Razzies.

      • Mike Julius

        Plus all that shit they throw at the at Cannes.

        • Pertinax

          …Venice Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival ( Berlinale )

          • Xzamilloh

            And the ALMA awards, Tony Awards, Daytime Emmys, Primetime Emmys, The countless film critic awards, Sundance Film Festival awards, Critics Choice Awards… as far as I’m concerned, these queens don’t get the credit they deserve.

            Some of them get far too much credit for the piddly performances they put out… but that’s another story

      • WhimsyCotton

        You forgot the Saturn Awards and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival awards.

        • C3xxx

          Hey hey don’t forget TIFF (Toronto Int’l Film Fest) and, well almost defunct, MIFF (Montreal film fest)

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, but at least in this case, when they pat each other on the back, there’s a chance that might segue into some finger blasting and fucking. I know I’d watch the Golden Globes if Ryan Gosling accepted an award and then went down on Michael B. Jordan right afterwards. Or just whipped it out and helicoptered it

  • Lady Macbeth

    Security when they find Nica and Michael trying to sneak in to harass the guests

    • sxg

      Lol Charm School

  • OverKill
  • Marik Ishtar

    What does ‘appearing live’ mean? I’m expecting a choreographed song and dance number.

  • Xzamilloh

    Like a little person trying to get a drink at the club, the bar is set very high for this awards show. Nice to see that you are not playing around, Lord Sire

  • peter

    I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about a truly amazing line-up, but if I were to add one more performer it would be Quinn — with his trapeze act!

  • TheThom

    Cockyboys and Helix are coming to represent.

    • NG212

      Yup. Cockyboys has home field advantage, and they’re really capitalizing on it.

  • sanfv

    If this is a secret red wedding-esque situation, I tip my hat off to SUGP.

    “Slay” away.

  • Pertinax
  • Pascal

    You certainly didn’t take any chances with the melanin factor.

  • Dazzer

    That’s a hard-core (oh go punch yourself if you’re into single-entendre comments) line-up.

    It’s going to be a superb night and/or an incredibly drunken night.

    Or you’ll get closed down by the police (here’s hoping for all three).

    Whatever happens, it’s going to be a win-win night. Wish I could be there.

  • Maximus

    Dear Zach,

    We hope that you will take this opportunity to contain Miss Rapid and her gaping anus indefinitely. Please consider using this, or something similar, as her eternal prison: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8a6b2ba7ea57b531de69d3519698bd23a1c8a5bbb76c6d6661edd0277136cff.jpg



  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    That’s a fucking solid lineup! Aaaaand and open bar? Sounds like a recipe for a real good time, either that or a fucking disaster that ya’ll gonna have to call the cops for, especially if Diesel or Ryan Rose are feeling froggy.

  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    Solid lineup Zach AAAAAAaaand and open bar? Sounds like a fantastic time will be had by all. Or the cops will have to be called in after the Riot that is caused by Ryan Rose and/ or Diesel Washington feeling froggy or a drunk old fat person (me) trying to say hi to Sean Ford and him punching them out for being not attractive or young enough. Too bad I can’t go but will be watching the stream.

  • Scrapple

    Wow, this looks all classy and shit. We know how some of these models get with some liquid courage. With that open bar I’m expecting things to get so sloppy it will take the combined efforts of Mr. Clean, the Scrubbing Bubbles, the Bounty Paper Towel Man and that Pine Sol lady to clean up the mess. Can’t. Wait.

  • PaulieP

    Sorry Diesel Washington has been in porn far too long…

  • FooFight
  • Donald Horn

    Straightupporn awards so white!

    • sxg

      Well you shouldn’t be surprised at all. The 3 studios that Zach posts about the most on this blog and probably happen to have the most representation at these awards hardly ever hire a black man. And when they do it’s mostly a mixed light-skinned model.

    • beefcupcake

      Nah man, don’t do Zach like that.

      • Donald Horn

        I was actually just joking! I LOVE Zach and wanna be inside of him sooooo badly!

  • Nanaudran

    Ok, but… Where is Zack’s boyfriend ????

  • Kanaka

    No names but I give a few of these guys porops for participating since they regularly are inundated with shady shade on this board. Sometimes (JR) even by Zach!

  • beefcupcake

    Bruce. Beckham. Yes. Gawd.

  • KP

    Only interesting if Mr Pam is going to set fire to herself on the red carpet.

  • Zealot

    In other words…..The list of dis-invitees to Michael Lucas’ next Rosh Hashanah celebration. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/abc003bfafb6ac8b7e95ff5e63d21e5eb4f8f0ca75d1ed0cc819afccba80d9f1.gif

  • WhimsyCotton

    Holy shit! You got Hoyt Kogan v2.0!? Christian Lundgren is the prettier, fuller-haired, much better performer version of Hoyt. He’s so unbelievably gorgeous. I’m at a loss for words. When did you become such good pals with Mr. George Duroy? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/968e559b18aa997fd1b6f4b82abef5b9da50ea959b1841b5f3854c82a1c97946.gif

  • nick

    Oh to be alone with Rikk York, a pair of handcuffs and a jar of marmite.

  • Zavier

    Brandon lost me when he made it clear that it’s “none of our business” what his sexual orientation is and that us asking him what label he identifies with is “too much” BUT on the other had has also told us that he will use the N-word all he wants regardless of it being a racial epithet … Him being labeled a Bisexual man is “too much” … But calling people niggers apparently isnt.

  • revertstar

    Someone mentioned it below, it does sound very Red Wedding! Who’s Lady Sire’s security detail?

  • Scrapple

    Why do I feel like Trinity’s inclusion is all part of a master scheme to get verified proof that Brandon and Johnny aren’t as straight as they claim?

  • Sebastian S

    Can someone there ask Carter Dane where he disappeared to? Has he had any scenes this year?

  • Parker Lewis
    • Sebastian S

      If you follow this blog and porn…yes.

    • T2TheB

      I recognize the studios for which they perform more so than the performers themselves; however, I do recognize a couple of the performers who’ll appear.

  • T2TheB

    Wow. For as much as you write about Sean Cody “stuff,” I would have thought more than one SC model would appear at the event. I guess SC isn’t into returning the love, so to speak….

    • Zachary Sire

      Sean Cody has never had one of their performers appear at any industry event, ever.

      I’m so happy to have their most popular model coming and presenting.

    • Sebastian S

      They don’t really do “appearances” though and their models aren’t like the studio stars with Social media accounts, etc.

      • T2TheB

        Oh. Well, I didn’t know that. TY for sharing.

  • Jbj

    Whoa – a lot of hotties in one spot. Jj knight, Carter Dane, Blake Mitchell, Taylor Reign! ?

  • Sebastian S

    The upside with being at a gay gym in DC during Pride weekend: so far I’ve worked out beside Boomer Banks and Levi Karter just walked in.