Here Are All 28 Categories To Be Presented At The 2nd Annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards

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st874As announced earlier this month, the second annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards will be held on October 21st at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood, California. There are several key announcements to be made about the ceremony in the coming weeks, and today I can share that nominations for the Str8UpGayPorn Awards will be announced on August 21st.

Also, I can now reveal all 28 categories that will be presented at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards, up from 18 categories last year. And, the 2018 Str8UpGayPorn Awards will feature nine “Viewer’s Choice” categories (up from just two categories last year), where winners will be determined solely by online fan voting. That voting will begin August 21st, right after nominations are announced. Winners in the other 19 categories will be determined by the judges panel (all of last year’s judges are invited to return and will be notified with voting instructions, and over a dozen new additional judges will be added to the panel).

The eligibility period for the second annual Str8UpGayPorn Awards was March 1st, 2017 through June 30th, 2018. Almost all categories will contain five nominees, except for the Performer Of The Year and Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Gay Porn Star categories, which will each contain 10 nominees. Also, four more categories this year have been opened up to include 10 nominees instead of 5, and they are: Best Newcomer, Best Cock, Best Butt, and Best Body.

Here are all 28 categories (an asterisk next to the category name indicates that that category is new this year) to be presented at the Str8UpGayPorn Awards on October 21st, with nominations to be announced on August 21st. Photos of winners used here are (obviously) from last year’s ceremony.

IMG_1224Performer Of The Year
Outstanding Achievement In Sexual Performances By A Gay Adult Entertainer

IMG_1265Best Picture

IMG_1156Best Director
Outstanding Achievement In Direction Of A Film Or Series

IMG_1119Best Actor
Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Lead Role

IMG_0246Best Supporting Actor
Outstanding Achievement By An Actor In A Supporting Role

IMG_0927Best Newcomer

Best Body

IMG_0477Best Cock

Best Ass

Best Group Scene
Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Four Or More Performers

IMG_0375Best Three-Way Scene
Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Three Performers

Best Duo Scene
Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Two Performers

*Best Versatile Scene
Outstanding Gay Porn Scene Featuring Two Performers Who Flip-Fuck

*Best International Scene
Outstanding Gay Porn Scene From A Gay Porn Studio Outside Of The United States

*Best Topping Performance
Outstanding Topping By A Gay Porn Star In An Individual Scene

*Best Bottoming Performance
Outstanding Bottoming By A Gay Porn Star In An Individual Scene

Best Gay Porn Studio
Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Production, Casting, And Content Delivery

IMG_0526Best All-Sex Gay Porn Studio
Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Production By An All-Sex Studio

*Best Niche Gay Porn Studio
Outstanding Achievement In Gay Adult Production By A Niche Studio

Here are the nine “Viewer’s Choice” categories, all of which are new this year, except for the Favorite Gay Porn Star category:

Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Gay Porn Star

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Scene

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Debut Performance
Outstanding Achievement By A Performer In His First Gay Porn Scene

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Versatile Performer
Outstanding Achievement By A Performer Who Regularly Tops And Bottoms

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Twink

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Daddy

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Crossover Star
Outstanding Achievement By A Performer Who Appears In More Than One Genre Of Porn (Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Straight)

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite International Star
Outstanding Achievement By A Performer Based Outside Of The United States

*Viewer’s Choice: Favorite Cameo
Outstanding Achievement In A Gay Porn Scene By A Performer In A Non-Sexual Role


  • Mark
  • Jamie

    Zach – what about “best cumshot?” That was always fun and competitive at Gayvn. You really should add that. If it’s too late for this year you must next but try now —- please please. I saw Jeremy Tucker deservedly win Best cumshot for his amazing performance in Out of Athens part 1. It’s a must see and you’ll see why he won best cumshot running away.
    Love – Jamie😎

  • Hari Kalyan

    nice change up of the categories from last year… i’d almost say a kink/fetish category is missing but i think the niche category covers that. And if the salad girl doesn’t win best cameo then I’ve lost all faith in the gay porn industry

    • Zachary Sire

      The Niche category is for kink/fetish studios.

    • McM.

      I believe the right in front of my salad scene was literally last year. The only non-sexual cameo of note this year was Alaska Thunderfuck so she’ll win for that Men scene with Casey Jacks and Dante Colle.

      • RaJ

        Was Manila Luzon’s cameo this year?

        • Hari Kalyan

          it was but it still qualifies based on the eligibility dates above

      • Hari Kalyan

        Did you see that the eligibility period covers basically ALL of 2017 except for 2 months? So the salad scene still qualifies. It was released last summer, so she’s shoo-in to win it. And actually Alaska won’t qualify until next year since that scene didn’t make the June 30th cutoff. So the only other notable drag queen cameo eligible is Manila Luzon’s turn as Wonder Woman in that “controversial” Justice League parody that MEN did.

    • James Johnson III

      Holy shit! She wins for me too!!

  • Paul J

    Delighted the best gay 4 pay category has gone. (Unless I’ve missed it, though I checked twice). Brilliant!

    • Daniel Adam Hayes

      It was replaced by best crossover actor… Basically the same

      • Bill Beumel

        Not true. Most g4p actors do not crossover. Some guys claim to be g4p when they are just gay.

        • B.C.

          How did you figure that out? Look at all those CF and GH performers. I bet the winner is going to be from one of these studios.

          • Bill Beumel

            I’d bet on Pierce Paris, but I’d vote for Bo Sinn, too

          • James Johnson III

            I would vote for Bo but there are crossover actors that most people sleep on who I think should win over Bo. Two examples spring to my mind: Lance Hart and Ruckus. They both have done Gay/Str8/Bi/Trans scenes this year (Lance’s FFM scene with Pierce Paris and Ruckus’ FFM scene with Colby Jansen might be two of the hottest Bi scenes I’ve ever seen) and they have huge online presences and honor/respect all of their fans (unlike, say, Bo Sinn and his Twitter comments about his Gay work)

          • Pablo Hernandez

            I watch Bo on twitter and TBH I never saw much that offended me. He was irritated at the backlash he received from homophobic viewers of straight porn. The fact that he’s willing to explore all of those boundaries is what I love, the fact that he gets hate from the straight male audience is a shame, but the female audience seems to love it, and I perceive that to be what encourages him. He started by really showing off his ass and receiving enthusiastic rim jobs in homoerotic tag teams on american-pornstar, I really dropped my jaw when he started performing for Bromo (although I can’t stress how disappointed I am that Bromo never got his ass eaten by a guy), and now he’s on Evilangel crossdressing and getting his ass fingered. Props to Lance and Ruckus absolutely, but they don’t elicit the same immediate dirty and turned-on feeling Bo inspires for me. Bo seems like the guy who would eventually be down for getting fucked by a guy bc it would turn his girl on to see it. And that’s some hot shit to me.

          • James Johnson III

            This didn’t sound like anger over backlash. This sounded like tossing Gay porn and Gay fans aside in favor of what he would rather be doing

      • Hari Kalyan

        Not necessarily true. There are tons of G4P stars who only do gay porn so they wouldn’t qualify as crossover actors. On the other hand people like Colby Jansen, Bo Sinn, Dante Colle (and most GayHoopla models) would qualify.

  • Tim

    this may be a nit to pick, but having a “best versatile” and not a “best top” or “best bottom” is a bit weird. I think versatility is underrated and I really don’t like it when guys never switch it up, but some guys really do excel in one or the other role.

    • McM.

      Best Topping Performance
      Best Bottoming Performance

      Both new categories.

      • Tim

        yes, but the mismatch I’m referring to is “best versatile performer” I should have given more context, but it seems weird to single that one out for a fan choice award.

  • Kanaka

    Are you inviting Tegan again? He shaded the awards recently on twitter.

  • Default_User

    Best inanimate object? I recommend the salad, the dummy, etc etc.

  • peter

    It would be so touching if the Armstrongs won both twink and daddy.

    • James Johnson III

      I fully support this. Sadly I don’t think they would accept their awards in person

  • asby
  • asby
    • James Johnson III

      That’s not fair! You’d have to give that award to Brent Corrigan outright and he already won last year!

  • Riokmij

    The new “versatile” categories are a very nice addition. Versatility is hot!

  • Jamie

    Zach – Still think “Best Cumshot” shud be a category. Wdyt?

  • RBLover

    How about Best Internal Creampie?

  • Maximus

    I’d like to propose the following additional categories for next year:
    • Best Hair
    • Shadiest Cunt
    • Least Racially Insensitive Social Media Presence
    • Gayest Set Design
    • Punniest Screenplay
    • Best Salad Tossing (Sexual)
    • Best Salad Tossing (Culinary)