Here Is Sean Cody’s Tanner Performing As An Erotic Wrestler Named “Mogly”

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Thanks to a commenter on today’s earlier post announcing Tanner’s nomination as 2014’s Best Gay Porn Star, I discovered some (old?) videos of him on a truly amazing website called “Thunder’s Arena Wrestling,” where he performed using the name “Mogly.” Based on his appearance, I’m assuming these were filmed before he began his prolific career as Sean Cody’s Tanner. Either way: Cute then, cute now!

I’m gonna beat your ass for stealing my laptop!


Oh crap, he saw me…


  • sxg

    A good number of pornstars have done scenes for Thunders Arena or that other wrestling website. Derek Atlas and Braden Charron both did these type of scenes. Brad Barnes did as well, although he’s not really a pornstar he only did 2 solo scenes with RB.

  • McM.

    Party Time!

    \m// (>.<) \m//


  • Alan Keddie


  • OneOfTheManyChris

    I live in a big house with a big pool with a wrestling mat beside it.

  • Odetofear

    non-sexual fetish sites are interesting. I don’t mind body hair at all, but for Tanner, I’ve always liked him clean shaven for both face and body. His scene partner in the first video “Vinny” with the yellow bikini, he needs to get into porn.

  • andrew

    Yep! Tanner: Cute then and now and now he is even more muscular.

  • lelandjr

    His opponent, “Vinny” is magnificent!!! Let’s see HIM on Sean Cody.