[UPDATED] Hot House And Falcon Have Not Released New Scenes In Several Weeks, And They Have No Upcoming Releases Scheduled

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maxThis post has been updated below.

In what could be just some summer downtime and not a foreboding sign of something more serious, gay porn studios Hot House and Falcon have not released new content in several weeks, and neither studio has anything scheduled in the “coming soon” sections of their websites. Falcon’s last new release was the final scene from “Max In The City,” released 12 days ago, back on July 6th (as seen above).

Since Falcon started regularly releasing new content online over five years ago, they’ve never gone more than two weeks without releasing new scenes. Under their “coming soon” tab, they have three scenes scheduled for release over the next few weeks, through August 3rd, but these scenes are all from “Ultra Fan,” a movie released in 2017 by their sister studio NakedSword:

comg2 With these three scenes rolling out through next month, Falcon will not have released any new content from July 6th through August 3rd, nearly an entire month.

Over at Hot House (another sister studio of Falcon), things are looking even more bleak. Their last release was the final scene from “Swim Meat,” back on June 28th:

latestHot House has not released anything in July, and they have nothing scheduled in their “coming soon” tab:

coming5Falcon/NakedSword/RagingStallion (all of which are owned by conglomerate AEBN) purchased Hot House back in 2014, and Hot House, like Falcon, had been updating once per week over the last several years. Str8UpGayPorn has reached out to the studios to find out when, if at all, their next scenes will be released, and this post will be updated if they respond.

Also, Raging Stallion has just one scene scheduled in their “coming soon” tab, and it’ll be released tomorrow.

raginBack in May, Str8UpGayPorn reported on the shut down of TitanMen after that studio went over six weeks without releasing new content (it’s now been nearly four months), and hopefully Hot House and/or Falcon aren’t facing a similar shut down. While the studios may have taken a break in production, their paying members are promised “multiple weekly video and pic updates” before joining, so it’s not clear how, if at all, those members are getting what they paid for.

UPDATE 7/20:

Falcon Studios Group has given the below statement to Str8UpGayPorn explaining the lack of new scenes:

Falcon Studios and Hot House are very much still alive.  There was an FSC production shutdown recently which we abided by but it caused delays in our summer programming schedule which is why [NakedSword’s] Ultra Fan appeared online for Falcon members. In a couple weeks we will be releasing brand new scenes that we are really excited about.

The FSC is an adult industry organization that asks studios to shut down productions if a performer tests positive for an STD, and they did in fact ask for a shut down from April 12th through April 20th of this year. So, that 8-day hold on production is why Falcon and Hot House aren’t releasing new content for over six weeks.



  • James Johnson III

    Remember when SF Pride, Folsom Street, and Dore Alley fairs were banner festivals when porn companies would gear up to release new kinky material and have their stars out to promote their movies? Guess those days are basically over

    • McM.

      Promotion has moved online and is handled via scene performers rather than the studio itself.

      Hard to imagine FalconGroup arranging a coordinated appearance of models during an event to promote a movie.

      • James Johnson III

        They are a giant fucking conglomerate of, what, 5 different companies? Why the fuck couldn’t they arrange it? Guys in Sweatpants had 5 boys at San Diego Pride this past weekend. Quin Quire sent out a tweet thanking all of the boys he had fun with (including Austin Wilde). Kink.Com is certain to be Dore Alley fair and Folsom street because they know that is where their subscribers/viewers/fans are likely to be and they know good business! What the fuck is Falcon’s excuse since they are the biggest company currently in existence (counting all of the other companies they swallowed!)?

        • McM.

          You’re right about that. Kink knows where their bread is buttered. The company has a history of public exhibitions and involves the kink community with specific lines like Bound In Public and (a handful of scenes at) Naked Kombat. Not to mention taking part in education by working with local groups and workshops – though unsure how that’s panning since Kink moved from The Armory. Kink works within the framework of community.

          Guys In Sweatpants is a boutique production company and I imagine Austin Wilde works his ass off to remain visible online and publicly. He’s been around for a while but isn’t backed by decades of brand recognition and residual sales. Austin Wilde assembling 5 guys at a Pride event was a smart move, refreshingly old-school, and likely a task akin to herding cats.

          Maybe Falcon and other studios owned by conglomerates don’t attend events is b/c they don’t have to. Being an asset to AEBN or MG affords them a level of security a site like GISP lacks.

          • James Johnson III

            *sigh* sadly, I am sure you are right. It is just sad that a company so large doesn’t find it important or financially viable to actually connect with the people they have been shamelessly begging to support them and buy their content (or bitching at because they aren’t buying their content). Maybe, if you actually connected with the fans instead of just treating them like wallets, people would be more inclined to support you and buy your product

  • nick

    Hot House have produced some awesome porn, it would be sad to see them go.

  • Scrapple

    Perhaps they’re taking a moment two weeks of silence related to Dave Slick’s passing…because they thought better of posting his scene.

    Or maybe this is the Curse of Chuck Holmes in response to that barebacking stunt movie with the firecrackers.

  • King

    I used to love Falcon and Hot House way back when. But this is 2018. It is a different landscape. Both studios are dinosaurs now and haven’t really caught up with current consumers’ tastes and viewing habits.

  • wdeee

    It’s 2018 and those studios have hardly evolved in the last decade. Managing 3 condom studios that are quite formulaic was bound to fail. What they should do is consolidate all the material and models into Raging Stallion, get rid of the corny music, scrap the awkward sets, film on actual beds more often, and go bareback full time. In my mind the biggest factor is definitely them being 100% condom in a bareback porn world (heck even MEN is starting to realize that raw is what sales). 90% of the models they use are rawing it on other sites, so why would someone pay to see their favorite porn star all wrapped up in latex? Oh, and by the way, bring back my boy Sebastian Cross!

    • nick

      Just getting rid of the condon doesn’t automatically make porn hot, some of the best porn ever made (imo) is from the comdom only era.

      • wdeee

        Of course but to a lot of people, it is make or break.

        • nick

          I think it’s because when I was growing up all you got was condom porn, I just don’t really notice.

      • Ninja0980

        I agree.
        Have hot men that enjoy the sex they are having and people won’t care about condoms.

      • peter

        If anything, going raw made producers not try as hard — it was bareback so that was enough.

        • magenta5


          I love when I see a guy put a condom on in a porn scene. It means shit’s about to go down!

          • peter

            Great moments. Way back on CF when Travis would practically ritualized putting it on. Troy Ryan’s Helix scenes where he can’t rip open the golden Mylar Magnum packet too fast!

      • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

        That’s all SD and rarely watched nowadays. I haven’t seem most of it.

        A bare cook looks better. You get to notice the details of the cock better when it’s not covered in latex. I doubt anyone would prefer to watch a video where they use condoms. The guys that usually say they like condoms usually say it because they enjoy knowing the porn stars are safe. Also, hiv+ men seem to enjoy seeing condoms in sex, they feel “safe” to them. They associate raw sex with being careless and hiv. That’s more of an 80s mindset. With prep now being widely used, and guys receiving very accurate hiv tests, Bareback is relatively safe in Porn nowadays.

        • nick

          Noticing the details of the cock is what blow jobs are for in porn, which nobody seems to bother with anymore ☹️

          • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

            The only SD content I like is the really old stuff from the 80’s. The precondom era videos.

          • James Johnson III

            Didn’t Dominic Ford bank on that and it basically flopped for him?

          • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

            I don’t know, I can see why if would flop at the moment – not enough people have 4K TVs. And out of those people that have 4K TVs, most of them don’t know how to play videos they download on their TV. A lot of people don’t know much about technology.

            They would need to make it simple. Possibly adding chromecast 4K streaming links to their site? Most people know how to use that, most likely?

      • CamCam

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that some of the best porn ever made had condoms in it. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is in needing to not see a condom being used. There is something sexy about a man who takes care of himself and his personal health but that’s just me.

    • Shawn

      Or even consolidate them in to 2 studios – one bareback and one condom only.

      And yeah, fuck the music and story stuff. I don’t mind a bit of fluff at the start of a scene (“hehe it’s my first time”) but I really don’t watch porn for the stories….

    • Marcus Collack

      I understand your position as a bulk of studios have gone raw, however, models that want to be there, and have an interest in what they are doing, besides the pay check, could have their whole body in rubber (with air holes to breathe) (Case in point Henrik Sommer) and it would be just as hot. The advent of amateur porn, tube sites, and tumblr also contribute to some people straying away from studios, more content, less money to pay (if not free), and porn stars starting their own things like only fans. I prefer the condom scenes though, and part of that is, S.T.D.S are prevalent and on the rise in a lot of areas in 2018, which is mind boggling.

  • Jace

    What do they all these brands have in common? Condoms. Too little, too late releasing that one bareback flick a few months back by Raging Stallion. Helen Keller could have seen this coming. And to think, they’ve just put the one guy who does the terrible background music out of a job for life.

  • pje821

    I’ve noticed the lack of new material myself, and am wondering why. I’ve been buying Falcon films, DVDs and site memberships for 35 years, and in my opinion very few scenes released today come close to equalling the heat generated by its glorious past. The tattooed boys they call “pornstars” just don’t cut it. The sets are used repeatedly, and though professionally lit, can’t be disguised as anything new or different. The guys wearing condoms doesn’t bother me; they protect the models anyway, and you can’t really see them while the fucking is happening. Very few new or truly legendary models are introduced, and this studio still doesn’t even attempt to capture the cumshots from two angles — which is a must IMO. (Can’t afford a second cameraman? Bullshit.) And to top it all off, Ryan Rose is gone, my favorite Falcon model from the recent past. I’m seriously thinking about dropping my membership if doesn’t start delivering the goods.

  • Tim

    I mean, this does suck. their stuff sure looks good, but it had a few problems for my tastes and the current climate
    1) the freaking music. I hate music in porn and they were the only ones using it still that I can think of. a little in the setup is fine, but during the fucking I want to hear the guys.
    2) most people, myself included, are looking for hot sex or shorter scenarios between guys, not feature length porn movies
    3) the sets were/are a bit ridiculous. once in a while a novel set is fine, but most of the time film somewhere I can actually envision fucking. a house somewhere, outside, a passable office, a classroom, something.
    4) like it or not, bareback is king. porn can still be great with condoms, but it is an obstacle for me and a lot of other dudes.

    also, a lot of their regulars and “exclusives” are doing the fan-driven stuff as well. I mean I see pirated “Austin Wolf breeds X” everywhere. you should have unwrapped him in a professional scene long ago dudes.

    • wdeee

      100% agree with all of this

    • Edward


    • nick

      3) I agree with, they just don’t put enough effort into creating some kind of fantasy scenario, two boxes in a dark studio isn’t really very exciting, and isn’t something I’ve ever done or wanted to do. Perhaps like you said in 2) people don’t care, they just want the fucking, but a bit of “acting” and plot does make the scene more exciting, as do a decent bit of costume.

      • Tim

        granted. but in a shorter vignette a la what Nextdoor or even Men sometimes does well, not a 2 hour feature length movie. at least not all the time.

        • peter

          My ideal was actually Helix’ short, meet getting-to-know-you segments in some public place prior to the action. Best of all was when they do the extended fan Q&As, which were often also posted on YouTube.

          My fear for Helix is that ‘Taylor Saracen’ is going to lead them down the path of unwatchable.

          Another problem with plot-driven porn is that sexual fantasies are deeply personal, and most of us don’t dream the same dreams. So when I’m watching ‘Beau’ and ‘Elian’ go at it, I have my own little mis en scene going on in the back of my head.

          • Zachary Sire

            The scenes with dialogue she’s written so far have been great, and they get right to the point. There’s a sprinkling of dialogue (maybe 5 or 6 lines for each model) that is just the right amount, and then they go straight to sex. It’s not even “plot,” just hot scenarios.

        • nick

          No, I don’t really want a 2 hour movie, but I want my porn to take as long to watch as my real sex takes to do.

      • peter

        I’m not a big fan of plot-driven porn myself. I always find them ridiculous: the ‘coach’ or ‘sarge’ walks in to the ‘locker-room’ or ‘barracks’ where the fortnightly post-practice/drills orgy is about to commence. That’s why he’s wearing a cock-ring.

        Sean Cody’s genius was appreciating that there was a market for people who felt just as I did. For it’s first couple of years the overwhelming majority of scenes were just real jocks, the kind of ‘unattainable’ guys gays fantasized about, just stripping down and rubbing one out. And for a time that was enough.

        Don’t get me wrong. Locker rooms and other places where groups of men get naked are highly homoerotic, but mainly because at least some of them are checking each other out.

        Also, any time you watch a plotted scene, you realize that these guys are not trained actors. But I can see where people get get off on them.

        However, I can see where people like plots, so I don’t think they will disappear entirely.

        • nbtx27

          Sadly “Sean Cody’s genius was…” WAS. So long ago. More than any other porn site, it’s downfall is the worst.

        • nick

          The army barracks is one of my favourite scenarios

    • peter

      Cheesy canned music in porn goes back to the classic features of the 70s like The Devil in Miss Jones, Behind the Green Door, etc. But the stuff in a lot of (what used to be) ‘main-stream’ gay porn sounds like it doubles for an infomercial soundtrack.

      But far and away the worst are Belami’s saccharine Europop soundtracks, and adding insult to injury, the dubbed moaning!

  • Silver64

    I think the era of full length movies has passed. Personally, I’d rather pick and choose which scene I want to watch instead of fast forwarding, so to speak, through the rest. DVD’s are going the way of the Video Cassette now that everything is online anyway. The Golden Age of the Companies mentioned was when they had to release everything on DVD or Cassette.

    One positive to all this is that the “Exclusives”, so to speak, will now need to seek work with other studios that, hopefully, will improve the quality of what’s being produced.

    On a side note, I’m wondering if Sean Zevran headed to Cocky Boys because he saw the writing on the wall…

    • GayhawkAZ

      I tend to agree with you that the era of full-length movies are past, and that’s really too bad. Falcon had some really great movies in the 80s that had a great story line all the way through every scene, and they were all hot.

  • PurpleBB8

    Besides Raging Stallion, it seems like Falcon’s only upcoming scenes are on their fisting and fetish sites.

  • Matthew Riggs

    Tbh with there being only fans, just for fans & 4 my fans sites now. It’s pretty hard for any studio to get any models to do a scene and movies for there studios. Most pornstars this days just use those sites to get famous now. Gay porn studios are coming to a end now people are gonna stop there subscriptions to falcon studios, hot house and naked sword ETC. just subscribe to the pornstars only fans, just for fans and 4 my fans since it’s 2018 no one buy dvds anymore it seems like people want to watch homemade sex videos of there pornstars more then watch a scene or movie from a gay porn studio anymore.

    • nick

      But the fans only stuff is such low quality, it really is taking the piss to charge for a crappy cell phone video of a guy jacking off in his apartment, that kind of stuff should be on xtube.

      • Birdy65

        I agree, and I didn’t subscribe to any onlyf@n but some studios are/becomes very lazy and the quality of their videos are not much better… Btw, some members may prefer camshows: I saw some shows on ch@turbate that were awesome and much better than a lot of videos of renowed studios.

        • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

          Who has hours to spend on Chaturbate? They tease a long time and you get a little in the end. Too time consuming. I never watch anymore.

        • McM.

          In addition to what @JustinTrenton:disqus pointed out, cam shows are inconsistent. The “shows” are based on tips for a given session and what the cammer is in the mood for doing. Whereas in studios the guys are paid to do XYZ and they do it. There’s very little guesswork as to what’ll be seen or when you can see it.

          It’s a kick how ppl can pay more to cammers than what it’d cost to join a handful of sites.

      • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

        Agreed, it’s hard to watch because it’s poorly shot. Sure, a scene or two can be hot to watch, just like the amateur stuff on Tumblr, but most of the time I do prefer a well-shot well-lit Porn vídeo.

      • Jeff Shew

        The only person on OF who is REMOTELY putting out quality product from a technical sense is Nick Capra, although some of Dallas Steele’s output is not bad. The issue with OF, though, is that some of these ladies think awfully highly of themselves and overcharge for the product. Some of these bitches have the gall to be charging significantly over the standard 9.99. I saw one charging 14.99. I thought “Sweetums…for that kind of money, you need to be posting twice daily at 20 minutes per upload 7 days a week”….

        The kicker–it was Bryan Hawn…unless Ms Hawn is taking raw DPs from Max Konnor & JJ Knight, 14.99 is so not happening…lol

        • GayhawkAZ

          Max Adonis was charging that much for his OF and nobody was biting. He’s dropped the price several times. Not a good idea to be a new model in the business and price yourself out of fans’ interest.

      • Marcus Collack

        people use to watch scrambled porn for hours where they couldn’t even tell the genitals, I don’t think low quality is really an issue.

      • nbtx27

        Low quality and very expensive in comparison.

    • olfwob

      Onlyfans? Why should i pay nearly the same amount for seeing the same dude over and over again, when i can see a lot of hot guys on sides like GISP etc?

      • Johnny

        It’s the wrong question though. It’s not about what you, an experienced porn consumer, is willing to pay for an average porn star’s Onlyfans. It’s about what a performer is able to earn at a Falcon vs an Onlyfans.

        A performer at a top studio gets about $2,000-3,500 for a scene (or at least that’s what it used to be, it could be much lower now). A studio will only use their regulars once a month max out of fear of burning out their popularity. So an “exclusive” like Austin Wolf makes roughly $3,500/month with Falcon.

        His Onlyfans is $10/month. Onlyfans pays out at 80%. That means he only needs to maintain a subscriber base of 438 subscribers to meet the income he was making with Falcon. For big names in porn, that’s not a difficult feat. There’s way more hardcore fans worldwide willing to shell that out. That doesn’t even include tips, private shows, or referral fees (5% of lifetime income from a referral) which I imagine inflate that income by another 10-20%.

        Of course these sites aren’t really about big name porn stars, they’re about the people you wish did professional porn but don’t. It’s that acquaintance or friend of a friend you’ve been secretly infatuated with or that hot guy you lust after on Instagram giving you a previously-forbidden peak into his bedroom. That connection, however tenuous, makes it way hotter to some people than watching a professionally-show video of some random porn actor you’ve never interacted with. And there’s enough of those people to make it a better economic proposition to performers than a major porn studio.

        • Johnny

          BTW…I pitched the Onlyfans model to the then-owner of Falcon about 10 years ago. He thought it was a bad idea and a waste of money. His argument was essentially the same, “why would people pay that for one performer?” I think the considerable success of the business model speaks for itself. Should’ve listened to me.

          • …still, it strikes me that theres a couple of downsides to Only (or JustFor) Fans – as others note (often), there’s a quality issue where performers can’t or won’t match professional production values. Second is the performer is now not a star but a content producer, and will learn quick what studio types already know: people want new fresh (and hot as possible) content all the time and get bored easily seeing the same people in predictable settings. I’m curious as tto how many filks will pay endlessly to see the same guy, however hot or kinky, do the same things with the same small group (if that, since I’m seeing a lot of repetitive JO being hawked).

            My guess is the answer lies in some hybrid of studios and cam coming together – An OnlyFans that takes charge of pairing models, or a studio whose stars deliver (better quality) private scenes for some split of the take. But I’m curious if people with more direct experience see that. I just don’t buy that audiences who’ve been delivered HD content from studios have endless patience for some so-so content a pretty boy shot on his phone of him and a neighbor getting it on shot above and from the back. Just a hunch.

          • Johnny

            *****Fans sites are definitely not the end game. I expect they’ll receive competition from better versions of the business model that do things like subscription bundling and better content previews.

            The quality and quantity problem will have to be resolved for the higher priced content (there will always be cheaper self-filmed content). That said, the content being produced by studios has its own problems with quantity and variety.

            It gets easier and cheaper every year to produce higher quality content on your own. I think what could eventually happen is the power dynamic completely flips (it already has somewhat) to where the performers own and distribute the content and the camera crew & editors become contractors.

            You don’t even need a full crew and separate video editor anymore. A good videographer could with a $1,500 video camera, some lights, and a copy of FCP would solve a lot of the quality problems of the fans-site-produced content.

            You also don’t need a whole porn studio anymore. Most of things handled by porn studios are archaic remnants of an already dead part of the industry: recruiting & managing performers, writing flimsy scripts, providing the sound stage, organizing expensive “on location” shoots, heavily edited glamour stills, professionally-designed marketing, physical inventory distribution.

          • Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your insights. The only thing I wonder about beyond what you mention is this aspect of turning performers into performer/producers/talent bookers etc. That combination role isn’t necessarily everyone’s sweet spot or preference, which is why I wonder if part of the model you’re describing doesn’t also return some performers to just performing; that is, there’s an office/organization handling the pairing of talent, scheduling those freelance video guys, and some aspect of post production/distribution. I agree the “traditional” studio model is probably dead (although don’t tell Bel Ami), but I think people underestimate (everywhere) the value of the unglamorous yet process side of most things. I can see a “we pair up the hottest guys and upload the best HD content” type of hybrid solving problems both for performers and audience. Which seems like a win-win.

      • Link Nla

        ^this- as a fan, I’d much rather pay for a quality studio (like GISP) than pay to see the same guy over and over again post raggedy home movies that don’t load. Moreover, most studios post preview content so you can navigate to those videos most attractive to you. With the only fan sites, you have no idea what you’re getting until you pay for it (beyond other work they’ve done). Hopefully the person your patronizing is someone who regularly uploads content but that’s another gamble you have to take.

    • peter

      OnlyFans, etc. is an act of desperation, IMO. These sites are the graveyard of past expiration date porn stars. I don’t see how their content is all that different from f4f, Chaturbate etc.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Is that because most hot pornstars do their own onlyfans/justforfans? So, they don’t have new scenes to serve the audiences?

  • CamCam

    Hot House, Falcon & Raging Stallion haven’t been making great films lately, especially Hot House, so to see them not making films doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Johnny

    I think this is just a technical glitch or somebody dropping the ball on updating the sites. I know they haven’t stopped production and there are shot movies which are in the pipeline and do not appear online yet.

    • That Guy

      You sure about that? Falcon pretended a movie from 2017 was new content. That could not have been posted by accident. Hot House recently took out it’s coming soon page. That doesn’t inspire confidence either. Also, Raging stallion only has 1 video on it’s coming soon page. If someone simply forgot to update it’s pages, then these studios could have cleared up the issues extremely quickly. But nope. They’re probably dying and don’t want people to know about it for as long as possible.

      • Johnny

        I have good reason to be 100% sure.

        • McM.

          Which is?

          • Kurtis Wolfe

            Probably the fact that there’s months of productions already shot and unreleased, many of which directors and performers have tweeted behind the scenes pics.

          • Johnny

            Well, I choose not to share how I know here, except to say I used to
            work in the industry and still talk to people. But as the updated story
            now states, they do have content coming and the delay was due to an FSC

  • some charge

    [UPDATE] SureJan.gif

  • WorkBitch

    Raging Stallion has updated their “coming soon” section and scenes from a new movie called “The Super” will be released weekly from next Friday on.

    • some charge

      While HotHouse completely erased that section, are they going to move all their resources to one site?

  • James Johnson III

    An 8 day shutdown is the reason they haven’t released anything new for a month-and-a-half? I don’t buy it. They’re all on their last legs it looks like

  • Looks like the thread has dissolved into “what’s wrong with Falcon/Raging/Hot” but I wouldn’t lose sight of the economic reality that a studio without new content has nothing to sell or entice new signups. That to me spells real trouble ahead, if not right now.

    I agree with a lot – not necessarily about music, because I’m old school and Costello Presley (look t up) is why I was mesmerized in my first adult theater – and I think the blanding out of content between the 3 main studios is a big factor to what was/is going wrong, much as many feared. The same stars filming essentially the same content slapped with “Falcon” or “Raging Stallion” simply wrecks the value of the brands. No younger viewer is going to understand how “A Falcon film” used to bring to mind very specific expectations of the talent, the production values or the storytelling (gasp, plot). Or that Raging had a specific look and feel for its castings. Or that Hot House, for a time, was both creative and focused. Now it’s… oh look a doctor scene from… oh. Any one of the three. With a couple of guys who “exclusive” all around.

    And apparently I can’t even lament the death of Mustang. Or Jocks.

    What concerns me – as with Titan – is that a lot of valuable history of gay erotic filmmaking gets lost in the shuffle. The work of the best directors, the screen presence of some of the most interesting, memorable, never mind blazing hot, stars. Who will preserve The Other Side of Aspen? Or Matt Sterling? Or Kevin Williams?

    I know all is not lost – and I know there’s folks like Chi Chi who know this history and don’t want to see it die in the industry, still. But yeah, it hurts. And I worry about the “classics” – stuff that made us who we are and are a big piece of gay history, whether we admit it or not – that shouldn’t just vanish or fade away. That Raging/Falcon/Hot is dying is just more about the business, a tough environment, hard realities… blah blah blah. But what’s lost is… huge. And maybe irreplaceable,

    • pje821

      Very well said. I grew up sexually in the 70s so I know exactly what you’re talking about. The studios today don’t hire the talent or put the time or creativity into their productions like they used to. Everyone’s a “pornstar” or “superstar” when that’s clearly not the case. When the 20th production in a row from F/RS/HH is so obviously filmed on the same set, with a variation or two, and the casts rotate among their 15 or so “exclusives,” it gets old fast. I have stopped subscribing to several of the “top” studios of late for this very reason; I’d rather watch the older material on DVD. Too many G4P models and way too many tattoos and piercings have turned me off completely as well. I don’t foresee a death of the genre altogether, but I’m waiting for the next generation of great directors and imaginative thinkers to emerge.

  • Russell47

    The boots & sneakers scenes were ridiculous too

  • Ricky

    Titan, Hot House and (especially) Falcon reflected their original all-white aesthetic way too long. The companies remain very slow to change with the times, and were on autopilot. How many sex scenes by pools or on boxes can one watch?

    All 3 seemed to ignore the nation’s diversity and preference for bareback, while going overboard with fetishes like fisting. The market has deemed their business model out-of-date. Whether or not they’ll admit it, it is over.