[UPDATED] Hugh Hunter Responds To Airbnb Feces Lawsuit Against Lucas Entertainment: “I’ll Do Whatever I Can To Help Michael”

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hugh55Gay porn star Hugh Hunter (seen above, left, on set in Ojai, California last August)—who was one of several performers working at the Airbnb rental now at the center of a lawsuit against Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment—is responding to the claim filed in Ventura County Superior Court, and he’s unsurprisingly coming to the defense of his former employer:


The lawsuit alleges that Michael Lucas (along with his cast and crew) left a historic California mansion covered in feces, semen, and urine after shooting porn on the premises without permission. When pressed as to whether or not he and Lucas Entertainment had permission to use the rental for commercial business, Hunter backtracked:


Plaintiff Kristina Knapic’s lawsuit states that 10 more “Does” using fictitious names would be added as defendants in the suit, and when asked about being potentially named as a co-defendant, Hunter had no comment.

hugh66While there’s absolutely no doubt that gay porn was filmed at the mansion, the suit likely hinges on whether or not Lucas Entertainment had permission to operate their commercial business using someone else’s property. Knapic claims she never would have allowed the film shoot had she been asked or notified prior.

Michael Lucas and his cast posted dozens of photos and videos on social media throughout the shoot. Here’s Michael Lucas, a chicken, and Hugh Hunter in one of the videos taken at the Airbnb rental.

UPDATE: Shortly after Hugh Hunter’s responses to Str8UpGayPorn were published, Hugh Hunter responded again to Str8UpGayPorn on Twitter, claiming that he never actually responded:


Hunter went on to say that the headline of this post is “deceptive,” which is not what he stated in his first response to his responses being published. (In his initial tweet, as posted above, Hunter wrote “I did not respond. Why are you making things up?”)


Moments later, Hugh Hunter blocked Str8UpGayPorn on Twitter.


  • jimboivyo

    Has P.E.T.A been notified about that live chicken yet?

    • Dazzer

      No, but it’s negotianing for a for an exclusive contract with Fraternity X

  • sxg

    She’s so delusional for defending such a grotesque irresponsible man. But what can you expect from a guy who was formerly a cumdumpster at TIM? Duckface studios isn’t any better than that studio these days.

    • FrenchBug

      Is that him? I can’t recognize him! He was hotter then IMO although God forbid I ever watched whatever filth TIM did with him.

    • cainenyc

      What’s wrong with being a cumdumpster?

      • sxg

        Absolutely nothing if you’re in the right state of mind, but according to him he wasn’t entirely there.

        • cainenyc

          The original comment sounds like you are cumdumpster shaming him… now if you are saying there is nothing wrong with being a cumdumpster then making derogatory comments about TIM seems a bit of a contradiction because I doubt the terminology would exist without them LOL – cumdumpster, breeding all that stuff was first brought into porn by Treasure Island. Lucas, Sketchy Sex, Maverick Men, Dark Alley everyone doing bareback porn – none of them would be doing what they are doing and none of you would be jerking off to it if TIM didn’t do it first. I’m just saying.

          • sxg

            LMAO do you think bareback gay porn was discovered in the late 90s/early 2000s??? What type of gay porn do you think existed before the use of condoms in porn?

            I’m sure the term ‘cum dumpster’ has existed LONG before any of those studios mentioned came to fruition.

          • erexshawn

            I never heard the term “cumdumpster” until barebacking was a thing. and it wasn’t barebacking in the 70s and early-mid 80s – it was fucking.

            “Cumdumpster” definitely grew out of the barebacking, bug chasing phenomenon

          • cainenyc

            Sorry – #fail. Pre-condom porn is not bareback porn. Pre-condom porn did not fetishize the taking of loads. Most of the time in pre-condom porn there was no putting a dick back in holes or cumming without pulling out. Now, it might be possible that straight porn was doing this prior to 1998, but I doubt it.

      • andrew

        STD’s for starters.

    • McM.

      Whoa! He was the bottom in “Smokin’ Fuckhole” scene from Breeding Season 2?

      I would not have ever made that connection. Took a quick peek at the vid, and Hugh Hunter is “Joe Rocco”. Suppose Hugh Hunter would have to re-brand himself if he wanted to work with mainstream studios after appearing in a TIM film.

      • sxg

        Actually this was discovered on another blog. And Hugh made a statement about it too:

        “Many years ago I did shoot for Treasure Island Media. I am not ashamed
        of the the work I did or the company I worked for. I am, however,
        ashamed of the person I was at that time. I was an alcoholic and a meth
        addict. I was a complete and utter mess that could not function because
        of how sick I was. I went into rehab immediately following my shoot.
        When I left rehab and rejoined the world I distanced myself completely
        from every aspect of that life, including my brief time with Treasure
        Island Media. This person–the one who shot that work–is dead as far as
        I’m concerned. That person is not me”

        Although I now take all of that with a grain of salt considering which studio he works for now…

        • Blacharrt

          He says he’s not ashamed , but then in the same statement says that person is not him. If he truly wasn’t ashamed he would have said that “that personally was completely mean, but i have learn from my mistakes and grown from them.” Otherwise it’s just contradictory.

          This goes back to that whole conversations of why f*cked up people get into porn, there should be some sort of stability test or something.

          • n24rc

            You would end up with no one eligible for work.

  • I have no doubt what happened to the hotub was Lucas’ fault. I have 3 Pekins and the first thing they do when I clean their pools is fill it with shit and mud.

  • FrenchBug

    Those people are doing my head in.

  • FrenchBug

    Also: the Queerty reply by Lucas is hilarious. He says she is the one throwing wild sex parties!

    • sxg

      Typical Russian argument, always trying to blame it on the other party.

    • Diogenes Veritas

      i think the story on the sword is more interesting.

      • FrenchBug

        I don’t read The Sword. I already read Zach’s stuff … why would I want to read the same things twice?

        • Maximus
        • andrew

          It’s actually a more even handed report on the issue.

          • Pearl Clutcher

            Yes, after reading the more even-handed/less-biased report on the case I see Lucas’s defense will be pretty interesting. I doubt I’ll read much about it here, of course, as this is “literally the most biased site on the Internet”. LOL

          • Zachary Sire

            Michael Lucas could be on video strangling a baby and you’d find a way to defend his actions, so long as I criticize it.

          • Pearl Clutcher


    • WillG

      I may get banned for this (kidding) but I found the Queerty response quite convincing. Assholes can get wrongly sued sometimes.

      • FrenchBug

        As I said, I seriously doubt some of her claims too. But some of his answers are bunk.
        And does not resolve the main point: if everything was on the up and up, why did they hide their identity when they rented the house?

  • jimboivyo

    The last time Michael Lucas had a live chicken in his hands was when he was jerking himself off 65 years ago when he was 5. ( years old )

    • Dazzer

      How does the old phrase go: ‘Using a chicken feather is kinky. Fucking the whole chicken is perverse’.

  • Maximus
    • Blacharrt

      Loved her!

  • jimboivyo
  • czer

    Um, so the “fecal matter” is actually chicken shit?

  • Zealot

    When contacted for comment, Michael Lucas’ attorney stated, “It wasn’t Michael. Shane Frost had friends over one evening….”; or, some students from San Diego State came by to hold a “Shit-In” for LGBTQ bathroom access awareness!” Yeah, that’s it. There was a shit-in…which we knew nothing about.

  • FooFight

    “Feces lawsuit.” I love it.

    • effie

      I need her hairstyle. /random

  • Todd

    I’m thinking that cleaning up during/after the shoot would’ve been the most help that Hugh could’ve offered …. http://i.imgur.com/uK8DMaf.gif

  • Dazzer

    Not to defend the rights or wrongs of what Mr Hunter states, but his responses to Zach probably count as among the most civil disagreements between Zach and a porn star.There wasn’t even a single death threat. Given the abuse Mr Sire usually receives, this almost counts as a love letter.

  • Have to say I side with Lucas on this one. Does this bitch have a fucking black light she took to her place searching for these alleged bodily fluids which would not be visible to the naked eye in most circumstances. And it seems she has a history of shaking down the renters for alleged issues that she never provides evidence of when asked.

  • AJ2

    Why make a comment if you’re not familiar with the agreement Lucas signed. Just makes the model look foolish

  • John

    Lucas must have gotten pissed that he responded to you question so he had to act like he didn’t and then to find out he didn’t have you blocked was strike #2…….I guess its a no no to talk to Zac if your a model at LE, looks like he corrected the problem

  • Cosmic

    I can see Lucas being into shit…we already know he’s full of it.

  • n24rc

    How about stop posting pics of the alleged complaint, dumbass…


    You think a draping a bed sheet on the owners couch was a suitable method of protecting her property from bodily fluids?