Is This The Last NextDoor Scene Markie More Filmed Before Quitting And Accusing The Studio’s Director Of Threatening To Kill Him?

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rocco1-1Since gay porn star Markie More quit working for NextDoorStudios and accused the studio’s director Rocco Fallon of threatening to kill him back in December, he’s appeared in four NextDoor scenes, with the fourth one being released last Friday, April 12th. It co-stars David Rose:

100510_08 100510_09 100510_11 100510_13100510_15Assuming Markie More did quit, could this be his last NextDoor scene? Scenes are shot months in advance, and this one today appears to have been filmed in October of last year, two months before More accused Fallon of threatening to have him murdered. As you can see below, Rose is viewing More’s NextDoor profile page as part of the plot for this scene, and whenever you visit a performer’s NextDoor profile page (like Rose was on the day this scene was filmed), the date their last scene was released is displayed next to their photo:


So, More’s new scene with Rose was filmed sometime between October 5th and November 2nd (after October 5th, More’s next scene was released on November 2nd).

If you click More’s profile page right now, the date displayed is last Friday, April 12th (the day the new scene with Rose was released):

more22When reached for comment, director Rocco Fallon declined to answer my question as to whether or not this was More’s final scene. Fallon also did not respond when I brought up More’s accusations against him.

Here’s the trailer for what could be Markie More’s final gay porn scene, which looks good (btw, how incredibly fucking hot is David Rose?):

[NextDoor: Markie More And David Rose Flip-Fuck Bareback]


  • sxg

    Damn David Rose is fucking hot! And holy hell if it weren’t for the tattoos I would have never believed that was Markie. A buzz cut and extra scruff give him an entirely new look!

    • scooternva

      Yes, I agree it does give him a new look, but not for the better. If the rumored death threats have even a scintilla of truth I hope he is OK and the threats are investigated by the authorities… but damn Markie, grow back your glorious curly red hair! The world needs sexy gingers!

    • Stacy

      I think it’s just the no glasses look….he has always been the thinking man’s Blake Mitchell

  • DanielA

    I have liked Markie ever since I first saw him,okay the tattoo I can live without,but over all he was hot,but in this scene David Rose was hotter,in my opinion

  • Xzamilloh

    David Rose looks like a thicker Robert Craig from Randy Blue. Robert Craig, you need to come back to porn.

  • Scrapple

    I can’t imagine Markie had that many scenes left over, if any. Tucker is probably still too salty to answer the question.

    David, at the first sign of trouble or mistreatment, I want you and that fat ass to get the fuck out of there.

  • trumn10

    No loss. He looks like hell now anyway. NDS should dump Fallon also, as they have the most boring scenes, even the few times when they have hot guys.

  • Benton Fraser

    With that new look, he officially qualifies as, “sex on legs”! Dang, who knew that he had such potential for sexiness? (I acknowledge he’s not for everyone, and that he could ease off the tattoos, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers).

  • Paul Adams

    Markie, you are beautiful but for the love of God, LAY OFF THE INK MAN!!! In fact, have a couple removed!!!