Uses Jake Bass To Throw Shade At CockyBoys

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menshade must have realized that their “Men Of Anarchy” series is a dud, so now they’ve resorted to using another studio’s content in order to get attention for themselves. The @MEN tweet above is obviously a not-so-subtle reference to Answered Prayers, the popular and well-received CockyBoys series that Jake Bass filmed prior to working for You’d think they could promote their own scenes without having to throw shade at other studios, but who knows, maybe drama queen Jarec Wentworth is operating’s Twitter?


As good as Jake Bass always is, “Men Of Anarchy” as a whole was disappointing—mainly because of the casting and convoluted plot. If you’re going to try and pull off the literally impossible task of passing off gay porn stars as murderous members of a biker gang, at least try to make it campy fun. Instead (and as usual), takes itself way too seriously, which ends up looking pretty embarrassing. And again, why wasn’t Jake Bass paired with fellow superstar Paddy O’Brian??


Complaints aside, if you fast forward through all the bad dialogue and “action” sequences, the sex is better than average, and Jake Bass fans won’t be disappointed with his performance. And for what it’s worth, “Men Of Anarchy” is nowhere near as bad as’s previous “parody” from last summer, the dreadful and truly horrible “Gay Of Thrones,” so at least there’s that.

MenOfAnarchyPart3DMH20Trailer (watch full scene here):

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