Jarec Wentworth Set To Be Released From Prison In April, 2020

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Jarec Wentworth makes Justin Owen sit on his cock

For those looking forward to convicted extortionist Jarec Wentworth/Teofil Brank’s release from prison, it’s going to be a lot sooner than previous expected. Earlier this month, Brank was transferred to FCI Victorville, a medium security federal prison about two hours northeast of Los Angeles, and he’s currently scheduled to be released on April 2nd, 2020.

teoAt his sentencing in October, Brank was ordered to serve 70 months in prison for his extortion of Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. An April, 2020 release date is obviously far less than 70 months (it’s only about 53 months, or four years and five months), so he’s obviously been given a lot of credit for time served. Brank was incarcerated in Los Angeles for nearly eight months before being convicted and sentenced.


An earlier version of this article linked to a FAQ page from the United States Department of Justice, indicating that Brank would be eligible for parole in two years. However, a federal public defender has informed me that only federal defendants sentenced prior to 1987 are eligible for parole (which obviously means Brank can’t be released on parole). The federal public defender explains:

No federal defendant sentenced after 1987 is eligible for parole (meaning early release at the discretion of the prison system). The U.S. Parole Commission exists solely to determine release dates for prisoners sentenced before 1987 who are still eligible for parole (the change in the law that happened in 1987 would affect them negatively, and that’s unconstitutional).

So Mr. Brank’s release date as projected by the Bureau of Prisons is based on three things. First is the length of the sentence actually imposed — the 70 months in this case. Second is presentence incarceration credit, for time spent in custody prior to the sentencing date. Third is the estimated good time credit he’ll receive toward that sentence, at the rate of 54 days every year. It doesn’t surprise me that an imposed 70-month sentence results in about 53 months of actual incarceration.

  • Stephen

    On the bright side, the gay porn industry has always been welcoming to criminals. If he keeps up his fitness in jail, he’ll probably get a nice series themed around his release.

  • Jace

    Men.com is pencilling him in the schedule as we type.

  • Ben

    Sebastian Young 2.0 in the making.

    • R.A.M.J

      Not even close. Sebastian has violent crimes under his belt. Jarec’s crime was non violent.

      • Ben

        Hence, I said. in the making. Didn’t Jarec pull a gun on him? or planned on using a gun to extort him?

        • Maximus

          On this one, you’re actually not wrong. U.S. prisons are notorious for turning nonviolent, psychologically healthy offenders into violent, psychologically troubled ones—don’t even get me started on the barbarity of solitary confinement practices—and then releasing them back into society. Hopefully that won’t be the case with Jarec, but it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility.

          • n24rc

            Well, that is true. Non violent offenders end up as repeat and violent offenders after they face a major hurdle in getting jobs.

            His problems are much bigger, as his citizen status is TBD.

            So if he is done with time served, will he be deported? was that ever resolved?

          • beariac

            I assume the paperwork is still pending and will be for some time, but it appears Jarec is a US citizen and can’t be deported, or won’t be even if he isn’t.

        • beariac

          Not quite. Jarec took a gun for self-protection in the boot/trunk of his car to the meeting with Burns, but wisely left it there.

    • Zachary Sire

      They aren’t even remotely comparable.

  • trekord

    I’d welcome Jarec back to porn over Sebastian Young any day!

    • sxg

      Meh I’m bored with both of them. Jarec’s Men stuff was the absolute worst shit he’s ever done. Him being away for 5 years is a relief for gay porn.

      • Ceecee

        I think he just overthought it a bit too much.
        Also trying to rebrand as a “power top, no bottoming” thing was kinda lame. There’s already a ton of videos of you getting railed, what’s the point?

  • Lionel Del Rey

    His first scene is going to be a prison rape scene with virgin Johnny Rapid.

  • Xzamilloh

    Eh, I give it two years and he’ll be paroled. He’s not a threat to anyone but closeted Republicans and thirsty queens willing to ignore a multitude of red flags.

    • Johnny

      You didn’t read, apparently. There is no federal parole anymore.

      • Xzamilloh

        No I didn’t read the ADDITION… I read the original article. Thank you though for coming at the last damn minute like you did something. You proud of yourself?

      • Xzamilloh

        No I didn’t read the ADDITION… I read the original article that didn’t have that addition. Thank you though for coming at the last damn minute like you did something. You proud of yourself?


  • scoot

    Treasure Island will be waiting with a contract.

  • Okosan

    I wonder if Teo is having so much fun surrounded with all those dicks, i’m kinda jealous to be honest.

  • Todd

    “CALL ME !!!”

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      I honestly don’t get it. You have all the money in the world and you don’t get lipo or a trainer? If he cleaned up, he could get guys for a lot cheaper.

      • Ceecee

        Also just the raw basics of living longer and better.
        What’s the point of being that rich if you’re just going to have a fucking heart attack within the next few years?

        • McM.

          In addition to less/non-existent exposure to environmental factors and stresses that deteriorate health, the wealthy have ongoing access to higher quality medical care that mitigate “normal” consequences of poor health.

          In other words, an obese multimillionaire is far less likely to suffer from a heart attack than an obese hillbilly.

      • John

        He looks like he spends money on the face, it looks plastic…i guess he saying fuck looking good I got a shit load of money, I’ll always be able to get young ass, some straight ass too…..

        • Galaxy_Scribe

          Something tells me he gets gangbanged.

    • Alex

      Too damn bad!

  • Zealot

    “Oh Te-O-Fil, Oh Te-O-Fil, you are in-car-cer-ate-ted,
    Oh Te-O-Fil, Oh Te-O-Fil, you are in-car-cer-ate-ted,
    But you’ll be out, when Spring is here, in 2020 yes, that year
    Oh Te-O-Fil, O Te-O-Fil, til then in-car-cer-ate-ted.”

  • WillG

    So he winds up getting almost a whole year shaved from the judge’s sentence, even after you subtract the 8 months of time served. I know California has been releasing nonviolent offenders early because of overcrowding, but I still don’t understand why the judge’s sentence has been officially changed.

    • Zachary Sire

      As explained to me by a federal public defender (see update above), the extra time shaved off is an estimation for all the good behavior time he’ll earn.

      • WillG

        Lo and behold, 54 days for each year comes out to exactly 9 months!

  • Okosan

    Donald Brank Confirmed
    (sorry i had to)

  • sxg

    Well looks like he’ll be surrounded by some pretty colorful people! Somali pirates, former drug cartel leaders, some foreign born and domestic terrorists, and white collar scam artists!


  • Dave Netherton

    Just reading the comments why do I get the sick feeling that Zach actually thinks what Brank did was ok and that he’s happy that he’ll be out earlier than once thought. A crime is a crime doesn’t have to be violent in nature for the perpetrator of the crime to be guilty and deserve to be thrown in jail. Yeah so he didn’t assault anyone like Sebastian has but that doesn’t make the crime any less forgiveable. Hell at just over 4 years he probably won’t have learned his lesson by the time he gets out. Guaranteed he’ll commit another crime of some sort after he gets out. Once a felon always a felon, it’s in their psychological makeup to repeat the same mistake. I’m sure they’ll be at least one morally corrupt gay porn studio willing to give him a job after he gets out, guaranteed.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Zach was actually fairly harsh on him, but no one is going to be taking pity on Donald either.

      • Chpchipp

        Donald is a deviant predator. Of the two, Donald is worse.

        • cluelesswitness

          No the whore who tried to blackmail him is the worst. Donald is a predatory, just because the old man is as UGLY as sin doesn’t mean he is a predatory. He paid them for a job and Jarec thought he could get over and he was sorely mistaken.

    • Dazzer

      I’m the worst person in the world at defending Zach Sire. But that’s never stopped in the past and it’s really not going to stop me now. James Deen has been accused of sexually assaulting a number of women. This might be the truth, this might be total rubbish.

      However, if he is found guilty of assaulting those women (and absolutely nothing has been proven at this point), Deen will probably spend less time in prison than Jaric Wentworth. This isn’t cynicism on my part, this is just based on established sentencing in the American judiciary.

      Is Donald Burns more of an injured party because he involved himself in consensual sex with a man who also arranged for him to have more consensual sex with other men than the – thus-far unproven – allegations that James Deen forced himself sexually on women who’d not given him consent?

      I will fight dirty with Zachary Sire about his journalistic ethics on some things, but I respect that he has his ethics and he holds to them – even if I don’t agree with them.

      In this instance I do agree with Sire. He is consistently not making stupid points. He’s asking intelligent questions, Anyone with a braincell or soupcon of a moral code would be asking the exact same questions that Sire is doing.

      One of the reasons that Str8upgayporn.com has received so many award nominations in the glory season is because everyone is scared shitless of him.

      Obviously, he’s not going to win any of those awards unless they can persuade Ryan Rose or Mick Lowell to take one for the team, of course.

      But the gay porn industry is definitely trying to buy him off. And the most interesting thing will be whether he allows himself to be bought off (and I wouldn’t be one of the people lining up to ciriticise him if he did – he’s worked damn hard to be this good and if he can make some money from it, more power to him).

      Again, I’m writing too many words to defend Sire, but mostly that’s because I’m too fucking old to know how to post a gif or even where find one.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I know I shouldn’t be glad a criminal is getting a light sentencing, but let’s be honest, Teofil isn’t really a danger to anybody but himself.

  • joe campbell

    Perhaps by that time Brandon will be ready for a real dick !

  • dvlaries

    Maybe the proposals are already streaming in. Donald Burns ain’t the world’s only rich fool, not it’s only gay one, nor it’s only one with a rescuer complex. Wentworth might very well be married before he’s released. If I’m wrong and he comes back to porn, but with all the same con ink Young sports, there goes that spell.

  • John

    Now if he would just suck all the dick he needs to suck to stay out of trouble 5 yrs aint bad considering what it could have been….

  • Odetofear

    Poor guy, whether he comes back to porn or not, I hope he gets through this, does his time and move on.

  • SharpEnuff

    I live very near FI Victorville I wonder if he would appreciate a pen pal or visitor. The scene in Midnight Express comes to mind LOL

    • beariac

      That was a great film. 😉 To answer your question, I am sure he probably would. I know a guy in NYC who is a fan and had lunch with Teofil one day; he said he was very personable. Here in the UK there is an organisation that arranges penpals for LGBT prisoners, but I don’t know about over there. I guess T will be getting a fair amount of fan mail, but that will probably dwindle over time. Lord knows he will have plenty of time to reply! Nor do I know how many visitors he’s allowed, but depending on how many his family use, I would guess that if he has any spare then a friendly face would be most welcome. If you are serious and committed, write to him and see what happens – prison can be a lonely and stressful experience.

  • Erodox

    Sleep with the devil… expect to get burned! Gay, straight, or in-between makes no difference. Donald Burns and his ilk are the most despicable hypocrites on the planet. They make billions off the backs of the very people they sexually exploit and repress. Two wrongs don’t make a right but don’t be fooled; Burns ALWAYS had the upper hand in this situation. In a year he’ll be right back at all the elite republican functions and Jarec will still be blowing guards for cheese and crackers.