Jarec Wentworth Sentenced To Nearly Six Years In Federal Prison

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jarecsentenceAfter over 50 gay porn scenes, one Audi R8, $500,000, six counts of felony extortion, and eight months in prison awaiting trial and sentencing, Teofil Brank (a.k.a. Jarec Wentworth/Sean Cody’s Jarek) has finally received his punishment. This morning in Los Angeles federal court, Judge John Walter sentenced Brank to 70 months in prison (five years and 10 months), followed by three years probation.

The United States Probation Office had recommended a term of 70-80 months in prison, and Judge Walter obviously went with the low end of that recommendation. Prosecutors (and undoubtedly Donald Burns, too) were hoping for a maximum incarceration term of 80 months.

As far as a permanent detention facility, it’s not immediately clear where Brank will serve out his sentence (though it will be somewhere in California), as his lawyers are still working to prove his U.S. citizenship status. As of post time, I’m still working to confirm when, if at all, Brank will be eligible for parole.

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  • Rick Tan

    Injustice! He is innocent I tell you. Aren’t California prisons overcrowded? Send him to my dungeon for 70 months instead.

  • Rick Tan


  • Nickolas

    And Treasure Island Media will be waiting.

    • cainenyc

      One can only hope.

  • OverKill
  • NickDC


    A criminal offender becomes eligible for parole according to the type of sentence received from the court. The “parole eligibility date” is the earliest time the offender might be paroled. If the Parole Commission decides to grant parole, it will set the date of release, but the date must be on or after the “eligibility” date.

    The process begins at sentencing. Unless the court has specified a minimum time for the offender to serve, or has imposed an “indeterminate” type of sentence, parole eligibility occurs upon completion of one-third of the term. If an offender is serving a life sentence or a term or terms of 30 years or more he or she will become eligible for parole after 10 years.

    Source: Department of Justice

  • FooFight

    If I can’t see Teo’s beautiful naked body for the next six years, I’m locking myself in my bedroom!

    • sxg

      You do realize that porn never goes away right? His best stuff is years old now trust me you’re better off watching the reruns than the shit he was last involved in.

    • That, sir, was awesome 😀

    • yeah yeah


  • Xzamilloh
  • Todd

    Awwww……Teo’s son, Donald, will be in kindergarten (at least) by the time Pops is out of the hoosegow.

  • beariac
    • Mimi B

      I keep waiting for the thing to drop dead and die…. but that’d be too graphic for a porn blog.

      • beariac

        Not this blog! That’d be too depressing a dénouement imo; I like to think of the jar being opened in a few years and the butterfly being free again.

  • kevin

    If I were him, I’d try to cut a deal: deportation instead of prison

    • Zachary Sire

      a few years in a U.S. prison is probably better than Romania tbh

      • n24rc

        Well, if at the end of his jail sentence he ends up in his homeland, Romania, then your point doesn’t hold true. At this stage it’s looking like Teo will be deported after his sentence. Bye bye bitch!

        • John Iii

          Highly unlikely. Rarely happens. It’s not worth the expense in most cases to pursue that

          • n24rc

            They deport criminals all the time.

          • n24rc

            It’s more expensive to keep him here then to send him back.

        • MAnthony

          You do know your tax dollars will be used for his 6 year vacation in a California Federal Vacation Prison? Maybe he;ll be eating a snickers with your money.

          • n24rc

            My view if he is an illegal, he should be deported instead of jail time. He doesn’t need to extend his stay any longer

      • Zealot

        Sadly yes….that poor Romanian children’s choir, breathlessly waiting to greet Teofil at the train station with a medley of traditional folk songs (i.e., “Squatting in the Harvest Fields”, “The Fetid Cheese Song”, and “Castrating the Spring Calves”)– have all been sent back to their various and sundry homes and orphanages to await a brighter day.

        • Brian Sky

          Typical Americans!, as usual thinking that their country is the best land in the world and anything overseas is crap. You should visit Europe and learn a little more about the rest of the world.

          • Zealot

            You got THAT from my post? I’m American, yes. Typical? No.

          • sxg

            You make it sound like he was making fun of an advanced country like Germany or France, not a dump like Romania.

          • Capello

            Romania is now in European Union. Once there, he can live anywhere.

  • kevin

    i wonder if he can cam from prison?

    • n24rc

      Oh I’m sure he will have his fans send him shit, so he can use in jail. He probably needs funds for the on site commissary.

    • Dazzer

      It’s probably best if we just regard it as a six year ‘recruitment drive for models.’

  • Estelle

    I’m thinking he didn’t get the full 80 because the judge took into consideration the 8 months he already had been in jail. Combined it makes it close to 80 months.

    • Jace

      The 70 months will include the 8 months he’s already served. Meaning he has a 62 months to go.

      • GuyN90068

        The judge actually used the table that called for between 63 to 78 months, and said that he was sentencing at the mid-point. With time served and gain time he will probably serve 52 months. The rules the judge gave on probation are pretty strict; no drugs or alcohol, with testing not to exceed 8 times a month. He also has restitution and fines which are to be paid by 10% of his gross income or $100/mo, whichever is greater. Counseling was also mandated which is has to pay for, adding that to the above amounts.

        • n24rc

          Oh man, he is on Suicide watch now!

    • n24rc

      Exactly. Time served is included in the sentence. So technically he did get the full amount.

  • Hereweare

    Yes hookers, there is a difference between a wallet off a nightstand and $1M. Too bad Teo didn’t get a sentencing graph back when he got his welcome package.

  • Maximus

    The little girl in the following GIF represents Teofil, and the wall is a metaphor for the consequences of his actions…

  • cainenyc

    anyone know if that includes time served? Dunno how long it’s been since he was arrested, but do they take that off the sentence?

  • Estelle

    Also, did he get additional fines besides having to pay back Donald Burns? That issue might be set aside if it turns out he’s not a citizen. Either way, he’s fucked.

    • Okosan


    • Stiffo

      Forget fines, it’s the fees that will continue to hurt for even longer

  • sxg
  • pangelboy
  • Pearl Clutcher

    I can’t wait for your snarky updates of the status of his commissary account balance and the number of blankets and sheets he’ll have in his cell. B/c you just can’t seem to let go of this story for some odd reason.

    • n24rc

      Well, click bait is revenue.

  • Brian Sky

    This is so sad; a young, healthy and attractive guy ruining his life just for his ambition. I wholeheartedly hope that at his release from prison, he’ll be a more inteligent, humble and mature person. I’ll never feel glad about the sadness of others.

  • 6 years is a bit much for a first time offender who got way too carried away with greediness, but hopefully big stupid here learns that when someone gives you 500 grand and an Audi you GO AWAY and keep your fucking trap shut!

  • James Johnson III

    Who’s taking bets on how long after his release Men.com will release his return scene? I want in!

    • Estelle

      5 years in porn is an eternity and men may be something completely different. Plus most performers are disposable now and there’s no guarantee he would have much of a fan base left. If he’s deported when he gets out it’s a moot point. Like Robert van damme he wouldn’t be allowed back into the country.

      • n24rc

        No, he won’t return to porn. Jail is like a college for indigent and unemployable people to learn how to become career criminals. The first months will determine if he will become a sexual object, he will fuck and use his porn background to get stuff. She should be fine if she keeps blowing a lot of people.

      • James Johnson III

        Very true

  • John

    If he were in my city I would visit once a week. It may not all be the truth, bu It know whatever he would divulge to me would be damn interesting!!!!! I would like to see him acquire a skill other than his looks and charms that he can use for gainful employment upon his release.

  • CA

    Another example of our country’s propensity for over incarceration.

  • MAnthony

    I hope he knows how to play Golf and be able to swim and play outside. Federal Prison Pfffft. Maybe he can knit a sweater for his cellmate like Martha Stewart. meh.

  • Okosan

    I Wonder if MEN.com will advertise the shit out of him now.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I blame Donald Burns completely for all of this! He corrupted poor Teofil with all that money. He traumatized him and raped him (according to Teofil). Poor poor Teo, I’m sure you’ll be out of there soon and get a second chance at life. Stay away from creepy old men this time!

    • John Iii

      he has no one to blame but himself

      • WhimsyCotton

        But, look at his face. Look at his body! How can you blame him? If anyone should sue it’s SC for having his models preyed away from his company by that lecherous old man!

  • indootje

    Please stay in shape and share your porn expertise with other dudes

    • n24rc

      That will be his daily routine.

  • John Iii

    Well he has the man sex thing down so he should be quite popular.

  • thumper

    dumb, greedy queen

  • SleepInTheYard

    He is so hot. It’s such a pitty he had to be a criminal and a dick.

    • n24rc

      Bad boys get all the pussy in the world. LOL. Cause all “good” people are somewhat masochistic.

  • harlemguy

    where can we send letters?

  • Mimi B

    I just want to spank his ass! In fact, I’d also like to spank his monkey!

  • wow – poor kid. He pulled an asshole move, ego got a bit big but he’s a nice guy. He does not belong in jail for 6 years 🙁
    big hugs Jarec!!!

  • lukaeber


  • Marcus Collack

    Six years?!? That’s kind of excessive. Also how has he been in jail for 8 months, Los Angeles has had an overcrowding problem for a while, wait strike that, that only applies when you’re famous and/or have money, then your sudden release after 40 minutes of your 30 day stay is somewhat plausible, at least that’s the excuse they always give. It’s not just though, he gets six years for breaking the law, where Donald Burns doesn’t even get indicted for his multiple times he broke the law. In the long run, this is not good, because it shows that once again the Criminal justice system is just another tool for the rich. I wonder how many new porn models will be Donald Burn’s prostitutes in that time. If I was in the IRS, I would seriously look at those tax returns and start an audit, because Burns bought alot of gifts, spent a lot of money on his “Diddle sticks” and gave a lot of gifts, what do you want to bet, that his taxes weren’t above board?