Exclusive—Jarec Wentworth Apologizes To Donald Burns: “I’m So Sorry…I’ll Name My First Born Son After You”

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donald burns jarecTwo weeks from today, Jarec Wentworth will be sentenced to federal prison for up to seven years for his extortion of Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. In determining the length of that prison sentence, Judge Walter will hear from both the government and Wentworth’s defense team. Last week, the government filed their sentencing recommendation, and it contains new revelations about Wentworth’s past, as well as a shocking apology that the former Sean Cody gay porn star sent to his prostitute-hiring victim.

Not surprisingly, the government has recommended that Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) be given nearly the maximum prison term: 80 months (six years and eight months). They argue that Wentworth has not shown remorse, and they also refer to the email he sent Str8UpGayPorn accusing Donald Burns of rape:

The government submits that an appropriate custodial sentence in this case is 80 months of imprisonment. […] Defendant’s conduct was vengeful and intentional, and he caused great emotional harm to the victim. Moreover, defendant has failed to show any remorse for his actions and, while he was detained pending trial, he sought to inflict more pain on the victim and garner more fame for himself. Ultimately, the defendant was arrested, but he didn’t stop trying to harm D.B. The defendant tried, and ultimately did, get a statement to the media purporting to be innocent and accusing D.B. of criminal acts. Among other things, defendant suggested that D.B. had raped him and was a predator.

In determining the 80-month recommendation, the government also considered Wentworth’s criminal history:

As to criminal history: defendant was convicted in 2008 for domestic violence, and served 120 days in jail for abusing his then- girlfriend and future wife.4 (PSR ¶ 51.) Defendant earned two criminal history points for this conviction. (Id.) Defendant earned another two points for convictions in 2008 and 2010 for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license, respectively.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation from the government’s sentencing recommendation is that, shortly after his arrest last March, Wentworth emailed an apology to Donald Burns—an apology that the government does not buy:

Although defendant tried to get an “apology” to D.B. through his girlfriend soon after he was arrested, that apology was a transparent attempt to get D.B. to “drop” the charges against him. (Ex. 6 (redacted).) Notably, at a detention hearing on April 2, 2015, Magistrate Judge Wilner characterized the “apology” as “bizarre” and stated that he doubted the “legitimacy of the statements” defendant made in the email.

Here is Jarec Wentworth’s apology to Donald Burns, which includes a promise to name his first born son after Burns, fear of deportation (which likely won’t happen), expressed desire “to be a model and actor,” and a vow to “never touch Twitter again”:

please drop the charges. im so scared. my family will not help me on bail or sign for it. i have lost my car and now all my posessions in my apt by this weekend. i down to 165 lbs from 195. my sisters just had new borns and my brother too. my dads health is bad and i wont see him alive after this. my girlfriend walked out on me during the time this happened and i was broken and angry. i have nothing now and im on my knees beging you with what little energy i have left. i want a family and you know this. i want to hold my girlfriend, i want to marry her and have a family. please ill do anything you say. i will give it all back. ill leave the country if you want and never return. im so broken and in stress. i lost so much hair. i have been fasting for god to soften your heart. im so sorry for the pain i caused you. you are an amazing and great man. i looked up to you for wisdom and counsal. i will name my first born son after you. please do im begging you set me free. ill be deported and just like my dad said, god said ill die in here. im crying, please have mercy on me. please work with me so i can have a family. i want to be a model and actor. my girlfriend cant visit me from strick rules, she is about to walk out on me. we were just reconnecting right when i got arrested. i shouldnt have listen to my friends and just let you be. i have nothing left. all is tooken from me. let me have my family back and my love. please please im begging you.there is no reason to have the media in this. ill erase everything and never touch the twitter again. god bless

Given Donald Burns’ tearful, melodramatic trial testimony last July, it’s clear he didn’t accept Jarec Wentworth’s apology.

Here’s the government’s sentencing recommendation in full. In addition to the 80-month prison sentence, they call for three years of probation and a surprisingly low fine in the amount of $600:

And here’s Exhibit 6, Wentworth’s apology to Burns:


  • john

    This “apology” makes me dislike him even more…

  • Mimi B

    Excuse me… I need to vomit!

  • Xzamilloh

    That apology… it’s like a guilt trip that flunked 6th grade English.


  • Alan Keddie

    Oh, Jarec! Will we ever see you again? I miss your topping skills. They were unique.

  • Nic

    This entire drama is sickening. Honestly, I can’t really say I blame Jarec for going full tilt pitiful because Don Burns is a scary man. He, along with his sizeable fortune and influence, has somehow eluded any backlash for committing years of crimes involving many different people, and if that wasn’t enough, he also has every single person with the ability to ruin (is there much left even?) Jarec in his filthy rich pocket.
    The lesson here? Don’t be greedy, don’t expect to one up a rich person with criminal (and probably lawful, too) activity, and if you so much as pass a vengeful millionaire in the street, spritz some holy water, change your name and get the hell outta Dodge!

  • prestes_antony

    Oh man… This whole debacle is getting more and more depressing. Throw his sorry ass in jail, he needs to learn something from this…

  • WillG

    “i shouldnt have listen to my friends and just let you be.”

    His friends made him do it!

  • John

    What an awful apology….I can’t stand the fact that fat ass Burns walks away clean from this, he is dirty too, Jarec is a fool for thinking he could extort a million bucks from a client and get away with it…..my guess, 5 yrs plus time served eligible for parole in 24 months……

    • Goodboy

      Is there something I’m missing. What is Burns guilty of? I thought he was the victim here.

      • Ben

        Hiring people to have sex with you aka prostitution is illegal

        • Goodboy

          Maybe but it pales in comparison to armed extortion.

          • Ben

            true. but he still got away with it.

          • sneeek

            It takes two to tango and I wouldn’t want Teo to be charged with prostitution either. IMO prostitution just isn’t a serious crime unless it involves minors or human trafficking.

      • John

        I still have a feeling that Donald Burns could have raped Jarec, as he reported. I think the only reason this was not pursued was Burns millions. If he did rape Jarec it could have motivated some of these vengeful extortions. I certainly think Burns should have to pay for that even with an escort he knew. Such behavior is wrong!!!!!

        • Sam Dixon

          These days it appears that it is easy for Jarec to allege that “Donald Burns raped Jarec”. It is not whether the rape allegation was made, it is whether it can be proven in a court-room. Where’s the evidence? Allegations – easy! Evidence – Harder!

          It is interesting the gay-porn world is rather “upset” that the Rent-Boy website was closed down by the government – since it meant a reduction of the sex-worker business. But at the same time wants to say that a person (Mr. Burns in this case) has committed crimes – dozens and dozens of times by hiring male prostitutes every 3-6 weeks and flying them to his home for hardcore gay fuck-fests and group sex orgies.”

          • Jay Gould

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this situation. We’re supposed to sympathize with all the pretty pretty prostitutes who got busted on Rentboy but despise a fat ugly guy who used their services.

          • Maximus

            It’s the same attitude behind the legal precept that the prostitute is the victim, and the John is the perpetrator.

          • Mihcael Davies

            They’re so transparent its not even funny

  • McM.


    Burns is ultra-rich, so he knew this would be the outcome.

  • Rick Tan

    Look at that body. How can you put that body in prison? Shame on our justice system.

    • Fabriz

      Well . several co prisoners are going to be rewarded ,a plus is that they will be aware that he was a gay porn star and that he didnt bottom too often for the camera, maybe now Jarec will explore his bottom side more….

      • 1234

        I shouldn’t BUT I can’t stop laughing

  • kevin

    i never knew about the DV conviction prior to his stint on SC. Zach, how could you have sympathy for a guy who beats up his girlfriend?

    As a California taxpayer, I think the government should agree to waive his sentence in exchange for deportation.

    Donald Brank!

  • Todd

    Nice. So Jarec is going to name his first born son Douchebag ?

    • Goodboy

      Exactly why is Donald Burns a “Douchebag”? Isn’t he suppose to be the victim here?

  • Okosan
  • Okosan
    • Stanford White

      This game is fucking brilliant!

  • Scrapple

    Why would you name your child after the guy you claimed raped you? Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone who walked out on you at a time like this? This apology was pitiful for so many reasons. Knowing how cocky Jarec was, it’s weird seeing Teo reduced to this. He fucked up, and he’s paying the price. Shame.

    • slipperyslope

      I have to agree 100%. Reading that just made me all kinds of uncomfortable.

  • Clusterfuck

    “im so broken and in stress. I lost so much hair.”

    I hope this isn’t true! Seeing Jarek’s always changing hairstyle for each scene was one of the best things about watching his videos, second only to his baby’s arm-sized uncut schlong.

  • Zealot

    This seemed like such an “All About Eve” moment. At first I thought, this is Birdie saying: “What a story! Everything but the wolfhounds snapping at her rear end!” But I opted for a Margot quote. I think this sums it up best:

  • SaintMike

    Oh God. Whats that saying Zach? “I think my eyes just rolled out of my head”

  • Daddycub

    Well, we know our gov’t doesn’t like Rentboys these days, so I would assume we won’t see Teo for 80 months.

  • Marcus Collack

    They are really putting the screws to this guy. What he did was wrong, although it’s kind of murky what his full involvement was. However, punishing him so severely for a crime, and doing nothing to the other guy, who broke numerous crimes over decades, is not really saying justice. It’s saying that those who are rich, get away with everything. 7 years is way too much time, there are some murderers who don’t even get 7 years.

  • Edward

    This whole thing was two guys who both would do anything it takes to get what they want. Didn’t work out for them. This is no longer news. Please move on.

  • sxg

    Since the apology came before the rape accusation, does this mean every Jarec super fan will try and kill Zach for publishing that email?

  • FooFight

    This letter should be used in schools as the perfect example of “groveling.”

  • Maximus

    What the fuck? He only did 4 months for assaulting his girlfriend, but he’s looking at 80 months for extorting his sugar daddy? So according to the American criminal justice system, Brank blackmailing a disgusting old rich man is an offense 20 times more egregious than the physical attack that Brank perpetrated against the woman who he was supposed to love and protect? God dammit, that pisses me off.

    • JJ

      I know! Plus, isn’t what DB did illegal as well, hiring prostitutes?

  • Fabriz

    I don’t support DB , but I believe Jarec would get what he deserved. He was too greedy , he extorted half a million , a fancy car . and after that , he wanted to extort one more million. He should have been wiser to get money and expensive gifts from that ugly botox-faced rich queen , Toefil could have gotten the wealth he desired by faking a kind . loving and unconditional attitude toward his future potential SugarDadddy…

    You know many male and female prostitutes do that , Jarec shouldve been wiser .He wanted to be rich in a very short time , his reckless greed has taken him to that condition he is locked in now. Well and the apology letter he sent to DB months ago is just pathetic and outlines what kind of brainless man he is , you know , he is clearly that kind of arrogant person who thinks can do and get wherever he wants with his “intelligence” and good looks, Clearly he has the hunk good looks ( I ve been a fan of his SC ( since 2011) and MEN.com clips ) BUT he lacks sensibility and intelligence , otherwise he wouldnt be in this awful situation. Nonetheless, he still has hope , He would be 31 or 32 when he is released , he wont be too old , he could have a new start as a porn performer or just marry some crazy bimbo and have the traditional family he seems to crave for.

    • I still can’t believe he didn’t just take that 500 grand and walk away and keep his little pie-hole shut. Boggles the mind.

  • John Iii

    i expect he’s putting that great cock of his to use in the slammer. I’m sure it’s not secret among his fellow inmates about this porn past. He obviously doesn’t have a problem dicking dudes to get off.

  • Spencer87

    So did a three year old write that? I can’t.He’s pathetic and now suffer.

  • JJ

    How come he has a girlfriend?

  • Maxine Mesmer

    Um yeah