Exclusive—Jarec Wentworth Apologizes To Donald Burns: “I’m So Sorry…I’ll Name My First Born Son After You”

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Two weeks from today, Jarec Wentworth will be sentenced to federal prison for up to seven years for his extortion of Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns. In determining the length of that prison sentence, Judge Walter will hear from both the government and Wentworth’s defense team. Last week, the government filed their sentencing recommendation, and it contains new revelations about Wentworth’s past, as well as a shocking apology that the former Sean Cody gay porn star sent to his prostitute-hiring victim.

Not surprisingly, the government has recommended that Wentworth (a.k.a. Teofil Brank) be given nearly the maximum prison term: 80 months (six years and eight months). They argue that Wentworth has not shown remorse, and they also refer to the email he sent Str8UpGayPorn accusing Donald Burns of rape:

The government submits that an appropriate custodial sentence in this case is 80 months of imprisonment. […] Defendant’s conduct was vengeful and intentional, and he caused great emotional harm to the victim. Moreover, defendant has failed to show any remorse for his actions and, while he was detained pending trial, he sought to inflict more pain on the victim and garner more fame for himself. Ultimately, the defendant was arrested, but he didn’t stop trying to harm D.B. The defendant tried, and ultimately did, get a statement to the media purporting to be innocent and accusing D.B. of criminal acts. Among other things, defendant suggested that D.B. had raped him and was a predator.

In determining the 80-month recommendation, the government also considered Wentworth’s criminal history:

As to criminal history: defendant was convicted in 2008 for domestic violence, and served 120 days in jail for abusing his then- girlfriend and future wife.4 (PSR ¶ 51.) Defendant earned two criminal history points for this conviction. (Id.) Defendant earned another two points for convictions in 2008 and 2010 for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license, respectively.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation from the government’s sentencing recommendation is that, shortly after his arrest last March, Wentworth emailed an apology to Donald Burns—an apology that the government does not buy:

Although defendant tried to get an “apology” to D.B. through his girlfriend soon after he was arrested, that apology was a transparent attempt to get D.B. to “drop” the charges against him. (Ex. 6 (redacted).) Notably, at a detention hearing on April 2, 2015, Magistrate Judge Wilner characterized the “apology” as “bizarre” and stated that he doubted the “legitimacy of the statements” defendant made in the email.

Here is Jarec Wentworth’s apology to Donald Burns, which includes a promise to name his first born son after Burns, fear of deportation (which likely won’t happen), expressed desire “to be a model and actor,” and a vow to “never touch Twitter again”:

please drop the charges. im so scared. my family will not help me on bail or sign for it. i have lost my car and now all my posessions in my apt by this weekend. i down to 165 lbs from 195. my sisters just had new borns and my brother too. my dads health is bad and i wont see him alive after this. my girlfriend walked out on me during the time this happened and i was broken and angry. i have nothing now and im on my knees beging you with what little energy i have left. i want a family and you know this. i want to hold my girlfriend, i want to marry her and have a family. please ill do anything you say. i will give it all back. ill leave the country if you want and never return. im so broken and in stress. i lost so much hair. i have been fasting for god to soften your heart. im so sorry for the pain i caused you. you are an amazing and great man. i looked up to you for wisdom and counsal. i will name my first born son after you. please do im begging you set me free. ill be deported and just like my dad said, god said ill die in here. im crying, please have mercy on me. please work with me so i can have a family. i want to be a model and actor. my girlfriend cant visit me from strick rules, she is about to walk out on me. we were just reconnecting right when i got arrested. i shouldnt have listen to my friends and just let you be. i have nothing left. all is tooken from me. let me have my family back and my love. please please im begging you.there is no reason to have the media in this. ill erase everything and never touch the twitter again. god bless

Given Donald Burns’ tearful, melodramatic trial testimony last July, it’s clear he didn’t accept Jarec Wentworth’s apology.

Here’s the government’s sentencing recommendation in full. In addition to the 80-month prison sentence, they call for three years of probation and a surprisingly low fine in the amount of $600:

And here’s Exhibit 6, Wentworth’s apology to Burns:

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