[UPDATED] Jarec Wentworth’s U.S. Citizenship Status Could Delay Sentencing

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[This story has been updated below.]

Convicted felon and Sean Cody creampie king Jarec Wentworth is set to be sentenced on October 26th for his extortion of Republican multimillionaire Donald Burns, but in a proposed order filed today (which was agreed upon by both the defense and the prosecution), his sentencing could be pushed out to next year. The reason? Wentworth and his attorneys need time to prove that the gay-for-pay porn star of Romanian descent is actually a United States citizen and not a permanent resident. (The difference between the two is explained here.)

If Wentworth can prove that he is in fact a U.S. citizen (a source close to Wentworth has told me that he is, but the proper paperwork wasn’t completed after his birth), he’ll be eligible for more benefits during his incarceration, and he won’t be at risk of deportation upon his release.

Here’s the stipulation, which the court should make a ruling on in the coming days.

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UPDATE 9/9/15:

Citing “no showing of good cause,” the court has denied Wentworth’s proposed order, and his sentencing will go on as scheduled, on October 26th. There is, of course, the possibility that he and his defense team could prove his U.S. citizenship before that time (they’ve got about six weeks), but it’s unlikely.


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