Jed Athens Slithers His Way Into New NakedSword Scene

Posted March 25, 2015 by with 15 comments

ezgif-3193802799In defense of NakedSword, this 4th episode of their Workout series was filmed before Jed Athens’ meltdown at Hustlaball Las Vegas, before the contents of Jed Athens’ asshole came exploding out of his mouth and onto his blog, and before Jed Athens made enemies out of literally everyone in the gay porn industry. Therefore, we can’t really blame NakedSword and mr. Pam for hiring Jed Athens.

And long story short, this is likely the last Jed Athens gay porn scene you will ever see, so technically this gives us a reason to celebrate! (Unless Nutjob Jed goes slithering back to Duckface, who has to be the only person left on Earth sleazy enough and stupid enough to hire him.)

NSV033_sc4_JedAthens_AlexanderGustavo_HorzAffil_5Should we start up a GoFundMe to pay for the psychological counseling that scene partner Alexander Gustavo will inevitably need once it fully sets in that he actually had sex with Jed Athens?

Trailer (watch full video here):

[NakedSword: Nutjob Jed Athens And Alexander Gustavo]


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