WATCH: Adam Archuleta Gives HIMSELF A Cum Facial After Being Fucked Bareback And Creampied By Joel Birkin

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013As teased last week, Joel Birkin and Adam Archuleta’s bareback duo is no live on BelAmi. ICYMI the preview, here are more photos, gifs, and the trailer down below.

017 021Adam Archuleta doesn’t bottom too often, so this is great to see. And, as previously noted, this is the largest cock to ever be inside of Adam, and it’s kind of insane to actually see Joel Birkin somehow sliding his way into such a rarely fucked ass:


While the fucking is adequate, I do wish Joel would’ve gone all the way in, balls-deep, and fucked Adam a lot harder. Of course, that might’ve been too intense for Adam (it would be too intense for most people, tbh).

022 025 028And, don’t forget about Adam Archuleta’s enormous cum shot and outrageous self-facial at the end of this scene:


It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Adam Archuleta has given himself (or someone else) a cum facial. As many will recall, Adam had the #1 cum facial of 2016 when he actually shot a double cum facial on both his face and the face of his scene partner, Roald Ekberg:


Trailer for tonight’s scene with Joel (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Joel Birkin Fucks Adam Archuleta Bareback]

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