Johnny Rapid And Ty Roderick Reenact Infamous Mary Scene

Posted January 20, 2014 by with 9 comments

johhnnytyFinally(?), a gay porn parody of There’s Something About Mary. I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this one.

Meanwhile, all I’ve been waiting for is to finally see someone who knows what they’re doing fuck Johnny Rapid and fuck him good. Thank God, it’s Ty Roderick:

TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart305 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart307 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart308 TheresSomethingAboutJohnnyPart312Yes, Johnny Rapid might be thinking about his girlfriend as Ty Roderick’s big cock slides in and out of his loose hole, but I promise, you totally can’t even tell. The scene is that good!

[ Ty Roderick Fucks Johnny Rapid]


  • Cosmic

    It’s strange to see Johnny in a scene where he only has one dick in him at a time!

  • James Johnson III

    I don’t know, Zach, I thought Johnny’s scene with Colby Keller was fabulous! Colby really knows how to top!

    • sxg

      Yea I like that scene with him and Colby. Actually there are a decent amount of scenes that Johnny Rapid has been in. Can’t deny what a bottomless gaping slut he is, even at a mediocre studio like

  • Jordi Lim33

    My ex- favorite porn star Ty Roderick. Dont wanna say anything. It’s just that I was disappointed by his attitude. sigh!

  • Jordi Lim33

    And of course I never like Johnny Rapid from the start since I saw him on QMN straight blog.

  • Jordi Lim33

    Good morning everyone, Zach we are just PRO GAY MEN, we love our own. Dont be so harsh toward us

  • Ale Lisboa

    Johnny and Ty dislike me, the first being an idiot and the second by the same. besides am not a member of, has never caught my attention this production, so I have not seen that scene and I doubt you get to see it.

    this humorous the first photo of the face of mounting johnny, I was amused. lol

    (sorry for the horrible English I write)

  • GN

    Yeah, I am over Johnny Rapid, ever since that article where he felt the need to divulge his opinions, i.e “Be nice to the fans but get away quickly, I fuck pussies till they bleed”….Go away kid, your novelty has worn thin.

  • Bull

    What I liked about JR in the beginning was the wide eyed innocence he portrayed. That’s long gone now. Then after that ridiculous interview I’ve lost any attraction that was left for him. BTW, I don’t think he’s g4p, I do think he’s bi.