He Said WHAT?! 6 Outrageous Quotes From New Johnny Rapid Documentary

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Johnny-Rapid-Ricky-Sinz-12-17-11-042-e1344036657188The latest installment of GuySpy’s “I’m A Porn Star” docu-series focuses on 70-time bottom Johnny Rapid, and if you like gay-for-pay porn stars who hate gay sex, think they’re God’s gift to the world, and brag about slapping/spitting on women, you’ll fall head over heels for him.

Here are the 6 Most Outrageous Quotes From Johnny Rapid’s New Documentary (video below):

DoorToDoorSTG-11“When I look in the mirror, I’m like, ‘damn, you look good!'”

winning-ball-blaze-rafael-alencar-johnny-rapid-leo-forte-brad-foxx-jizz-orgy-photo-17“I’m really dominant over females. I fuck the shit out of ’em. I choke them, I slap them, I spit on them.”

MechanicMeltdownDMHphotos-4-e1344036169649“I do my porn, and then I go home to my girlfriend. I have sex with her until she bleeds, and then I have to wait a week.”

MechanicMeltdownDMHphotos-17“When I’m getting fucked, I think about me fucking a woman. When I’m sucking a dick, I think about Jessica. If I don’t think about those things, and I think about how good it feels, I’ll go down.”

Johnny-Rapid-Ricky-Sinz-12-17-11-051-e1344036575673“You’ve got to be nice to [fans], but get away quickly.”

Johnny-Rapid-Jizz-Orgy-Winning-Ball-gangbang-orgy-group-sex-with-Blaze-Rafael-Alencar-Leo-Forte-and-Brad-Foxx-9“I would love to get into mainstream acting.”


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