He Said WHAT?! 6 Outrageous Quotes From New Johnny Rapid Documentary

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Johnny-Rapid-Ricky-Sinz-12-17-11-042-e1344036657188The latest installment of GuySpy’s “I’m A Porn Star” docu-series focuses on 70-time bottom Johnny Rapid, and if you like gay-for-pay porn stars who hate gay sex, think they’re God’s gift to the world, and brag about slapping/spitting on women, you’ll fall head over heels for him.

Here are the 6 Most Outrageous Quotes From Johnny Rapid’s New Documentary (video below):

DoorToDoorSTG-11“When I look in the mirror, I’m like, ‘damn, you look good!'”

winning-ball-blaze-rafael-alencar-johnny-rapid-leo-forte-brad-foxx-jizz-orgy-photo-17“I’m really dominant over females. I fuck the shit out of ’em. I choke them, I slap them, I spit on them.”

MechanicMeltdownDMHphotos-4-e1344036169649“I do my porn, and then I go home to my girlfriend. I have sex with her until she bleeds, and then I have to wait a week.”

MechanicMeltdownDMHphotos-17“When I’m getting fucked, I think about me fucking a woman. When I’m sucking a dick, I think about Jessica. If I don’t think about those things, and I think about how good it feels, I’ll go down.”

Johnny-Rapid-Ricky-Sinz-12-17-11-051-e1344036575673“You’ve got to be nice to [fans], but get away quickly.”

Johnny-Rapid-Jizz-Orgy-Winning-Ball-gangbang-orgy-group-sex-with-Blaze-Rafael-Alencar-Leo-Forte-and-Brad-Foxx-9“I would love to get into mainstream acting.”


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  • Cosmic

    When will this little shit stain go away?!

    • JoshChicago

      shit stains never really go away completely. They just fade over time where you can then explain them away as something else – should you ever find yourself in that type of an embarrassing moment in time. 😉

      • Cosmic

        lol Thanks for the info,I wonder how long it takes for the porn version of a shit stain to fade,not long in his case I hope!

    • Dakota

      When people stop writing about him and giving money to Men.com

  • Todd

    If I were a woman, the very last person I’d be dating or fucking is a guy who has been a power bottom twink in over 70 gay porn scenes. Talk about delusional.

  • WillG

    These won’t stay on YouTube for long. Surprised they haven’t been yanked yet for TOS violations. Watch ’em while you can. Or don’t.

    • zach

      That’s why I saved the clip and uploaded it using my own player.

      • WillG


    • WillG

      I’m referring to all of the episodes posted on QueerMeNow. The one Zach posted here isn’t in danger, unfortunately.

  • txsaneman

    Well, at this point, it’s just more of the same rhetoric you get from a lot of the other G4P performers. It’s always about how they bang chicks hard and love fast car/motorcycles etc. I’ll be floored if one of them admits to being even a little bi or enjoying gay sex a tad.

  • Zoompietro

    His girlfriend sounds like she needs her head checked. If she’s going to let someone screw her until she bleeds, she at least needs to upgrade to a man of a higher caliber. Not some dumb ass whore that just slithered in from getting his hole wrecked for the umpteenth time. I’ve never been interested enouh to watch any of his scenes before and now I’m sure that I’ll never watch one at all. Well, not unless they release one of someone fucking him until he bleeds; that I’d watch.

  • sxg

    I cant’ sand the guy but you have to laugh at least a little about all of this.

    The only one I’m really aching to see is Brent Everett’s interview. I have nothing against G4P pornstars, but did they have to pick out a lousy fucking bunch? There are better G4Pers than those 3.

    • JoshChicago

      I’m sure he’d loved to be sanded too! with grit #40-60, commonly known as “coarse” which is also fitting of his character and personality.

    • Luca

      Colby Jansen doesn’t seem too bad though.

    • JoshChicago

      your late edit now ruins my playful response! damn you sxg! :-)

  • GN

    To Johnny and all the rest: do not, DO NOT open your mouth in this industry, for anything other than sucking dick!

  • robirob

    I love it when ‘actors’ do the whole ‘the lady doth protest too much!’ thing.

    Johnny may very well not be gay, but he comes home to a place where a lot of stuff is bought with the money he got for having gay sex in front of a camera. That sure must feel comforting to him while he is banging his girlfriend until she bleeds. That guy sure sounds sane.

  • J2

    Jessica? In August he posted a photo of his girlfriend “Candie” and the one a fan tripped up at the mall was called Sara. It’s starting to sound like the allegations about him on The Dirty aren’t so out of character.

  • JoshChicago

    In the end Johnny Rapid is nothing more than a cunty little prick. Someday, when he realizes that the world is not all about him, it will probably be too late.

  • Bull

    The part about dipping his agent in hot water, almost boiling and taking off the top layer of skin is just crazy! The boy’s demented.

  • Luca

    Johnny Rapid must be completely and utterly stupid.

    On the bright side, I’ll enjoy more the rape scenarios in which he’s a lead character.

  • Ale Lisboa

    Ridiculous this kid! gives me more grief for his “girlfriend” who has to deal with this asshole. Men.com seems as bad as all the “actors” who are working there. Most of the G4P are some crooks

  • Diesel Washington


    Johnny Rapid, Hmmm?? I would fuck him. In a rape scene of course…His FIRST black guy on film(out of 72scenes)

    Where have I heard that before??HaHa

    Anyway a girlfriend that he fucks until she bleeds??, It’s not because of your dick Johnny. Its because you like fucking her when is “On the Rag” ,on her menstrual cycle. Eww such a dirty boy…
    So freaky of him.

    • JoshChicago

      how would you know anything about fucking vaginas?

      • Chris

        Where did he claim that he knew anything about fucking vaginas?

        • JoshChicago

          If you have to ask then you’re obviously not reading.

          • Chris

            Hmmm.. Sounds to me like you’re reading something that’s not there. Typical, I guess because there is NOTHING there that mentions fucking vaginas other than a swipe at Johnny about having sex with his girlfriend when she’s on the rag. Oh well.

          • JoshChicago


      • J2

        Diesel was still identifying as “bisexual” a few years ago.

        • JoshChicago

          And he’s bi-moniker here still. Hi Chris!

  • GN

    His wrecking of bleeding pussies is an obvious overcompensation for being a submissive slam hole at work–this kid is rife for a psycho-analyst.

  • Mainstream acting? The only people in this entire situation who could possibly qualify for mainstream acting are the “women” he “dominates” — for not laughing at the mere thought of him being a convincing dom.

  • Viva La Bambi

    Perfect pairing of quotes and pictures Zach. You give good shade.

  • Aramis

    Johnny thinks he’s an ‘ alpha male ‘ …Does he see Arpad Miklos’ image in he’s bathroom mirror? This video confirms all what ” TheDirty.com ” said/wrote before. This father of three is a huge pink mess.

    • Aramis

      * his…

  • Jay

    Johnny Rapid: Straight-for-pay ?

  • hatejohnnyrapid

    Im a really close friend to his girlfriend (now ex) Jessica. Everyone including her family knew that something wasnt right with her. He was very abusive physically mentally verbally emotionally and sexually. He almost killed her, choked her until she was unconscious after hitting her several times. She went through almost a year of dealing with him everyday hitting her degrading her and so on and so forth. she finally got away from him the day he tried to take her life ( while his three year old daughter was in the room!). shes doing very well today and is healthy and happy. Hes a sorry sc umbag and very demented. And deserves to go fuck a chainsaw.

  • Dakota

    He reminds me of the losers on teen mom. I’m surprised MTV hasnt developed a reality show following 4 20 something g4p porners

  • SLIM

    Well he is clearly rude but I just heatdhis name at first While reading about Sebastion Young .I have to say why would anyone stay in a relationship with any Porn Actor???

  • Aaron Boone

    Does Johnny two at a time Rapid think bragging about what a violent misogynist he is negates the fact that he takes multiple dicks for a living, or is he just naturally that sort of charming individual?

  • Art Lumidraco

    haha does he really expect someone to believe that? hahahah, come on bitch!

  • michael35

    Dumbass this guy is not straight he is however a self loathing homophobe.

    • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

      But feminine guys can’t be self loathing? I detect that you cherry pick whatever suits your agenda. Very hypocritical of you.

      • michael35

        I never said that and I detect that you are another one of those people who would rather someone stay in a closet then actually be free.
        How very hypocritical of YOU.

        • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

          No not at all. Once again projecting onto other people your own inner feelings. You have a real and bizzare hatred for guys that describe themselves as masculine. That says to me that you are either a flamer that wishes he was not or has been rejected for being too femme. Either way, it’s unnecessary and not a pretty look.

          • michael35

            LOL how pathetic are you dude?
            That’s all people like you ever do is act cocky and smug about everything.
            You actually think the word flamer is NOT intolerant and rude?
            Of course not you’re one of those imbeciles who thinks POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is for PUSSIES.
            Its your kind of attitude which is UNNECESSARY look in a mirror in that regard.
            Im fine the way I am dude.

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            I’m gay and I will use the word flamer when and how I like. You are the pathetic one who hides behind Political correctness to make up for his own lack of self worth. Grown some BALLS and quit acting like a whiney little bitch. It’s beyond unattractive.

          • michael35

            LOL even more pathetic another shithead gay dude so full of himself he calls offending other people POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. IF you had it your way dipshit you’d be using the words faggot and nigger with glee I bet you do anyways after all the ones so adamant about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS are the ones who never give a fuck who they offend. Fuck you you twit. :)

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            Well considering I am Mixed race, your use of the N word is NOT appreciated. Hate for you to be a hypocrite now. Oh wait too late cunt! Pathetic fucking racist asswipe. Call black men that to their faces do you? Love catching white elitest liberals out on their hypocracy and secret racism. Why do you hate us so much? Evil person.

          • michael35

            Oh shut the fuck up I used that as an example of what insensitive assholes like YOU think are acceptable in a civilized and educated society.
            Don’t put that on my doorstep dipshit Im not the one who has that ARROGANT entitled attitude acting as if you can justify ANYTHING and everything under the guise of free speech and then mock those who are more sensitive and aware as too what that freedom of speech costs US as Americans.
            Not too mention the debilitation and degradation of our value and humanity as human beings.

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            But I never said I was entitled to say anything. I said as a gay man, i was more entitled to use the term masculine. You were trying to equate a gay man using the term flamer with the N word. The fact that you used that word in such a cavalier fashion and in such dubious comparisons tells me it is something that you utter more than you care to confess. Your entire diatribe has been one of projection , only this time you truly let the cat out of the bag.

            Then again I’m not surprised, racism is rife within the gay community yet you are concerned with guys describing themselves as masculine. Your priorities are all wrong. Your mask fell and you were shown up for using a racist term. Beyond crossing the line.

          • michael35

            My god what a fucking idiot.
            Of course leave it too people like you too try too negate how detrimental and cruel these incendiary and discriminatory words are too the gay community.
            I never said one thing about being racist idiots like you always try too PINPOINT something that’s not even their too begin with because you essentially have proven you have no argument left.
            What I wrote made perfect sense and the irony of you speaking of me using THAT word when people like you get off on being insensitive and cruel when it comes to the word FAGGOT.
            Pot kettle black I don’t use the word NIGGER either I hate that word and ive taken friends in real life and people online to task for the usage of that specific word.
            Nice try but im afraid no cigar.
            DING DING DING of course YOU feel ENTITLED that’s that pathetic straight acting machismo gay men like you are ALWAYS PROJECTING .
            The only one who proved something about themselves was YOU you obviously have an issue with feminine gay men and that’s blatantly obvious from YOUR diatribes.

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            You don’t give a shit, yet you write out an entire essay trying to explain why you “don’t give a shit”? Badly, I might add. You don’t use the “N” word either yet here you are AGAIN spelling it out free and easy and in capitals no less.
            You haven’t a clue have you. You certainly don’t seem to know the definition of prejudice either. Not surprising given your blatant use of racist slurs. Describing myself as masculine is not showing “prejudice” against non masculine guys, no more than describing myself as well built is prejudice against skinny dudes. Does this mean that all guys who go to the gym are hating on skinny or out of shape dudes? That is essentially what you are saying.
            Like I say, if you really have the audacity to compare a GAY man using the word “flamer” with someone like you shouting the “N” word across the internet, then there really isn’t any more to say. How the fuck can any sane minded person compare the two?
            SO not only have we found out that you have deep insecurity issues, you also can add racism to your personality disorder. By the way, please don’t call me an idiot, when you have the spelling and grammar of a demented pre schooler. Also, learn the definition of hypocrisy because it’s not what you think it means.
            But in all honesty, until you apologise for using racist slurs, there is no point in moving ahead with this “conversation”.
            Case close, casket dropped.

          • michael35

            Eat my shit you pretentious son of a bitch people like you are the epitomy of pathetic insulting how I write.

            Motherfucker Id beat your ass if I ever met you people like you can act cocky and tough from behind a computer but believe you me id have absolutely no problem bitch slapping a cocky dipshit like YOU in a heartbeat.

            Now you sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and LEARN bitch LEARN!

            You’re the dumbass here still trying too pull some imaginary bullshit out of your idiotic little ass in order too prove how SUPERIOR you FEEL you are too ME.

            Fuck you dude you don’t shit gold bricks and as far as why I responded that’s why its called a response you halfwit.

            Quit trying too make it seem as if I care simply because I respond.

            You call ME stupid? Bitch please.


            Extremely flamboyant homosexual. Very bright clothing, loud speach, upbeat attitude, often noisy or annoying, intrusive. Very very gay…

            “That guy is acting out some broadway musical in the middle of the street.. what a flamer..”

            That word is an actual SLUR you dumb fuck yet entitled arrogant pretentious sacks of shit like YOU always think you are ABOVE IT ALL and can use whatever words you fucking want too use.
            Fuckhead loser not surprising with gay dudes like you thankfully I don’t have any association with dudes of your clear low caliber.
            Can the macho bullshit also you don’t intimidate me I wish gay dudes like you didn’t even exist the world would be far better off that’s for damn sure.
            This world has enough entitled arrogant assholes like you in it one less like you the better I say.
            Now take your seat you pathetic little bitch no one and I mean NO ONE talks too me the way you thought you could .
            Fucking prick. :)

            Btw you’re the defect motherfucker unlike you I POSSESS ACTUAL HUMILITY you however have proven over and over you lack not only class but also humility or common sense.

            You aren’t special bitch you just THINK YOU ARE.

            Such a delusional little bastard. Pathetic.

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            Awww Umad? “Unlike you I POSSESS ACTUAL HUMILITY”. I not only lack class? Orly..says the guy threatening physical violence in a hate filled diatribe of utter bile.
            Really, that rant just proved otherwise.
            Oh, and you’d beat my ass? Good luck with that bitch, I’m 6ft 3 and 115kgs. Your flappy little wrists would no doubt do nothing more to me than be a mild irritation.
            You are nothing but a hypocritial, delusional little racist with severe psychological issues.
            I suggest two things for you, therapy and lots of it, and some diversity training.
            You need all the help you can get.
            Poor thing.

          • michael35

            LOL motherfucker Im 6’5 and 170 or so pds you don’t intimidate me .
            Nice try dipshit oooh I quiver with fear lmao
            Uh huh If this was supposed too prove what pathetic losers like you act like on a daily basis you did a perfect job. :)
            Another pretentious and egotistical response from another halfwit who isn’t worth 2 shits in the first place.
            Thankfully I support abortion less entitled fucksticks like you in this world the better and I continue too stand by that.
            Ironic also that YOUR KIND are the true EMBARASSMENTS too this community.
            Enjoy that title and embrace it dipshit .
            Oh and dumbfuck you once AGAIN proved your issues with feminine gay men another braindead caveman gay dude who thinks hes the shit and in turn can mock men that they deem less MANLY then them lmao
            Go join fox news you would fit in beautifully with those equally uneducated and primitive individuals. :)
            Racist this racist that you are nothing more then a predictable chickenshit dude who thinks writing words like LOLOLOL makes you look EDUMUCATED and it just makes you look like an even bigger jackass then you already are .
            Im not racist but you definitely have a hatred and superiority complex towards feminine gay men .
            Sit and spin bitch. :)

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            Well a few things for your education…um 170pounds is..um nothing. Do You understand the Metric system? Do you understand the difference between 115 KG and 170 Ilbs? No would be my guess. I guess you are one lanky streak of piss.
            Secondly, never anywhere did I say I hated feminine gay men..Not once. YOU with your insecurity projected that on me. And please..you used the N word twice.
            You’re a racist that’s really all there is to say to be honest.
            You are wack bro.and a racist..thats all.

          • michael35

            In the spirit of what I responded too you with I will let these comments slide since I saw them right after I responded too you.

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            Ok..I’m gonna hold out the Olive branch and if this doesn’t work, then sorry I’m DONE and you’re on your own. Remember, this all started because you took exception to me describing myself as “masculine”. I have not and will not for the record, ever degrade or have anything against “feminine” guys. I’ve dated them , had sex with them and have zero animosity towards them.
            Is that my ideal man? No it isn’t. Do I have an archetype..yeah sure? As a gay guy, who doesn’t think about the hot macho plumber or soldier?After all, I’m attracted to men and those qualities. Am I open to the fact it might be? Absolutely yes!!! It’s so hard to find someone to love, but all you can do at the start is put down the basics. Do you understand the amount of rejection a guy that is mixed race…basically black, gets? I don’t think you do. I’ll wager it is a lot more than a “femme” guy.
            I’ll be real with you. I’m a big dude and I’m a decent looking guy, but I have been turned down cos of my race. On the other hand there are guys that will fetishise you because of your race. So don’t think for one moment you are alone in what rejection feels like in the gay community. But to be honest, generally it’s just water off a ducks back for me. By and large it takes a lot to get me offended. The N word is a nono..other than that I’m pretty laid back.
            So yes while there was a net war on back and forth and I DO NOT appreciate the fact that you spelled out the “N” word and basically gave me nothing but a torrent of abuse, I understand your frustration.
            Anyways, chill out and understand we all want the same thing. Acceptance. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

          • michael35

            You didn’t hurt my feelings I just didn’t agree with you dude.
            As far as what you go through that fucking sucks and no one deserves that.
            As far as that word at the time I believed you were one of those macho gay dudes who’s always telling other gay dudes too quit their bitching and whining and stop being so SENSITIVE etc…
            I just take umbrage to that considering ive seen enough straight dudes treat gay dudes the same way.
            I cant read your mind and I don’t realistically know you in that regard especially so that could easily be incorrect and if so I apologize for the misunderstanding .
            I admit I hold a certain resentment towards specific kinds of gay men and that’s based on the negativity and assholish behavior ive experienced from a lot of gay dudes…especially online.
            As far as the N word Im with ya their buddy I hate that word just like I hate the f word the q word etc…
            That’s why it annoys me when I see gay dudes justify it and use it claiming it takes away the power when you do.
            For me that’s not true if I wanted too call myself a faggot I would but I choose not too Id rather think of myself and you as exactly what we are …human beings no different then anyone else is.
            I got caught up in all of this because Im really and deeply passionate about certain things but Im grateful for that .
            However I took that personal resentment past history and past issues ive had with certain gay dudes out on you and for that I apologize .
            Theres nothing wrong with your race either dude their is however something wrong with people who have negative perceptions of you based on the color of your skin something I might add that’s completely natural and authentic .
            I hate that kind of exclusionary attitude in this community if you are too big weight wise GO AWAY if you’re too skinny : hell no if you’re black not into black guys not into Asian guys etc…
            Ive seen other sites where gay dudes have said stuff like that .
            Hell even those grindr sites where you meet men online a lot of them are jackasses who are narrowminded and have an archaic mindset about race and looks.
            Its just so superficial too me and so ridiculous too boot.
            I too extend an olive branch of solidarity we are from the same community and I don’t want too think of you as an enemy because you are not.
            For what its worth know we aren’t all like that and we don’t all think that way in the gay community.
            You’re just as valued appreciated and wanted as anyone else is in this community.
            The people who cant understand that are the ones who have problems and their issues are not YOUR issues.
            Take care man and Im glad we had this happen because even though it started out with negativity and anger it ended with positivity and peace.

          • michael35

            Flappy little wrists….flamer etcc…..
            Thank you for perfectly exemplifying what I already knew about you too begin with.
            As I said you are truly such a fucking idiot lol.
            I never have too say much when it comes too narcissistic individuals like you.
            Your kind ALWAYS prove less about yourselves…when your mouths are moving. :)

          • Thetruthisntalwayspopular

            By the way, you used “too” in the wrong context. Along with your psychiatry and diversity classes, please do a few basic English classes.

          • Guest

            Owned. Case closed….casket dropped.

          • michael35

            Get a life fucktard. Its embarrassing when people actually think they look intelligent when they write words like OWNED online.
            Such awesome parenting lol

      • Izzy_Mack

        I also take issue that as a gay man I am seen as self hating for embracing my masculinity. I prefer feminine partners but I get turned off when their friends say things like that to me. The whole ‘If you don’t behave the way we do/ like the same things we like you are not a real….’ argument is so childish and divisive.

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  • Guest

    Having watched the video I think the tone of this article and the comments are blown way out of proportion.
    He obviously has a lot of issues, but he certainly doesn’t come across like as much of a psycho as is being written – the strangest quotes are either dubiously edited (‘fuck her until she bleeds’ is a jump-cut) or makes more sense in context, like the boiling pot comment was a weird way of him telling his agent that he has the personality of a white person – v offensive still, but not the same as someone literally saying they want to boil and peel someone’s skin off.

    I don’t see the point of intentionally twisting info to be misleading. If you’re privy to more info that makes his unmasking important (such as ‘hatejohnnyrapid’ below) then I can see why, otherwise live and let live.

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  • Pingback: Meet Johnny Rapid, The Gay-for-Pay Adult Star With $2 Million For Justin Bieber / Queerty()

  • Pingback: Meet Johnny Rapid, The Gay-for-Pay Adult Star With $2 Million For Justin Bieber()

  • Dick Fitzwell

    well i think hes sexy

  • MistiRae Raine

    If Johnny Rapid is Straight then I am Janet Jackson

  • Jason marks

    I think Johnny is awesome the bitch know he was Dom in the beginning if she didn’t like it she would have left him he’s a great guy hot as hell and any woman would be lucky to have him I’m a man and I wish I could have him Dom me fuck me un till I bleed what ever he wants

  • Cphil01

    I wish I could have an honest conversation with him. The backstage of porn is so violent and disturbing, I just feel sorry for people who are trapped there because they will never be known as anything else. I would need to compensate for the abuse he has taken on screen. His life is to help creeps get off, and he doesn’t even enjoy it. He has to get up every morning knowing that a bunch of strangers and men have gotten off to watching him succumb. How could anyone be sane after that. It’s nice to look and laugh and enjoy the end results but don’t look behind that curtain. What you’ll find is drug addicts, abuse, self hate, insanity, numbness, and countless other terrors. I am ashamed that I have given money to support this monstrosity. I am ashamed.
    I’m sorry Johnny
    I’m sorry

  • Michael Fink Gutterman

    The obvious problem os he’s in denial of his actually sexuality. He’s probably from a gay is bad religous family who terrified him of accepting he’s really gay. I am really sorry to his ex gf Jessica tbh. But also gottya give her my respect for trying to be there for someone who’s obviously got serious issues accepting himself. Lets be real here. I’m a bisexual guy myself. And 1 thing i say is most likely he is as well but uses pay to try and deny his gayness. Thats not healthy psychologically. I feel bad and pity Johnny tbh. He’s never gonna accept himself until we all stop supporting his bad choices. Sadly not likely to happen with sucha beautiful ass. I just hope tbh he comes around ans accepts he is bi and learns to be proud of himself. For his sake and the next Jessica’s sake cause the abuse comes from his own self hate. Bullies always have low self confidence or self hate.

  • Anderson

    I really would love to see Jonhy fucking a girl in a straight porn!!! Let’s to see this cute fag being the real stud he says he is with females!!!

  • wahjr

    Can we skip ahead to the point where he is found with a needle in his arm dead and penniless in some side of the road motel after being missing for three days? I’ve seen this movie too many times. The faces change and some play the part better than others, but by the end of the show, the main character always experiences the same tragic ending. There are no winners in the porn business, and this moronic hick will be no exception.

  • Adam Larsson

    the funny thing is … i totally agree with everything that Johnny says in those seven minutes.
    i am the Irish Johnny! :)

    obviously his abuse of his girlfriend is vile beyond belief (and he should be punished for that) — but in most other ways, i totally relate to him.

  • Victor