Anyone Care About Another Scene With Guys In Ugly Shoes And Socks?

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Johnny-V-Sean-Zevran-Dirty-Fuckers-Gay-PornLeave it to Hot House to completely draw attention away from two hot guys by putting them in clunky, ugly, and ridiculously distracting shoes and socks. If you like this particular aesthetic, great. If you don’t, sorry. That’s what Hot House is going to keep giving you. This week, it’s Sean Zevran and Johnny V wearing big shoes, bright socks, and colorful armbands while fucking on a box in a gross room.

Thanks in part to piracy, tube sites, and the end of DVDs, old school gay porn studios are dying slow and painful deaths, but in cases like this, they only have themselves to blame. After years of churning out the exact same content—guys in dark rooms getting fucked on boxes while wearing brightly colored clothing and shoes—week after week after week after week, Hot House Entertainment finally ran out of money and was bought out earlier this summer. No matter what color stripes were on those socks, consumers weren’t interested. And now that Hot House Entertainment has been purchased by AEBN, what do the new people in charge do? They retain the same directer and produce more scenes with guys in dark rooms getting fucked on boxes while wearing brightly colored clothing and shoes. Because it worked so well before.

Make sense?


After the same content with the same costumes and the same sets has driven away your customers, cost several employees their jobs, and practically bankrupted your studio, it might be time to try something new. Or, just keep doing the same thing while hoping for a different result…

35588_11Johnny-V-Sean-Zevran-Dirty-Fuckers-Gay-Porn-648912_07Johnny-V-Sean-Zevran-Dirty-Fuckers-Gay-Porn-946635_08Johnny-V-Sean-Zevran-Dirty-Fuckers-Gay-Porn-1[Hot House]

  • Hi Presley

    Unless they are wearing leather masks guys should be naked when having fuck scenes on camera

  • sneeek

    I actually think guys look hot in sneakers and sport gear, so I’m fine with it!

    • BlogZilla

      I’m fine with it too, but what I don’t like is the exaggeration style here. Hot House didn’t seem to get that.

  • James Withers

    I’m a shallow queen. Don’t care about shoe wear. Just kiss, blow, rim, and fuck. And make it look like you must have that booty.

  • Tony161956

    There must be a market for this kind of scene & gear. You could make the same argument for leather gear scenes, jockstraps, scenes in alleys, club sets, poolside scenes, etc. To each his own

    • zach

      “There must be a market for this kind of scene & gear.”

      Why is this so hard to understand? Like I said, Hot House WENT UNDER after producing this kind of content for years, so…NO…there definitely is NOT a market for this kind of scene.

      • Estelle

        Too bad hot house went under before Christian could buy jimmy durano a chin.

        • Mihcael Davies

          LMAO oh damn!!!

        • sxg

          lol that’s rather harsh, but I still laughed!

  • Alan

    In fairness, Raging Stallion was putting out a number of similarly themed scenes before the merger, so this ‘fetish’ must appeal to some part of their fan base and it’s not surprising Hot House will continue to deliver these kind of scenes as part of the mega-AEBN conglomerate. But there’s a big difference between throwing in one of these kind of scenes now and then for diversity (RSS) and producing nothing but these scenes (HH). Honestly, I pretty much stopped watching any Falcon/RSS/HH content years ago (with the exception of the occasional Ryan Rose scene), so if they want to continue a long slow march towards oblivion, I doubt I’ll notice…

    • sxg

      You’re right Raging Stallion has been doing this for years now. It’s probably that Christian Owen has no original ideas of his own that he decided to go ahead and copy what Raging Stallion has already done years back (Remember Jock Itch 2 & 2 by the sexy daddy Jake Deckard?) and try to create it into some sort of fetish line of movies like he has now done.

      The problem is that Christian Owen has this obsession of putting guys in gear that just do not fit that image. Sean and Johnny definitely a great fit for that line. He’s put guys who are borderline twinks in that gear and it just looks completely off. And I loathe the photoshopping in the pics for Sean and Johnny. Johnny is in his early 30s and that glow that has been added onto him makes him look like he’s some high school jock. Seriously Christian stop twinking everyone up this is why you ruined Hot House and ran it to the ground only to be bought out by someone else.

  • Matt

    i love Sean Zevran! but the shoes and socks are too much, Never seen this redhead, but he could pass for the poor man’s Riley price.

    • sxg

      A poor man’s Riley Price is Riley Price. This guy is not a true redhead, and he’s in a league all his own currently.

      • Matt


  • Bull

    It’d be more tolerable if they didn’t look like they were fresh off the store shelf.

  • sxg

    You see ugly socks and shoes, I see hotass biracial Sean Zevran giving delicious meathead Johnny V the fuck of his lifetime!

    Yes the wardrobe can be distracting, but when it’s between 2 guys as hot as those 2 I hardly ever notice. It’s like that RSS scene with Shay Michaels getting fucked by I believe Race Cooper. It was a colorful as hell scene, but the sex was so amazing that it didn’t distract my eyes at all.

  • pje821

    I find it amusing that the shoes and socks are described as “clunky, ugly and ridiculously distracting.” That is how I feel about tattoos, but they’re not as easy to remove.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Hot House doesnt like to show men feet.Raging Stallion either.90% of Raging Stallion movies have men wearing boots.

    Raging Stallion = Men having sex with boots.

    Hot House = Men having sex with shoes.

    Falcon = Men having sex with socks.

    Men who have foot fetish knows that they cant watch Raging Sallion movies.

    Gay porn have the obsession with men having sex with socks and shoes.In any gay porn movies,3 scenes out of 5 have men having sex with either socks or shoes.

    In most straight porn,men have sex without socks and shoes.

    Johnny is like Marc Dylan,Trenton Ducati and Billy Santoro.Its not surprising he is making a scene with Sean Zevran.He would possibly not mind making a scene with Austin Wilde.

    • robirob

      I always wondered about why in straight porn women tend to wear stilettos while having sex. Does that make them look more feminine or something?

      Guys still wearing clothes while having sex can be sexy in a ‘I am so horny right now I need you this instant!’ where the guys do not want to waste a split second on getting rid of their clothes when it’s not necessary (and they have access to all the body parts that matter in that moment). For me set ups where guys take off their pants (and underwear) and then put their shoes back on take away from the fantasy illusion of horny passion (especially when it’s obvious none of the guys are into feet covered in shoes or socks).

  • Iain Gardener

    I have to agree Zach, here you have two of the hottest men in porn but all I can see are those awful socks, as far as the set perhaps they were trying for a neutral background for the guys, but I find it distracting. I will watch the scene but hope they pair the guys again in a scene which enhances their beauty rather then distracts from it.

  • Hunter of Porn

    It seems like they buy them new shoes as well and they aren’t cheap. Those are probably $120-150/pair. I only say this is because none of them appear to have a single scuff on them.

    Also, if this was me I don’t think I could have sex while in the process of getting several blisters (my feet really get swollen).

  • Mihcael Davies

    Personally I can’t stand the huge colorful sneakers with socks (and without socks looks even worse TBH) But for this scene I will let that slide just because Sean and Johnny are both so fucking hot

  • andrew

    If you are looking at the shoes and socks Johnny V is wearing and the rest of his magnificent muscular body is naked: Give up your gay membership card: You are str8.

  • BlogZilla

    It’s just another overly staged studio scene from HotHouse. It’s what they are famous for