Anyone Care About Another Scene With Guys In Ugly Shoes And Socks?

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Johnny-V-Sean-Zevran-Dirty-Fuckers-Gay-PornLeave it to Hot House to completely draw attention away from two hot guys by putting them in clunky, ugly, and ridiculously distracting shoes and socks. If you like this particular aesthetic, great. If you don’t, sorry. That’s what Hot House is going to keep giving you. This week, it’s Sean Zevran and Johnny V wearing big shoes, bright socks, and colorful armbands while fucking on a box in a gross room.

Thanks in part to piracy, tube sites, and the end of DVDs, old school gay porn studios are dying slow and painful deaths, but in cases like this, they only have themselves to blame. After years of churning out the exact same content—guys in dark rooms getting fucked on boxes while wearing brightly colored clothing and shoes—week after week after week after week, Hot House Entertainment finally ran out of money and was bought out earlier this summer. No matter what color stripes were on those socks, consumers weren’t interested. And now that Hot House Entertainment has been purchased by AEBN, what do the new people in charge do? They retain the same directer and produce more scenes with guys in dark rooms getting fucked on boxes while wearing brightly colored clothing and shoes. Because it worked so well before.

Make sense?


After the same content with the same costumes and the same sets has driven away your customers, cost several employees their jobs, and practically bankrupted your studio, it might be time to try something new. Or, just keep doing the same thing while hoping for a different result…

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