Josh Moore: Ricky Roman Is The Love Of My Life

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ickt6Time to update the gay porn power couple list with a new duo, and this one is the sweetest (not to mention the most drop dead gorgeous) we’ve seen in a long time: Ricky Roman and Josh Moore!

josh3Ricky and Josh met early this year during filming with CockyBoys, and coincidentally, their first scene together released in March was a three-way with Josh’s then fiancé Logan Moore—with Ricky and Josh double-penetrating Logan! (As you’ll recall, Josh and Logan broke up back in April.)


The chemistry between Ricky and Josh during this three-way (which is one of the best of 2017) was off the charts, so it’s not a surprise they’ve found real-life love together now. Josh recently gave an interview to CzechRaw, where he expressed his love for Ricky:

Ricky is the love of my life. We met on set when me and Logan and Ricky filmed a threesome for CockyBoys. Such an amazing scene with such an amazing boy. I’ve never experienced such love like this. He the kindest, most loving person I have ever met. I love him so much!

Ricky Roman and Josh Moore have been spreading the love across all their social media accounts recently (don’t forget to follow Ricky Roman’s new Twitter here, as his previous account was suspended), and these photos come from Josh and Ricky’s Instagrams:

josf3 josh45 log5 sjd4 ckt5 duhie5If you’re stanning Josh and Ricky as much as I obviously am, be sure to follow their accounts: Ricky Roman Twitter, Josh Moore Twitter, Ricky Roman Instagram, Josh Moore Instagram.

And ICYMI, Josh Moore and Ricky Roman did film a duo scene following their three-way, and it was released in July:

[CockyBoys: Josh Moore And Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck]


  • Xzamilloh
  • Jace

    I’ll bookmark this and return for the Twitter meltdown when they break up in 6 months.

    • Vizual Bastard

      6? You’re being too kind!

    • Zachary Sire

      Even if they did break up (which is dumb to even think about), that’s not Ricky or Josh’s style to have a Twitter meltdown. Ricky doesn’t do social media drama like that at all, and both are really great, sincere guys.

    • YandyDandy

      Josh LOVES a twitter meltdown. Look what happened when him and Logan split. Same will happen again this time. Josh will accuse Ricky of all sorts. On another note, Josh and his plastic surgery is going into meltdown . Ricky is a sweet heart I met him once In Vegas. Awful chest tattoo but a cute as fuck face .

      • snail



  • McM.

    This shitshow just absolved Logan Moore of any wrongdoing he may or may not have contributed to the end of his relationship with Josh Moore.



  • WorkBitch

    Nice to see that after Michael Milano, Ricky at least is keeping it in the Cockyboys family.

    • Furqan

      What happen with him and Michael?

  • pje821

    All those hideous tattoos…yuck. As long as they’re happy, my opinion doesn’t matter, but they do nothing for me.

  • nick

    They have no power over me.

  • Phresh

    They found real life LUST, not love. How can they be the love of your life, when youve literally known each other for 7 months, and only been together for 2 or 3 ? Try Hards are annoying.

    Oh Zach, may want to update your list since a lot of your “power” couples, arent even together anymore. Oh and another couple you may want to add is Aston Springs and Jay Alexander.

  • Scrapple

    Ricky…you in danger gurl!

    Seriously though, you’ve found love in a hopeless place. RiRi would be proud.

  • Hari Kalyan

    They’ll be engaged within months and I’m sure Logan Moore will have at least one demand

    • GrownFury

      Yes, Anna Mae!!!

    • Scrapple

      Biiiiiiitccccchhhh, you did that!

  • S .

    Looks like somebody needs a new green card.

    • WorkBitch

      Yeah, I keep wondering how some of these international porn stars / escorts keep spending so much time living and working in the US…

  • Ninja0980

    I can count on one hand porn couples that have actually lasted.
    Call me jaded but I don’t see these two being able to make it so I have to count on two.

  • Devin

    From what I understand Josh proposed to Logan and shortly after dumped Logan with little to no explanation. Be careful Ricky

  • YandyDandy

    It wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his surname to Roman or god forbid a double barrel. Josh – Moore Roman lol.
    You heard it here first. Does Josh still have his sugar daddy btw ?

    • KK

      Yeah pays for his flights to get to America. Brute Club has ALL the tea on this. The daddy barely has a pulse apparently.

      • YandyDandy

        I wouldnt trust Brute club or whatever the fuck he calls himself nowadays, we a used teabag. But I do know Josh Moore / Roman / insert next “bf’s ” surname – his sugar daddy paid for 2 nose jobs, his cheek implants/ fillers etc.

        Good on him in a way, make hay whilst the sun shines, because in a few years time he will be a washed up porn performer with no career and having to rent his ass for a few dollars and working in a shit bar – wondering where it all went wrong. IF Josh had any brains he would be saving his money, selling the gifts his sugar daddy gives him to put money away for his future. But typically these dead beats think they should just live for the moment.

        • KK

          Brute club is still called Brute club. That’s never changed hon. I trust everything he says based on the dirt he pulls out in feuds. It’s like time stamped receipts. Remember the Rizzo one, Rizzo admited it all and it validated every read Brute made.

          • YandyDandy

            Then you are a dickhead HUN !

          • KK

            Not really. Given the choice between Brute or Josh, it’s Brute all the way. I want to be on the winning team. Not into messy queens, not into cosmetic queens. Give me a real man that comes with a dont fuck with me attitude.

            You do you though babes. Also dick head is two words not one. DICK HEAD.

          • YandyDandy

            “Give me a real man” but use Hun, Hon and babes !!!!!! Ok Jan! Winning team …. Yes lets look at Brutes success……………….. yep still waiting……………………… still waiting………………….. still waiting…………….. no cant see any……. failed porn career, failed to crack America… failed personal trainer .. guys become personal trainers because they have FAILED any everything else in life! (oh and before you bring up his wanky award – an award in the porn industry is not something to brag about ! Its hardly a fucking Oscar !)

            I am by no means on “team Josh” whatever wanky school playground bollix you are going on about. But siding with a nobody like Brute says alot more about you than it does me .

  • snail

    shame, as ricky roman is also the love of my life

  • Tim

    Oh purlease gurl. Josh will pull a Logan stunt on poor Ricky, in about 3 months time. Once a ho, always a ho.

  • Marcus Collack

    I hope they make it, and get married, just so this could possibly happen.
    “I knew that Ricky was the one, the moment… his dick met the other dick inside of me. I said I wasn’t going to do this,( wipes one single tear from left eye). While there may have been two people inside of me, there was only 1 who touched my heart…my dear Ricky. He was halfway there then, or at least it felt like it, and he’s all the way there now. I love you babe!
    *Camera Pans to guests*

  • Maximus
  • Spongey

    Will the good stuff be on their “onlyfans” page?

  • Furqan

    Anyone can tell me what happen with Ricky Roman and Michael Milano? I love Michael so much… So sad he didn’t do porn anymore after 2 scene with Ricky Roman inside… Anyone know the story?

  • Parker Lewis
  • Spencer87

    I like Ricky,but this fucking Josh seems like an opportunist and hes not even attractive.

  • 6Kahlua

    Things to remember:
    1. Josh who?
    2. A nasty boy will always be a nasty boy.
    3. Poor Rio
    4. JoLo isn’t pretty, Isn’t inice, just always sliding along on someone else’s coat trails.

  • KK

    I really hope Jake Jaxon is seeing these comments. Josh Moore is known all over the porn indistry to be a really nasty opportunist. He has no popularity with the audience because the truth is so loud about him. Plus we just don’t like watching guys who have had loads of surgery. If you’ve seen what josh looked like before he wouldn’t even have a porn career.

    There’s actually been a huge fued between him and Logan/Brute club over the past year and Brute has obviously destroyed him with his world reads. Logan who really is famously known for being a good guy was essentially defrauded by this gold digging opportunist bi polar mess. Was it covered once in this blog? No, obviously because Zach has a liking for josh and it would have led to Josh getting the comments we see here and Brute Club getting praise like on the Rizzo feud.

    My genuine advice to Zach would be to take a step away from Josh, he’ll turn soon. When the cockyboys shoots stop because they will he’ll get despaerste for attention and use Zach to blow up “feuds”. This thing with Ricky will not last, Josh Riders gonna needed a green card… probably his motivation. He needs America for work because Europe won’t hire him.

  • Hanle

    What I don’t understand is how can this be the love of his life if he sends messages to his ex saying “I still miss you you know” while his so called love is away on work

  • Addy
  • Addy

    There really is something quite repellent about Josh Rider Moore Roman, etc. His vacuous, venal, desperate attention-seeking whore routine puts me in mind of Tate Ryder.

    Some Josh Rider Moore Roman highlights that single him out as a particularly absurd piece of shit:

    1. All that fucking cosmetic work. Seriously dude, give it a fucking rest. It’s at the point now where you look like you’re made of wax. Not at all attractive and so very obvious. And that pout. Seriously, you’re in your late 20s and you affect an expression in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SHOT that would embarrass my 13-year-old niece.

    2. His pious ramblings about bareback studios not doing enough to protect the health of actors, at the same time as he took multiple loads up his distended pussy in his capacity as an “escort” (read hooker).

    3. The sugar-daddy thing – so eager is Joshy to fund his parasitic lifestyle that there is no rich man’s cock too disgusting or wrinkly for him to take.

    4. That love of the ages bullshit involving poor Logan Moore (who, incidentally, is so much better than Josh and dodged quite a lethal bullet). In love truly madly deeply after a relationship of about 7 minutes, then engaged, then dumped and then with the next love of your life. Who happens to be the dude you DP’d your fiancé with; classy!

    5. The fucking hair. What’s that all about? It’s like he’s cracked a window in time back to 1989 and stolen the style.

    From the tone of the messages here, seems I’m not the only one who finds Josh Rider Moore Roman quite the revolting cretin.