Justin Matthews Fucks Calvin Banks So Good, His Eyes Roll Back In His Head

Posted March 17, 2017 by with 11 comments

dg1a0839Justin Matthews is mostly known for being a very special “friend” of extorted Republican millionaire Donald Burns (not to mention David Geffen!), but maybe now he’ll best be remembered as the CockyBoys powertop who slammed Calvin Banks so good, his eyes rolled back in his head?

This is a sign of a good fuck:


Calvin Banks is making his second CockyBoys appearance today, but he’s strictly the bottom this time around, once again proving that the big-dicked, versatile performer does everything well.

dg1a0664 dg1a0692 dg1a0745 dg1a0746 dg1a0774 dg1a0777 dg1a0812 copy dg1a0825 copyTrailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Justin Matthews Fucks Calvin Banks]


  • Marik Ishtar

    I thought the “I’m only going to dye the top of my hair blonde” look was left behind in the 90’s, unfortunately I was wrong.

    • Green4clover

      Some people’s hair turns blonde as it grows longer and having had more exposure to sunlight. The brown hair spots are much shorter in lenght.

    • Maximus

      Indeed. There are no Beckies in this scene.

  • Jace

    One of Uncle Don’s better purchases, no doubt.

  • Paul J

    Yes, agreed. That is one sign of a good fuck. Whereas boredom, flaccid dick and grimacing, so common in gay for pay porn, are not

  • Alesx

    The video is hot but somehow recent CB scenes got weird edits and audio problems. This one in particular the audio quality is so distracting..

  • Dale Bergman

    Calvin Banks was possessed by Pazuzu during the filming of this scene.


  • WyattTF

    Has Justin ever bottomed?

    • Dulcis Memoria

      Yes. For Tayte Hanson and Alec Mecum.

      • WyattTF


  • DaveAtom

    Both are hot af!