WATCH: Kane Fox Jackhammers Leo Grand’s Ass

Posted May 19, 2022 by with 6 comments

I’ve been waiting forever to see this (I thought they might have a scene together in last year’s Game On, but no suck luck), and today it’s finally here: Kane Fox is fucking Leo Grand.

kanel3It’s not just the fucking that makes this duo so good (although, it is admittedly fantastic). Their sucking, rimming, and even sexually charged arm wrestling is insanely hot, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so much natural chemistry between two performers, whose powertopping/bottoming skills are the perfect match. In fact, as you’ll see in the video, it feels like Kane and Leo have been wanting to fuck even longer than I’ve been wanting to see them fuck. Watch the trailer down below:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Kane Fox Fucks Leo Grand Bareback]

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