POLL: When, If Ever, Will BelAmi Release The Final Kris Evans Update?

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bel ami kris evans gayBodybuilder, gay porn star, and actual God Kris Evans retired from BelAmi back in 2016. The good news is, over three years later, the studio is still releasing previously unseen Kris Evans content, some of which has been stored in the BelAmi vault for over a decade. Will BelAmi ever run out of previously unreleased photos and videos of the retired star? Cast your vote in the poll below, but first, a quick reminder of Kris Evans content that BelAmi has released after his retirement in 2016:

kris-evans-bel-ami-3In March of 2017, BelAmi released a Kris Evans photo shoot video and image gallery where he walked around with a giant net.



This same photo shoot also featured Zac DeHaan, who joined Kris for a jerk off session:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans And Zac DeHaan]

Then, in April of 2017, “Loving Kris” month concluded with what I (foolishly) thought would be the final Kris Evans scene. It was a three-way with Julian Hussey and Zac DeHaan:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan, And Julien Hussey]

Surprise: In September of 2017, BelAmi released a “Loving Kris” bonus scene, with Kris being worshiped by Roald Ekberg:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Barebacks and Creampies Roald Ekberg]

Then, just a couple months later, in December of 2017, BelAmi released a scene with the retired star fucking Jon Kael bareback:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Jon Kael Bareback]

2018 was full of even more Kris Evans scenes, including one where Raphael Nyon came all over his face:


[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Raphael Nyon Bareback]

And then there was one in which Kris Evans came all over Nino Valens’ face:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Nino Valens Bareback]

Kris Evans fucked Christian Lundgren bareback in June of 2018:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Christian Lundgren Bareback]

And then, there was Kris Evans’ photo shoot gallery and video with Rhys Jagger, in September of 2018:

003-4[BelAmi: Kris Evans And Rhys Jagger]

Basically, Kris Evans has had more scenes released as a retiree than a lot of gay porn stars who are currently active and filming. In late 2018, he came all overĀ Jeroen Mondrian’s hole:


[BelAmi: Kris Evans Fucks Jeroen Mondrian Bareback]

But wait, there’s more! To close out 2018, Kris came all over himself in a photo shoot video:


In 2019, there hasn’t been quite as much Kris Evans content, but there’s been just enough to keep fans satiated. In July, Kris was in what I still think is the best solo video of 2019:


Then, last month, he was in another photo shoot video, and at the end of it, Kris shot one of his signature cum geysers. This one blasted so far, Kris actually came inside his own mouth:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans Photo Shoot]

It took me so long to go back and review all these releases, I almost forgot I was doing a poll in this post, so here it is: Will BelAmi ever run out of Kris Evans content, and if so, when?

Finally (for now!), Kris Evans is in yet another Art Collection photo gallery released today (this one looks to have been done at least seven or eight years ago?), and here are a few of the images:

kris evans bel ami kris evans bel ami kris evans bel ami kris evans bel ami[BelAmi: Kris Evans Complete Filmography]

ICYMI and just for fun, a clip from Kris Evans’ bareback bottoming debut in 2014, in which he was fucked raw by Adam Archuleta and Jean-Daniel:

[BelAmi: Kris Evans, Adam Archuleta, And Jean-Daniel]

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