Who Is 2015’s Twink Supreme: Kyle Ross Or Andy Taylor?

Posted April 1, 2015 by with 8 comments

kyle andy

After 10 contestants, weeks of campaigning, two semi-finalists, and nearly 60,000 votes cast, it all comes down to one choice in the ultimate twink showdown: Kyle Ross (above, left) or Andy Taylor (above, right). One of these gay porn stars will be named TWINK SUPREME of all Helix Studios twinks, and it’s up to you to pick the winner. Make your selection in the poll below.

Is it Andy Taylor, the seductive and accomplished powerbottom twink known for his multiple cum shots and impressive cock-riding skills?

tumblr_mxkblikKDA1rw3pgqo1_400[Helix Studios: Andy Taylor]

Or is it Kyle Ross, the cum-guzzling powerbottom who never met a monster cock he didn’t love?

7tumblr_nfzcxdQWlI1qhhzvyo7_500[Helix Studios: Kyle Ross]

Like past polls, this one is open to MULTIPLE votes, so if you’re a true fan, you’ll vote for your favorite as many times as possible. Or, if you can’t choose between them, feel free to cast votes for both boys. Voting closes this Saturday at 11:59 p.m., at which time a winner will be determined and the TWINK SUPREME will finally be revealed. Good luck to Andy Taylor and Kyle Ross!

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