Should Landon Mycles Become The Next Exclusive?

Posted October 4, 2015 by with 27 comments

0009’s “Next Exclusive” contest is in full swing now (ICYMI, details here), and the first of three scenes to help you pick a winner has been released today. Obviously, it’s with powerbottom Landon Mycles (a.k.a. Marcus Mojo), and thank god he’s bottoming, unlike what he did in his previous scene. His top is Jimmy Fanz.

0020 0023Should Landon Mycles become the next exclusive? It’s entirely up to you. Vote in the poll below, and/or post a tweet with the hashtag of your preferred performer (#teamLandon, #teamAlex, #teamDiego). Voting runs through November 30th.


Trailer for today’s Landon Mycles scene (watch in full here):

[ Jimmy Fanz Fucks Marcus Mojo]

  • Xzamilloh

    I like Landon (AKA Marcus Mojo), I like Diego Sans, and I have no idea who the other guy is, so I vote the other guy. Sorry.

  • marcuz86

    I like Diego Sans, but I prefer him comes back to Randy Blue.

  • sxg

    lol @ powerbottom. A power bottom implies that he does more than just lay there like a fucking corpse. Landon/Marcus has about as much enthusiasm bottoming as the orange FUPA king.

    • John

      Yeah! He just proposed to his girlfriend in front of 80 school kids. There wasn’t s dry eye in the hall.

    • John

      Soon to be married.

  • Plainview8

    What really confuses me is when did Diego Sans become a top only. For me, he serves better as the bottom position. He was an excellent bottom at Randy Blue.

    • sxg

      He did great as both, but he really is way better as a top. And also he doesn’t like to bottom. I’ve spoken to a couple of his scene partners and they certainly said they had a hard time topping him because he was pretty fussy about bottoming, but they manage to get the scene done and the end result looks great.

      • Did Diego even bottom that much? I have the impresson he didn’t, I remember his scenes with Sean Zevran and Malachi. I like him better as a top too and also read somewhere an interview whe he said he didn’t like to bottom.

        • sxg

          He bottomed about 8 times. He’s been in the middle of a sandwich at least 2 times, maybe even 3 lol

          • That’s a very loew figure. I don’t understand why some seem obsessed that he should only bottom. He was good as far as I can remember but he is a way better top. To each their own but I don’t see him bottoming anytime soon especially if he gets that deal with Men.

          • sxg

            8 times out of 24/25 non-solo scenes? I’d say that’s not too low.

          • Right. I keep forgetting he’s not been in that many scenes, he’s just been in the business for quite a while.

  • FieldMedic

    hashtag? really?? I prefer Landon, but I’m not going to play for teams, lol.

  • Alan Keddie

    Fuck all three. It’s ALL about the Fanz!

  • Maximus

    ……Gurl looks a mess. He comes across as a likeable guy, but that’s only part of the equation in this business. It wasn’t too long ago that porn models had to look like statues of Greek gods come to life if they wanted to get work. Nowadays many studios seem to have replaced those standards with this slogan:

  • Marcus já esta passado! #TeamDiego

  • Mark-E-Mark

    How many exclusives does one studio have? Why is there never an OTHER or Write In Option?

  • Zealot

    I don’t know if our vote counts for much. will choose the straightest, most homophobic of the three. When you guess which one comes closest to that description…you’ve got your winner. In case of a tie, most criminal arrests and racist tweets will be the tie-breakers.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      I am learning so much. And all that you said just now seems to be true. Looking back on the companies hiring practices. Now we just have to figure how to get the consumer to say NO! I don’t want to see a domestic abuser, a drug addict, a pedophile. Gay’s aren’t really making any strides if this is who they want to see in porn. It;s almost 2016, not 1974. Get some decency. (HAHA @Myself what am I thinking?)

    • Maximus

      That assessment is so…accurate. Guess that means Mycles is the shoo-in since Mecum and Sans are both gay, right? *sigh* You’d think that gay porn would be the one form of entertainment media in which gay men would never be without representation, but no.

      • Ceecee

        Isn’t Mycles bi? I thought that was what he said in some of his interviews.

        • Maximus

          I remember hearing the same thing, but that still makes him the “straightest” of the three if Mecum and Sans both identify as gay.

  • dvlaries

    Actually, I think Sans is the most handsome, as long as that man bun never returns(!), but if he won’t bottom, uh-uh. We had a year’s worth of Jarec Wentworth wouldn’t either, leaving all his bottoming behind at Cody, and I don’t need more of that shit from the eventual ‘winner.’ I tossed a coin; Mecum won with tails.

  • Myko

    Who cares ?
    He becomes an exclusive at men – whoop-dee-doo that means we get crap scenes with terrible scene pairings and a lackluster performance.
    I would say whoever “wins’ this , is getting the booby prize !

  • DEE

    if he keeps the chest hair, yes

  • Bradster

    Do people really care about this? It’s MEN. They can make sex with even the hottest men asexual and boring. And whoever “wins” this is pretty much guaranteed to appear in a video with Johnny Rapid. I’ll pass.

  • Luca

    Jimmy Fanz is such a great bottom, it’s a pity seeing him top!
    I demand at least a flipflop!