And The Award For Best Use Of A Mirrored Wall In A Gay Porn Scene Goes To: Helix’s Luke Wilder And Marcell Tykes

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Luke-Wilder-and-Marcell-Tykes-011The 2018 Str8UpGayPorn Awards don’t have a category for Best Set Design (or Best Duo Fucking In Front Of A Mirror?), but after today’s Helix’s update, we might have to add the category at the 2019 ceremony.

Luke-Wilder-and-Marcell-Tykes-007 Luke-Wilder-and-Marcell-Tykes-019 Luke-Wilder-and-Marcell-Tykes-021Luke Wilder and Marcell Tykes would look good in any scenario or position, but watching them fuck up against the mirrored wall gives us one of the greatest gay porn visuals of the year.


Luke’s body is somehow even more ripped and more hot than the last time we saw it, and juxtaposed with Marcell’s tight and toned frame, this is the perfect duo.

Luke-Wilder-and-Marcell-Tykes-025Luke fucks the cum out of Marcell today, and then he shoots his own explosive load all over him, squirting all the way up to Marcell’s face for a full body hose-down. Fuck:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Luke Wilder Fucks Marcell Tykes]

  • B.C.

    Have to disagree. Colby Keller fucking Carter Dane is an iconic mirror scene. These two are miles behind. Anyway, this year is all about fucking in front of big windows.

  • Luke

    I was hyped for this scene. Luke and Marcell are hot af and together they look amazing. The scene starts well, with some sensual kissing and grinding and Luke playing with Marcells butt over and under his briefs. But once the clothes are off and the fucking starts it loses all sensuality and intensity. A by-the-numbers sex scene

  • J.D. Fitzgerald13

    Oh my god, i dreamed i would see a scene like this. So hot.

  • luke hart

    What is it about Helix stars like Luke, Angel and Corey, who are all sexy/gorgeous af but for whatever reason lack engagement and passion?

  • RBLover

    meh, white guy doesn’t quite fit in with the baby-faced aesthetic of Helix Studios but his dick looks nice at least

    • FeydRautha

      Didn’t you get the memo?
      8teenboy is for the chickenhawks looking for jailbait. Helix is for the girls who diddle themselves over yaoi. 😂

      • c_find

        You are soo on point hehe

  • peter

    These guys are both so beautiful it’d be a pleasure to watch them just walking around naked

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    I wish Luke had scenes out every week. He’s one of the hottest models ever. Dayum

    • emercycrite


  • Izzy

    The complete contrast of these two guys is so hott. Definitely a Toot.

  • Alexz

    I remember a few months ago when Luke first appeared on Helix. I hoped he would turn out to at least be a hot performer but each of his scenes has been, luke, no pun intended. Maybe he’d make a better bottom.

  • pilot101

    Poor Luke Wilder…

  • Alena Conte

    I really like Marcelle, and I am glad he is getting more scenes. Looking forward to Helix having more diversity, not just light skinned Latin guys. Luke is a guy I respect personally, but his scenes always seem so dispassionate. I hope he can mix it up soon.

  • realitytvIV

    The bottom looks like Coco Montrese.

  • Drew Kingston

    2 beautiful guys but watching Marcell’s soft dick, Luke treatment didn’t arouse him.

  • emercycrite

    Marcell looks like a woman.

  • Miles Morales

    Didn’t like the scene. Glad for the diversity, can we get some other black twinks though?