Makes Headlines For “Culturally Offensive” Scene Featuring Didgeridoo

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11Earlier this month, released “Didgeridoo Me,” a scene in which gay porn star Aspen is awoken by the sounds of Jack Hunter playing a didgeridoo. In response, an angered Aspen fucks Jack Hunter’s butt with the didgeridoo, as you might have seen when I originally covered this release:


Over the last few days, several mainstream news outlets have observed social media users reacting negatively to the scene, as using the didgeridoo to fuck someone has been labeled “racist,” as well as “incredibly disrespectful to the Australian Aboriginal communities.”

The first report came from Australia’s Star Observer:

U.S. gay porn studio has caused anger and confusion after releasing a scene entitled ‘Didgeridoo Me’. The scene stars two white performers, one of whom is seen playing a plastic didgeridoo. This wakes the other man up, who walks into the room and appears to use the didgeridoo to penetrate the other performer. Users on social media have responded to the scene with a mixture of anger and disbelief.

“Wow, porn actually managed to cross a line – incredibly disrespectful to the Australian Aboriginal communities,” one user wrote.

The didgeridoo is one of the most recognisable symbols of Aboriginal Australian culture and is often considered to be the world’s oldest musical instrument, having been used in storytelling and ceremonies for an estimated 40,000 years.

Yesterday, right wing news site The Daily Caller covered the scene, and today, The Daily Mail (of course) weighed in, too:


A gay porn studio has sparked a furious backlash over a film that shows a man performing a sex act using a didgeridoo.

The explicit movie has been branded ‘racist’ and ‘incredibly disrespectful to the Australian aboriginal community’ for its portrayal of the wind instrument as a sex toy.

The adult film – titled ‘Didgeridoo Me’ – shows a sleeping man being woken up by his partner loudly playing the long pipe.

Yesterday, Cosmopolitan covered the scene as well:
coscomCasual Reminder Not To Use Spiritual Instruments as Dildos in Porn

Native Australians are rightfully furious over this

There are lots of items that, in a pinch, can be used as a dildo. The list of phallic items that can conceivably and appropriately be used as a sex toy is probably longer than the list of phallic things that should never be. Yet a porn studio managed to cross a line and use a spiritual instrument in a recent trailer for a new video.’s trailer for a new gay porn video, which is obviously extremely NSFW, shows an actor using a didgeridoo — a sacred instrument to native Australians — on his partner. The little flick is called “Didgeridoo Me,” just in case the viewer is at all unclear about the instrument being used for, um, a very alternative purpose in the video.

Cosmopolitan goes on to explain why, specifically, use of the didgeridoo is being seen as offensive:

To give a bit of context as to why people might be angry about the didgeridoo’s cameo in a porn video, the Observer also mentions that it’s one of the world’s oldest instruments, and is one of the most recognizable symbols of Aboriginal Australian culture. Making matters worse is the fact that the two actors in the porn video who make use of the didgeridoo are white men — Aborigines have long been the subjects of genocide and land theft at the hand of white colonists in Australia. But the trailer on gives no mention of the didgeridoo’s deep-rooted cultural symbolism.

In fairness to, I doubt anyone on set had an understanding of the instrument’s significance to Aboriginal Australian culture (although, someone should have had that understanding, if they were going to film a sex scene with it), or that it would be considered offensive. (When I first saw the scene, I had no knowledge of the didgeridoo’s spiritual symbolism, and just considered it to be yet another phallic object in gay porn being used as a sex toy.) And, having covered so many instances of real and deliberate racism in the gay porn industry, I definitely don’t believe this was an intentional display of racism, just because the two actors are white. But, this is a reminder for all gay porn studios to double check your content, consider the full and potential implications of what you’re filming, and to fully vet your sex toys. When in doubt, just fuck people with traffic cones, baseball bats, or dildos. Or, better yet, just use plain old dicks.

  • Xzamilloh

    Nope. Sorry… but religion and spirituality aren’t these off-limits things, and such thinking is dangerous and leads to the shutdown of criticism of bad ideas and ideologies. Furthermore, I would LOVE to see the Aborigines that were offended by this. Comedy is one thing, but goddamn it, I refuse to surrender to political correctness when I’m beating my dick, especially with the acceptable shit that these whiny bitches seem to have NO problem with, like the lack of actors of color with MEN. No, let’s virtue signal and make ourselves feel better because two consenting adults used commercially sold “spiritual item”… I’m sorry, but if the bible, and koran, and Torah, and didgeridoos are so sacred and spiritual, give them to the world for free. I’m not even white, and have never even fucked a white man (Not that I wouldn’t, I just haven’t), but for [insert god here]’s sake, everything that isn’t palatable for your tastes isn’t racist. PLEASE stop diluting the impact of racism by just casually throwing that word around to suit whatever microaggression bullshit you feel is triggering you. If you are Aboriginal and find it offensive, I cannot take that away from you, but maybe you should also consider that porn isn’t exactly the industry that focus on social awareness or being “woke.”

    All the Christian related porn genres out there, and a didgeridoo is where these bitches draw the line? I bet they don’t care about the gay Mormons who hate that Gay Mormon porn series with the Elders and that stupid shit. If you pay for it, it’s yours to do with whatever you want, so you can stick it up your ass… point. blank. period

    • FieldMedic

      If you don’t have the right to mock, ridicule or parody religion then you have no rights at all.

    • Dazzer

      I’m not disagreeing with anything you said here, but I just want to add that the didgeridoo in question was/is a cheap tourist knock-off.

      That’s not what a real didgeridoo looks like (it’s varnished and painted rather than carved).

      These fuckwits are bitching about something that isn’t even a real didgeridoo.

    • WhimsyCotton

      But the gay Mormon one is actually kind of hot in a dark, twisted way…

    • musluvr

      Well said. How about all the offensive things that religion teaches? In Russia, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, and Iran, as examples, gay people are currently being persecuted, beaten up, tortured, thrown from rooftops, etc., all because their cultures and religions consider being gay a sin. And these people are upset just because a musical instrument, spiritual or not, is being used to give pleasure? Get me one and I’ll shove it up their asses.

    • Andre Leneal

      So it’s okay to disrespect the cultural group you don’t know because you’re okay with disrespecting the ones you do know? That’s like White Folks throwing Black Face Parties and screaming it’s okay because they didn’t mean anything about it. Particularly in America, there’s a sense that anything that pertains to White People is up for parody so other people’s cultures should be as well. And everyone doesn’t find their own culture laughable. It’s shitty and insensitive. And microagressions are the gateway to aggressions; you have to address them as they arise. There was nothing micro about this. There was also probably nothing intentional. That doesn’t make it harmless though.

      • Xzamilloh

        “So it’s okay to disrespect the cultural group you don’t know because you’re okay with disrespecting the ones you do know?”

        Yup. Every group is off limits or no group is off limits. You don’t get to arbitrarily choose who can be mocked and who cannot be mocked.

        ” Particularly in America, there’s a sense that anything that pertains to White People is up for parody so other people’s cultures should be as well.”

        YES!!! It should be that way. White people aren’t better than us, so why should white people be the only group allowed to be mocked? We are not these delicate little flowers that need protecting from jokes or mocking, and my black ass will NEVER subscribe to such thinking. You think certain white groups find their culture laughable? Nope… you think I find every black joke funny? Nope… but I would rather live in a society where my feelings get miffed than a society where free speech or free expression is suppressed. And NO, I’m not talking about inciting to violence or harming someone. Jack Hunter being fucked with a didgeridoo only stands to literally hurt Jack Hunter. Everyone else will be alright

        • Andre Leneal

          Actually the point I made is that White People – happy to self-parody – don’t get to be the arbiters of what cultures can be satirized. Again, Blackface Parties. Essentially, White Folks feel like everything can be made fun of because they make fun of everything that’s theirs. But we see time and again that POC perceive their shit as sacred, frequently because it’s what got us through oppression.

          “YES!!! It should be that way. White people aren’t better than us, so why should white people be the only group allowed to be mocked?”
          I have no idea where this assertion of mockery addressing the superior came from but generally people perceived as inferior receive unjust defamation.

          Free speech? We can all say – as wrong as we want to be – anything we want. But there are consequences for saying what we want to say. Free speech means that the government cannot persecute a person for espousing their opinions.

          You don’t laugh at every Black Joke? It’s totally within an Aboriginal’s rights not to find this porn funny.

          • Xzamilloh

            If you can read, I already said that the Aborigines have every right to be offended… but that means nothing in the long run. You can’t change the way someone feels, and you can’t control what others do. Blackface parties? So what? Do you know that there are blackface parties going on right now? Do you know that somewhere right now, a white person is N-wording it up, calling us porch monkeys and coons? Now, what am I supposed to do about that? Be offended? Cry about it? Should I lobby for race play porn to be shut down? Stereotypical porn that portrays black men as thugs?

            I’m so sorry, but I simply do not care about a didgeridoo being used to fuck someone else. I can acknowledge that it offends some, but that means nothing to me.

          • Andre Leneal

            You CAN be offended and have every right to CALL OUT offensive behavior. Every single time.

            I lobby for race play porn to be shut down! And we can discuss the assumptions made about Black Bodies during sec, of course, on all sides.

            That line of examination and/or crossing is for whom though? I can guarantee that there’s no critical thought placed into mainstream porn production.

            Personally, the way that Black Men are depicted in porn teaches NBPOC and White Men how to deal with us in ways that are unspecific and limiting because it teaches people without access to us how to handle us and, as much as we like to deny it, Gay Men have always learned the most about sex from Gay Porn.

            Then last word? You must live in LA. No one can challenge your opinion without you feeling insulted or needing to insult someone? Life must be real hard.

  • TheThom

    Also, the scene was terrible.

  • Paul J

    For the benefit of our American friends, the Daily Mail is a horrible, right wing tabloid British newspaper which is rightly condemned for hatemongering. It’s no friend to “cultural sensitivities” or the LGBT+ community.

    • nick

      I was going to post “It’s the Daily Mail”.
      The comments section is often like going back in time, you can’t believe people in the UK in the 21st Century think like that, but they do, it’s one of the reasons I left to come to Canada, the UK has become a very unpleasant place to live.

      • Paul J

        Like a lot of countries, the UK is divided. There are a lot of people who if they ran out of toilet paper, wouldn’t even use the Daily Mail as that.

        • nick

          I just felt that in the last 10 years the UK has become a much more right wing country, the main cause, which is constantly blamed, is immigration, even really liberal people can be wiped into a frenzy by reporting (if making shit up is actually reporting) on immigrants getting million dollar mansions in London and all the champagne they can drink, the Daily Mail is the worse culprit for that kind of scaremongering and shit-stirring.
          Brexit practically gave people permission to become openly racist/xenophobic in the streets, the number of attacks on non-white, non-English people increased a lot, that’s not a place I want to call home.

          • Paul J

            It can seem like that sometimes and I’m certainly not going to disagree that the Daily Mail is the worst culprit for scaremongering or that racist attacks increased after Brexit. But UKIP seems to be in meltdown in the election, so there is some hope!

          • nick

            The only good thing about UKIP is that they can’t get their shit together sufficiently to win anything, if they could the country would be in trouble.

  • kireb

    it seems like there are some Australian people with didgeridoos up their asses.

  • Ed Woody

    “playing the long pipe”


  • Eros1405

    I’m sorry but as a black who had to deal with years of the gay porn industry referring to me as a thug, please excuse my “Anderson Cooper” eye roll!

    • Andre Leneal

      So what we experience is wrong so other cultural insensitivities are permissible?

  • FieldMedic

    Australians care about the Aborigines? Humph, learn something new everyday…

    • McM.

      That part surprised me as well. The Australian government – country as a whole, and local – have little use for the people indigenous to the land, and have policies reflecting that as far as socially acceptable.

      I see the uproar, especially from the Daily Mail, as yet another excuse to demonize homosexuality. I bet everyone complaining has never considered the history and ongoing plight of the Aboriginals until they were made aware of the scene.

    • Andre Leneal

      That’s the real question. Or at least one of them.

  • czer

    Perhaps Men should have used a crucifix instead. It’s more socially acceptable to offend Christians, particularly the Roman Catholic religion.

    • McM.

      Yep. Considering the dogmas of Roman Catholic and other christian denominations are wreaking havoc in developing regions, all while asserting a moral authority and projecting an image of purity, I really don’t care what people do with the rites and imageries of Abrahamic religions. Within the past decade policies of the Catholic church prohibiting contraceptives/condoms – under both Benedict and Francis – have contributed to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and South America, and the pacific islands.

      Porn probably doesn’t use a lot of christian imagery because it’s rather boring at this point.

  • Jason

    Anything that is sold in airport giftshops is dildo potential.

    • nick

      I have a model Eiffel Tower that can confirm your theory.

  • DPS

    That is kinda insensitive but if they ever do that with my Alphorn, there will be HELL to pay!

  • Paul J

    Fascinating. I don’t live anywhere near London, but even I have heard about many tabloid journalists and executives snorting cocaine like it’s going out of fashion, whilst filling their papers with articles condemning drug taking and doing hatchet jobs on celebrities unlucky enough to be caught out. The hypocrisy of the British tabloids knows no bounds.

  • sanfv

    While this is most certainly the doing of script writer who isn’t well read, I’m surprised this got so much traction but your article about Racism ( Cameron Diggs and industry one) didn’t get as much exposure as I thought it deserved.

  • sxg

    Oh no all those white Australians, and other whites, around the world living on stolen land are pressed, shook, insert other slang terms for anger/bothered here over what goes on in a gay porn film!

    Is there an actual source with actual aborigines that have seen, or are aware of this film that are genuinely offended, or is it just white folks being SJWs and speaking out for them when no one asked them to?

  • Eric

    Give me a fucking break…

  • WhimsyCotton

    I’m still waiting for BelAmi to release a full blown Christian seminary movie in the style of MormonBoyz. These spiritual instruments lack the depth to peak my interest.

  • gaysiantwink

    lmao why the fuck do we care what white people have to say about cultural appropriation?

  • GuruMike

    I guess that was a didgeri-don’t.

  • peter

    Any pole-like object is fair game for an improvised dildo, ‘native peoples’ sacred object’ notwithstanding! Most of these fetish objects take their shape because they’re fertility cult phallic signifiers to begin with .

    While I haven’t seen them, I’m sure Bel Ami employed all sorts of Catholic items in their latest ‘Vatican’ series. But it’s somehow PC, provided the items being profaned are from an established Western religion?

  • peter

    The real politically incorrect story of the week is that Porter has once again reared his ugly racist head on Sean Cody! Talk about someone who needs to be on the receiving end of some deep didgeridoo! Actually, shove the thing down his throat!

  • Maximus

    “Racism” refers to a structure of inequality in which one race is dominant due to its supposed superiority, or it refers to racial prejudice. Racial prejudice is a form of stereotyping whereby certain negative characteristics are attributed to an individual based solely upon that individual’s belonging to a particular racial group. Racial discrimination is the social rejection that results from racial prejudice.

    Considering those definitions, in what way is it racist to use a didgeridoo as a sex toy in a gay porn scene? Even calling it “culturally insensitive” assumes that there is something negative or improper about sex, porn, and/or homosexuality.

    This outrage sounds like prudish sex-shaming and/or homophobia to me.

  • NakedTruthTN
  • lordgabux

    Never heard of people throwing a tantrum when people put crucifixes in their holes…
    In Santeria we use maracas to call our deities and I will not be traumatize if I see someone sticking a maraca up their ass. I wouldn’t do it but if someone else does, what is it to me?
    Do you really think deities are paying that much attention to what people do with their bodies? humans are the ones being ridiculous.

  • John

    wow tough choice for the right wing newspaper….do they side with gays sticking things up their asses or black Australians?