Resurrects Heterosexual Rocco Reed For “Gay Pride” Video

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Like herpes and the Bush family, gay-for-pay butterball Rocco Reed will never go away. And, we have to thank for keeping him and his Cheeto-dusted fupa around all these years. Today, they’ve trotted Rocco Reed out yet again, this time in a promo video about gay pride, which is supposed to make the studio look gay-friendly, but instead plays like a who’s who of straight men who starred in scenes where they were coerced into fucking their girlfriends’ brothers/stepsons/dads, etc.

Because nothing says “gay pride” like a video featuring Rocco Reed, Paddy O’Brian, and Johnny Rapid!

All that’s missing is a clip from one of Sebastian Young’s homophobic scenes.


As trolled as I feel after watching the video, maybe it’s actually’s way of throwing some serious shade on Rocco Reed? Remember, in his “retirement” announcement, the orange noodle dick went out of his way to remind everyone of how straight he was:

“I would like to state that my time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end…I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer.”

Rocco Reed seeing old footage of himself in a gay pride video has to sting. So if this was deliberate shade, bravo,


  • NG212

    “Like herpes and the Bush family, gay-for-pay butterball Rocco Reed will never go away.”

    You’re so inspired when you hate someone. I love every line.

    • DPS

      Very much so!

    • MimiB

      Inspired??? Meh…. Just plain bitchy…

  • sxg

    I really think this is all about shade-throwing. And I don’t know, but I have a feeling that it was Marc Macnamara who suggested it!

    • dickhead

      clueless and delusional as always

  • andrew

    “Gay Pride” isn’t about gay porn of any kind. It is about celebrating the diversity and many accomplishments of LGBT people. It is a way of celebrating the cause for the advancement of human rights and civil rights for all LGBT people.

    • Mihcael Davies

      key words: LGBT people

      • n24rc

        If you think about it, any g4p porn performer who shows up at pride is embarrassing, as they are the total antithesis of gay identity and sexual freedom. They are impoverished straight men, who choose to prostitute themselves for quick cash.

        • Mihcael Davies

          Speak on it!!

        • McM.

          They profit off of the thing that gets us persecuted.

          Further, because g4p men are straight that privilege allows them to engage with little consequence. Porn is treated as a vocation, by them and society. Once these performers leave the studio, they are able to immediately shed or explain away any stigma associated with homosexuality.

        • andrew

          As much as I like watching gay, gay4pay and guys who are who knows where on the Kinsey Scale, having hot guy/guy sex, I don’t think Pride Parades and Festivals are the place to celebrate our freedom to watch porn. Pride Events should be about spotlighting our more important goals and achievements.

    • robirob

      Some may argue the “we are queer, we are here, get used to it” pride includes the accomplishment of being unapologetic about having sex with the same gender which is expressed in pretty much most of gay porn.

  • DPS

    If you don’t walk away from this “Pride” video feeling creepy crawly and totally insulted than you might be dead. Message is good, kill the messenger!

  • GN


    • WhimsyCotton

      We’re all originally Black. Some of us are just a little more diluted than others.

      • GN

        Reminds me of that scene in “J. Edgar” where Leo Dicaprio was playing J Edgar Hoover, who posed as a Black person on the telephone in order to dig dirt on the civil rights movement. Hoover’s secretary in the movie sarcastically chides him, “Ooh so you’re a negro, now?”

  • SaintMike

    oh god -I lasted 30 seconds

  • Zealot

    OK class….raise your hand if you can spell hypocrisy.

  • Myko

    I knew there was a good reason why I would never sign up for men. ruining gay porn since [enter any date you want here]

    • Colorful Kent

      Men exploits PRIDE like it exploits straight guys. They don’t give a shit about the gay community, just making money off it.

      • James

        Pretty sure they have at least one gay director and most of their performers are G4P but they do have a few token gays. They like any Porn company are in it for money, gay or straight owned it’s a business simple as that.

  • n24rc

    Say what you will about Rocco – he bottomed. Unlike some other porn stars out there, gay or straight, who don’t. This includes a Next Door Studio exclusive who shall remain nameless.

    • sxg

      It doesn’t really count when all you do is just lay there and turn it into necrophilia porn. And I really hate this notion that you have to be versatile in porn. We don’t bitch as much, if ever, when a bottom never tops, so why do we expect for tops to bottom all the time especially when the gay porn industry is in dire need of more good tops? Now this does not include a bad performer like SC’s Brandon or Brody and Jimmy Durano where they’re terrible tops who have yet to bottom, if ever. There’s a good reason we want to see them bottom because we’re sick and tired of the mediocre performances they give us.

      And Rocco in general was just a bad performer, whether he’s topping or bottoming. Even his straight porn was littered with very lazy performances.

      • JJ

        “And Rocco in general was just a bad performer, whether he’s topping or
        bottoming. Even his straight porn was littered with very lazy

        I wouldn’t say his performances in straight porn were lazy. Rocco – I notice – is just not a sexual monkey like say…..Rocco SIFFREDI! He comes off as neither bored nor monkey enthusiastic in his straight porn work. His mood seems just in the middle(just like his sexual orientation LOL!)

    • JJ

      Sure, he bottomed. Yes, he kissed. Sure, he sucked dicks. Yeah, he fucked man asses. But he didn’t rim any ass and lick any armpits and bodies. He didn’t suck and play with nipples and fondle his partners. So not much heat in his gay scenes.

      He did “worship” Jake Wilder’s body, but that was very……light and short. Disappointing.

      • James

        “lick any armpits”
        I love guys and I can’t stand doing that.

        So him doing or not doing something means nothing.

        Him being a shitty performer that means everything.

        • JJ

          But seeing a hot guy’s pits being licked is soooo sexy!!!

          • James

            To you, not to everyone.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Rocco Reed is right.He is not gay.He is bi.

    This video is campy and borderline insulting.A video that claims to be about gay pride should not show gay for pay men.Were they trying to piss off gay men on purpose?

    Colby Jansen is a Kinsey 1 man.Which means barely bi.He possibly barely have sex with men outside porn.He must be the kind of man who is only sexually into men but only emotionally into women.Gay porn is unfortunately full of these men.

    This video would have been credible without these desperate $$$ opportunists grabbers.

    • Mihcael Davies

      I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with Marco Manuel… are pigs flying?

    • JJ

      Hi Marco! Remember me from QMN’s comments????

      Rocco Reed put his sexual orientation as “somewhere in the middle”. I think guys like him don’t say bisexual because they don’t date/fall in love with men. I mean, he even said he doesn’t foresee himself being with a guy.

      As for Colby Jansen, he is gay as fuck despite his look, probably a level higher at Kinsey 2. Did you watch him in that I’m A Porn Star doc? He talks like a gay guy! He also does more sexually than Rocco Reed.

    • James

      Colby Married a transgirl and talks frequently about loving TGirls, that puts him at a 3 not a 1.

  • Alan Keddie

    The horror!

  • Mihcael Davies

    MEN can just go fuck themselves honestly

  • Donald Horn

    No. Just no.

  • Caleb Exhem

    Haha Cheetos covered fupa I’m deceased.

  • Bull


  • JohnnyVooDoo

    And not one of the guys in this video are gay. The entire company is ran and produce by straight people. This was so dumb and in essence a slap in the face to gay people every where.

    • JJ

      None are gay? What are you blind? There were definitely homos there. I

  • JJ

    I have to say that that screenshot of Rocco is just aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….He looks so dreamy there…………

    Thanks for posting that, Zach!