Bigoted Hypocrite Michael Lucas Wants Muslims “Sent Back To Their Countries”

Posted July 24, 2015 by with 95 comments

BjWb2sSIgAAmKGh11.jpg_large11Michael Lucas has taken to Twitter (apparently Advocate and Out weren’t interested in regurgitating his nonsense this time around) to barf out more hate speech about Muslims and Islam, and it almost makes someone like Donald Trump sound reasonable:

In an interview with the German weekly Stern, Laurent ‘Riss’ Sourisseau, the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, announced that he would no longer draw cartoons of any historical figure called Mohammed. The world of Islam is successfully taking away our right for free speech. I would rather see Muslims sent back to the countries of their origin that they are so loyal to then [sic] see us surrendering to them.

Hoping to “send” people “back” to their “countries of origin” is as xenophobic as it is illogical (millions of Muslims are born right here, thus making the United States their country of origin)—not to mention ironic, coming from the foreign-born Duckface—but then again, this kind of hate speech is nothing new for the embattled bareback porn producer, who’s faced several accusations of sexual harassment and fraud from multiple gay porn stars over the past two years.

Anyone who doesn’t approve or agree with a toxic clown like Michael Lucas could go ahead and boycott his content wherever it appears (not just on his website, but on blogs that promote it, third party VOD streaming sites, and DVD retailers, too), but what’s the point? No one’s really buying any of it in the first place, as almost all of his gross movies are being dumped onto free tube sites every day.

It’s always fun to see a hypocrite like Michael Lucas camouflage his bigotry or his narcissism by pretending to care about free speech. After all, so-called defender of free speech Michael Lucas was the one who repeatedly threatened to pull his movies from AEBN unless negative articles I routinely wrote about him and his company during my tenure at The Sword (an AEBN-owned blog) weren’t taken down and deleted. Michael Lucas even went so far as to post comments on one of those (now deleted) posts, making his push for censorship fully public.


In Michael Lucas’ world, freedom of speech is our most valued and protected right, unless of course that speech is critical of Michael Lucas.

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