Former Lucas Model Fernando Torres Accuses Michael Lucas Of Fraud, Non-Payment

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Pacific Black Duck

Last week, I concluded the “Michael Lucas Year In Review” by saying, “Technically, the year’s not over yet, so this list might need to be updated.” Well, here we go!

Another day, another model accusing Michael Lucas of fraud. Earlier this year, it was Seth Santoro who spoke out against Michael Lucas and his increasingly troubled bareback gay porn studio (remember: Santoro says he wasn’t paid for his work, and he contracted chlamydia on a Lucas set), and today, it’s former “exclusive” Fernando Torres. Torres, like Santoro, says he wasn’t paid for his work.

michael 3And it gets worse.

Torres posted text messages between him and Duckface, which seem to indicate that Duckface was going to put Torres in a bareback scene with an HIV-positive performer—something that Torres didn’t want. (So much for Duckface’s bullshit about only pairing “negative with negative” and “positive with positive.”)

michael phone numbermichael lucas 2

And, it gets even worse.

Fernando Torres happens to be the boyfriend of another former Lucas “exclusive,” the bareback gay porn star who murdered his father and brother, Tomas Lopez. Lopez has joined Torres in quitting Lucas Entertainment (even a convicted murderer won’t work for Michael Lucas now), and the desperate studio decided to issue a press release (of course) to try and explain the couple’s departure by blaming it on domestic violence.


Even if those allegations are true, how trashy and pathetic does a gay porn studio have to be to issue a press release claiming that two of its employees were fighting? Everyone knows things aren’t going well at Lucas Entertainment, but who knew things were this bad?

For his part, the murderous gay porn star Lopez is denying that his boyfriend beat him up.

lucas4 lucas6Torres and Lopez are just two in a long, long, long, long line of former Michael Lucas employees who’ve abandoned the studio in the wake of fraud, non-payment, STD testing issues, STD infections, and workplace violence scandals, including Mathew Mason, Vito Gallo, Chris Crisco, Trenton Ducati, Marc MacNamara, Seth Santoro and countless others.


  • Ed Woody

    “even a convicted murderer won’t work for Michael Lucas now”

    Actual genuine LOLling. What a delightful Crimbo prezzie.

  • Caprice Goldberg

    I don’t know, Zach, frankly this reporting just makes you look kind of desperate. Unimpressed.

    • zach

      LOL…which part was desperate? Reporting that a studio had issued a press release claiming that their employees got in a fight, or reporting on a text message in which the owner of a company reveals the HIV statuses of his employees to another employee? Bitch, get a fucking clue.

    • yeah yeah


    • Dazzer

      Ummmm… really?

      I mean really?????

      The Stupidity is so strong in you that you should change your screen name to Jar Jar Binks.

    • Todd

      Caprice Goldberg & Mckayla Maroney …..

  • sxg

    Don’t include Trenton Ducati in that list. He doesn’t really fall into any of those categories, especially STD testing issues. It wasn’t an issue because he was clearly OK with it going in, he just was embarrassed when duckface came out with that statement of pairing guys with the same status, therefore outing his status. So he left the studio out of being embarrassed and nothing else!

    • Which is a bit silly in and of itself, because a really avid porno watcher like myself can easily figure out who the positive models are; you simply follow who has fucked who raw and look at the people known to the public to be positive and work backwards. Doing this I’ve come up with a few guys I wouldn’t have suspected, or alternately kinda feel sorry for.

      • David1983


  • Jace

    If there’s one person you don’t want to beat up, it’s the guy who gunned down his entire family. So, I’m siding with Fernando on this one.

    • sxg

      lol didn’t think about it that way, but yes!

    • McM.

      This has to be one of the realest statements I’ve read all year.

  • Todd

    “Everybody run, the gay porn star has a gun ….”

  • RudyRodriguez

    Kinda of late with this news…you are slipping.

    • zach

      This was posted the morning after it went down on Twitter and a couple hours after the Lucas press release. Try again, bitch.

      • yeah yeah


      • RudyRodriguez

        Read about it first on another blog. I expect you to break all duck related news first. No need for name calling.

        • Dutch Courage

          MenofPorn was the first gay porn blog that came with this drama. Probably Zach was having sex with Austin Wilde (debts must be paid ‘au natural’!) and thought “Duckface is not going to spoil this too” …

      • Porn Star

        Girl, don’t respond to haters. 😉

        • Dazzer

          Man, one of the main reasons I read this blog is to see how Zach replies to haters.

          You might not be impressed but sometimes a little bit of pee comes out when I’m laughing that hard at his responses.

          But big :-) to you – know what you mean (and I laughed – no pee, though. Sorry)

        • Alan. P. (Hansen)

          No one’s hating on him, per se. We hate on his Kim Jong-Un style petulance when he targets performers who don’t care what he has to say to begin with.

          • Estelle

            Did bill Cosby rape you with a pudding pop or something?

  • yeah yeah

    Is anyone REALLY surprised by this?

  • Jemoen

    Good thing Fernando didn’t acknowledge you on twitter. Only MenOfPorn & Showbitch.

    • zach

      the fuck is showbitch??

      • Dazzer

        It’s the Glee 2.0 that Ryan Murphy is working on, I assume.Either that or the new reality show that follows Michele Bachmann as she attempts to star on Broadway.

      • Jemoen

        idk lmao.
        Soryy. I didn’t want to be rude, just maybe he might already know you have been attacking his boyfriend.

  • This is sad. Not because I care about any of the drama, but because I thought Lucas Entertainment did Fernando Torres beautiful justice showing off that ripped, muscled, smokin’ hot Chilean body!

  • Zealot

    Celebrity Porn Star Math: Scrooge McDuck x The Grinch = Duckface

  • Alan Keddie

    Oh dear! What next for Michael Lucas? His entire face collapsing in on itself? Or he bare backs bottom for – insert name here ?

  • Casey Scott

    Sigh, spelling and grammar errors, everywhere… Nobody wins here. Oh, except Zach LOL

    • Todd

      I kind of love the killer boyfriend now …………calling Lucas a LAIR and adding on his post script as PD ………… like a big dumb dog ….. I kind of want to cuddle with him ….as long as he is unarmed.

      • Corax95

        PD is what they use in Spanish so with that being his first language it shouldn’t surprise anyone. It stands for Postdata. They never use PS.

        • Todd

          Corax95 …. You are a LAIR !!! Ha Ha ……… thanks for the information. I have been schooled !! (hanging head in shame …. I think I’d still cuddle with him….)

          • Corax95

            No need to hang your head in shame….unless you’re a native speaker of the Spanish language! LOL 😛

          • Todd

            LOL …. I was hanging my head in shame BECAUSE I THINK I’D STILL WANT TO CUDDLE WITH HIM …ha ha

    • dave1984

      u bitches b nice (1) aint his 1st language (2) u know he was institutionalized, rite? not exactly Harvard material (3) u know WHY he was institutionalized, rite?

  • C A

    Just one point. Tomas is not a convicted murderer. Charged, but not convicted, due to temporary insanity.

    That being said, ML is just messy.

  • dave1984

    2 things we can count on, (1) duckface gives a good shit show (2) zach reads the bitch(es). BTW, the hot boyfriend aint “convicted” , not in the court of government appointed judge anyway. but if u count the Judge Judy & Mrs. Judy on here… @zacharysire:disqus

  • sxg

    I just realized something. Why don’t we have a less appealing looking duck that properly represents duckface??? I’d say these are a better fit than that pic

  • dave1984
  • GN

    Do not cash this man’s checks:

  • Adrian Sanderson

    regarding Tomas Lopez ” Employing a psychotic murderer” – come one
    guys, the chap was abused by his family for years, and at 17 he lost it
    after drug-induced attack. Everyone deserves a second chance, no? He has
    suffered enough, trust me, his life is not easy. and Oh, yeh, he is a
    bomb shell. Gorgeous. ‘nough said.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      I always love how gay men will validate a persons horrendous behaviour because they are Just because you were abused as a child does not make it right to end up the same way and have people make excuses for you,

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