Bareback Gay Porn Star Mike Dozer Released From Jail As Pre-Trial Begins

Posted April 1, 2014 by with 20 comments

mike-dozer-arrestGay porn star/accused pedophile rapist Mike Dozer (legal name Christopher Steele) has been released from Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Correctional Facility after a judge agreed to his lawyer’s motion to reduce bail (it had originally been set at $1,000,000), Str8UpGayPorn can confirm. Steele’s release date was last week, on March 26th:

steeleNo word on where Steele—who faces multiple felony charges after being arrested last December for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy and exposing him to HIV—is currently residing, but conditions of his release hopefully include not accessing Grindr or Scruff. His Twitter and Facebook accounts remain dormant.

Meanwhile, Steele’s pre-trial started this morning. The state will likely revise the charges against him (they originally filed nine felony counts, which will probably be reduced in order to more efficiently try the case), and jury selection will begin. As I previously reported, Steele has pleaded not guilty to all charges.


  • Cosmic

    Do you think any nasty secrets about the porn business will come out as a result of all this?

    • zach

      God, I hope so!

      • sxg

        dude maybe it’s worth making a trip up there to cover the trial! Just think of the daily stories you can have here at your blog!

      • Cosmic

        You must know all kinds of bizarre and twisted shit about the industry you can’t talk about,I look forward to your eventual tell all book Zach. :)

        • sxg

          I know! If anything, Zach should consider writing one now and in the event one of the psycho whores he talks about ends up getting him killed, you’ll have something to release to the public upon your death.

          Of course I’m not wishing for your death Zach, in fact I hope you have many more years to come of being able to entertain us with all the juicy porn gossip you have available to us in your deliciously witty blog posts!

  • sxg

    I think that if Steele/Dozer stands a chance in court, he’ll need character witnesses, and that means bringing along those that have continued to defend him, which means Billy Santoro might have to be served with a subpoena

  • WillG

    He was arrested last December and jury selection is about to begin? That was quick!

  • Todd

    Anyone considering that he’s going to be a suicide risk considering the charges against him ? I guess not. ,,,,saves them a potential trial, perhaps ??

    • sxg

      hmm honestly I don’t think he’ll find prison that bad of a deal for him considering what a cumhungry bottom whore he plays out to be in porn. He might be looking forward to experiencing an actual prison rape.

  • NickDC

    Zach: Does this make Pennsylvania the #1 State for creepy gay porn scandals? (Kocis, Dozer and the real reason Ben Franklin invented the flexible urinary catheter)

  • Zealot

    This court talk just gives me PTSD….if Kreutzer starts blogging about this shit, I’m going dark…I swear.

  • Zoompietro

    What I wouldn’t give to be a juror for this trial.

    • JoshChicago

      how about a naked photo of you when you were 12. :-)

  • Cosmic

    So which of his BBBH buddies do we think will stick by him through to the no doubt bitter(bottom)end? I wonder if his personal cheerleader RawTop will reappear to defend his insulted virtue.

    • jcd

      Of course RawTop defended him, what do you expect from that shitstain. According to him it’s kid’s fault.

      • Cosmic

        Figures that human dumpster would blame the kid.

  • It will be interesting to see if he does any interviews or media to tell his side of things before the trial.

  • troym40

    I hope he gets cleared of all charged. I was 15 the first time I had sex with a man who was 32 years old. Guess what, it wasn’t rape because I knew what I wanted and I sought it out.

    • Dean

      You’ll be accused of being a pedophile yourself on here for admitting you wanted sex at that age.

      • troym40

        You do realize that admitting to wanting sex as a 15yo does not make a 15yo a pedophile, right? Thats impossible