MilitaryClassified Throws Shade On Sean Cody With Release Of Second Ollie Scene

Posted March 8, 2017 by with 53 comments released their first Antonio blowjob scene in January, and in that scene’s write-up, they made no mention of the fact that Antonio is well-known as former Sean Cody model Ollie. Today, it’s time for yet another Antonio/Ollie blowjob (it still surprises me that this site has existed for over a decade with the same guy just sucking everybody’s dicks over and over again), and this time, MilitaryClassified makes a reference to Antonio’s work as Ollie in their write-up. And, MilitaryClassified even throws some shade by essentially claiming that their scene with Antonio is better than Sean Cody’s scenes with Ollie:

Antonio is back and turns out this stud has done some work for a competing website but I don’t think they got the reactions I got from him today!

As much as I appreciate a gay porn studio using their marketing material to be a bitch to another gay porn studio, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with that, considering Ollie’s infamous scene with Jack.

For hardcore Ollie fans who need to see him in everything, here he is as Antonio getting his dick sucked by the same guy who already sucked his dick in January.

[MilitaryClassified: Antonio]

  • sam my

    There is nothing remotely sexually enticing about some 60 yr old queen giving head. He should be behind the camera, not in front.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Gurl, you said a no no word. You better prepare to be burned at the stake.

      • sam my

        You aint shiz. Lol

  • Philip Broad

    He’s clearly more engaged by the straight porn he’s watching than the blowjob he’s receiving.
    I just don’t understand why he would prefer to appear on a trashy site like this than on SC.

    • Marcus Collack

      but that’s the shtick though, they always see more interested in the straight porn their watching, while having gay sex from coast coast.

    • Mike Julius

      As if SC isn’t a trashy site now. One of their last scene featured an A/C unit and their video quality has plummeted. Wake up and witness the decline.

      • kctx

        Agree. Hard to miss the severe decline. They actually need Ollie at SC. He is so much better than most guys that appear there now.

    • edginghours

      Because it’s easy money for laying there and being serviced? Show up, drop your shorts, get blown, collect your cash. Not glamorous but probably a lot easier than going to SC and being put into weird stress positions for eight hours.

      • McM.

        That’s still $250/hr. at Sean Cody….

        • sxg

          Plus you get hotel and meals as well with Sean Cody.

          • edginghours

            Sure, it’s the cushier gig, no doubt. For those who just want quick cash, this is another, far simpler option that requires almost no commitment or work whatsoever.

    • CA

      I doubt he prefers it–my guess is he wasn’t asked to return to SC.

  • Xzamilloh

    Look at the beads of sweat on ole boy’s forehead…. he’s putting in work, and not even a glance down to appreciate the form? I mean, sure he’d probably lose his boner if he saw it in action just sucking on that shit like a fat dude at WingStop, but I personally would need some eye contact

  • TK

    That guy is creepy as fuck

  • jviia

    Oh Olllie :( i miss thee

  • Al

    Ollie and Jack need to do a reunion. Their scene together was really hot.

    • sxg

      If Ollie was a better top I would love to see him fuck Jake in that reunion. I know queens will get all pissy about the size difference, but I love seeing smaller guys take on big beasts!

      • Marcus Collack

        and Ollie’s ass thrusting in Jack… I’m here for it.

  • sxg

    I do have to hand it to the cocksucker his mouth has gotten some amazing reactions from the models he books.

    But I think it’s hard to take this shade serously when Ollie was probably getting paid $2,000+ per scene at Sean Cody and this site looks like they pay their models in coupons.

    • sam my

      In coupons? Lol So disrespectful.

      • sxg

        I know! The least he can do is throw in some canned goods as well!

    • Scrapple

      And those coupons were stolen from the local office of Veterans Affairs.

    • Dulcis Memoria

      More like food stamps.

  • Miss Tea

    Pfff,okay gurl it goes like this, SeanCody is doing very poorly but they haven’t gone that deep down to the point where a site like this one would even bother then.It’s like an ant trying to get a dog’s attention.

  • McM.

    So is SC not doing the “must wait one year after last scene release” for performers anymore?

    Ollie’s last scene at Sean Cody was getting railed by Jack, and that was in April of 2016. His first appearance at Military Classifieds was in January.

  • WyattTF

    Do people actually pay to watch the same old guy blowing hot young models? Why would anyone spend good money on this when Sean Cody exists? And what happens to Ollie’s “career” that he had to resort to this trash. So many questions.

    • Ed Woody

      — Is this guy just using his site as an excuse so it’s not technically prostitution?

      To be fair, wouldn’t the vast majority of us do the same? If we could get ten years’ worth of hot young trade (*) in to let our ugly asses suck their dicks in exchange for some simple cash, and even make a business model out of it, wouldn’t we do that? I don’t think we can begrudge the guy for doing it if he can get away with it.

      ( * allowing for however attractive his models have actually been over the years)

      • WyattTF

        True. Guess it is a pretty ingenious way for him to get to suck some grade A dick he couldn’t get for free.

      • sam my

        No, never that sad or desperate.

        • Helen Damnation ?™

          you’re time will come, gurl.

    • WhimsyCotton

      You could kind of make the same point about Sean Cody but substitute Bel Ami as the better option — especially now that they’re going to be introducing beautiful men of color to their lineup. I mean, they had to travel to Colombia to find them, but they’re adding them nevertheless.

      • WyattTF

        Eh different strokes. I’ll stick to SC. But you can’t equate equate Sean Cody, which while far from perfect still has some really fucking hot guys, with literally one old guy sucking dick in camera.

        • WhimsyCotton

          You’re definitely right about the last part.

  • Bradster

    The one doing the blowing should stay behind the camera FFS. I’m sure all the models are all mentally blocking out his ugly ass mug.

  • John

    Potentially this is hot stuff, but he ends by jacking the guys off and mostly doesn’t taste their straight jizz. I simply cannot comprehend this. I want to see the cum dripping out of his mouth, him gagging on the future baby batter. I HATE wasted cum that is not tasted and eaten. What’s the point. I thought that is what oral sex should be about. The cream is part of the full experience. Might as well just jack them off. Maybe that is too graphic for middle America, which is likely the main subscriber to this site. I suppose I am in the minority here as this is rarely seen in porn.. He actually knows how to suck a cock, which is rare, and doesn’t need to jack it off for them to erupt.

  • BoomPow

    Ollie Ollie oxen free! Sorry,That’s all I got.

  • Zealot

    If by “throwing shade” you mean the lighting sucks….mission accomplished. We should just refer to this phenomenon as being “Starlinged”.

  • WhimsyCotton

    10 years? Isn’t closer to like 20? The one time I remember watching a scene from that site, the guy bottomed for some straight guy and asked him how his ass felt. To the dismay of the MC guy, the straight guy replied: “loose.”

    • sxg

      Reminds me of an old Active Duty film where this newbie was fucking a regular guy. The director ask the new guy, “his ass is tight, isn’t it?” His response, “not really.” The bottom and director laugh lol

      • sam my

        I remember that video, the dude that said that was named Kane.

      • WhimsyCotton

        Omg I think I know what scene that was! They made a big deal about how the bottom’s ass was just naturally loose lol.

    • Mike Julius

      Holy shit! Why would he include that in the final edit? lol Wow.

      • WhimsyCotton

        He looked shocked when he the straight guy said it lol!

  • Deviancy Behavir

    As every year passes by on that sad little site, I think that the blowjob/fuckee guy either has a really bad thyroid condition or he’s slowly morphing into Kermit the Frog. He’s already have that Kermit the Frog blowjob technique down where he sucks the dick, but sounds like he has bulimia moments every time he tries to deepthroat the guys. Is he still asking guys to rate their blowjobs from 1-10, because that is sad.

  • Mokojojo

    Just saw the Helix update for tonight. I hope Zach is ok. He may not be able to take it.

  • Atticus

    But is “Antonio” going to bottom again? He was such a good bottom!

  • Scrapple

    Lies are being told in that writeup.

    The shoot space does look more aesthetically pleasing than some of SC’s fuck rooms. Rob should’ve thrown some illumination shade.

  • D<3

    meh MC is like the azealia banks of porn. actually no.. thats still sketchysex.

  • Maximus

    The site owner is sooooooooo ugly. I’m as gay as gay can be, and even I wouldn’t be able to get it up for him.

  • goosegui
  • paultacoma51

    The MC dude has an over-inflated belief in his cock-sucking skills. I’m sure he’s good, but he’s become delusional. All that dick has gone to his head.