The 8teenBoy Twinks Made It To The Cabin In “Winter Break,” And Milo Harper Is Flip-Fucking With Caleb Gray

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Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-001Finally! Six episodes in, and the 8teenBoy twinks have finally made it to their holiday cabin in “Winter Break.” There is, of course, already some drama between a few of them (read the scene description below—there are some adulterous twinks in the house), but that isn’t getting in the way of the butt fucking. 8teenBoy’s most well-endowed twink, Milo Harper, and cum-blasting cutie Caleb Gray are the flip-fuckers today, and here’s the preview.

Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-008 Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-012 Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-016 Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-026Scene description via 8teenBoy:

Our gorgeous group of high school hotties are finally packed tightly together in a cozy cabin on their senior ski trip and Caleb Gray, (who’s been sleeping with Riley) is having a tough time seeing his fuck buddy with his boyfriend, Taylor. Maybe Caleb’s caught more feelings for Riley than he initially thought; so, naturally the dude is down in the dumps. Milo Harper notices and decides to put a smile on the sexy sulker. He starts with a mind blowing blowjob and moves on to an erotic ass examination while filling Gray’s gorgeous mouth with his meat. No ass exam would be complete without a tongue fucking; then, he fills Caleb’s cock hungry hole with his super sized, uncut sword. Both boys explode all over Caleb’s tight torso, covering him with a winter white coat of cum fitting for the sexy ski booty bunnies. Feeling closer to Milo, Caleb confesses he’s been fucking Riley, Milo’s bestie…what will Milo do with this new info? Find out in the next drama filled fuck-travaganza of “Winter Break,” coming soon!

As noted earlier, gay porn star Blake Mitchell has a role in this series, but he’s yet to be seen. I’m guessing he’ll be in the finale next week, where (hopefully) he’ll get to fuck all the twinks, one-by-one. Or, how fun would it be if all the twinks gangbanged Blake?! We’ll find out next week.

Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-030 Winter-Break--Milo-Harper--Caleb-Gray-032Trailer (watch full scene here):

[8teenBoy: Milo Harper And Caleb Gray Flip-Fuck Bareback]