Straight Jock Eddie Alvarado Flexes While Having Gay Sex For The First Time

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gayhoopla-eddie-alvarado-neal-peterson-10Neal Peterson—a.k.a. the Best Gay Porn Newcomer Of 2016 so far—is back for his second hardcore scene today, and it’s a two-part treat for the horny powerbottom. Before his hardcore duo with straight guy Eddie Alvarado (above, left), Neal takes a moment to help out his co-star from his first scene, Jerry Cabrera, in an adjoining hotel room. And by “help out,” I mean “suck his cock and swallow his load.”


Still hungry for more dick, Neal then moves on to his main course, beefy straight guy Eddie Alvarado. This is Eddie’s first time having gay sex, so be prepared for some awkward moments.

Also, be prepared to watch a straight guy show off by flexing his muscles while he has gay sex for the first time:

gayhoopla-eddie-alvarado-neal-peterson-10Ordinarily, this might be the douchiest thing in the world, but Eddie Alvarado looks so fucking good, you can’t even be mad. Ugh.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Neal Peterson Blows Jerry Cabrera, Then Gets Fucked By Eddie Alvarado]


  • Xzamilloh

    Too noisy for my liking… the moaning, the off-camera director who needed to be not seen AND not heard, and the straight guy, while cute and definitely douchey, was kind of meh. And anytime a straight guy in these says “This is my first time”, best believe he can deep throat better than the most seasoned hooker. I think I was nice about it all, though…

  • sxg

    At his age, it looks douchey. But if he were older it would look hot. I think Rogan Richards has flexed once or twice while pounding someone, and as a big fan of Rogan I loved it!

    Good looking guy nonetheless. I don’t have high hopes he’ll be any good though GH models more often than not are a huge bust.

  • Jace

    Aren’t all the guys on this silly site meant to be straight? That bottom makes Courtney Act look butch.

  • Bastian

    I love how you emphasize that he is straight and it’s his first gay sex in every sentence, as if it was something extraordinary for this site. Not sure you’re mocking or trying to improve your SEO with popular terms. lol
    Anyway, I prefer your not sponsored articles, they do not look so artificial.

  • nick

    Hmmmmmm……….. No.

  • FooFight

    Eddie –

  • FooFight

    Eddie –

  • Todd
    • Josh

      I’m with Todd, I’ll take Christian Bale….

  • DEE

    clearly straight as a knitting needle

  • bob80

    I’d be flexing too if I had that body.

    • andrew

      Yep. If you got it flaunt it, at least once and a while.

    • Swifty


    • hotdickcum

      I do watch myself in the mirror when a dude is knelt down sucking me. And I would flex from time to time, I think I love myself too much lol

  • Myko

    This “I am straight” , “I am not gay” bollox is boring.
    I am pretty tired of this barrel scraping move by the porn industry.

    • nick

      What I don’t understand is do the porn companies think that we will find them less attractive if they said they were gay or, god forbid, actually were gay ? I don’t get this assumption that we all go round wanting to “do” a straight guy, obviously they are pretty crap at gay sex so why would you ?

      • Brown Bear Billy

        Believe it or not, it feeds into a fantasy many gay men have; the ability to convert a straight guy. I see it all the time in the gay subreddits on reddit.

        • alex

          Many, but not all!

          • nick

            Definitely not all, in fact I’d guess a fairly small %. Again, I don’t get it, why convert a straight guy, just go to a gay bar and get a gay guy, it saves time and effort and you know he’s less likely to feel bad afterwards and murder you.

          • hotdickcum

            It’s all about the chase, what you can’t have and the thrill of it.

            It’s probably the nature of men. Straight men get the thrill of chasing girls that are not into them… hence, you have the idea of courtship, dating, etc. I’m sure straight men got those fantasies of converting lesbian and the idea of having the first real dick up on that vagina is great.

            So, pretty much it is the same on gay guys like straight men. It’s just the notion that these straight men won’t enjoy gay sex, but you assert power to make them do it (in porn, using fame and money), and when they do it, you treat them like a slut and get fucked more than you do (like Johnny Rapid and Vadim, and more lol)

          • smart

            That crop is deluded! The worse things is that I get stereotype with foolish straight lusting guys like you.

  • Norminah

    Oh how lovely, another pair of buff straight dudes engaging in boring and borderline unwatchable gay sex for literally hundreds of dollars…

    • Mihcael Davies

      Neal isn’t buff or straight though…

  • ToxicBrew

    I rarely say this but i’d let him hit it haha He does look sexy =P

  • Donkeyteefus

    ok i’ve never heard of jerry cabrera but he and his dick are so hot

  • Josh

    Umm, the flexing would be hot if he had a big dick to back it up and if he was actually str8.

    • Stephen

      I for one am happy to see a top with a smaller dick. His size is what I prefer and I find him just as hot to look at as the more hung guys. A big dick is not an achievement. A muscular, gorgeous body is something you actually have to dedicate to.

    • Swifty

      He’s no smaller than the average guy walking down the street, and he’s not a bad fuck.

      • hotdickcum

        He is not at all, with gorgeous face and body, you can’t complain. What I don’t get it is why would GH think about using an extra large dildo on Neal? It’s like GH wants to put Eddie’s dick to shame.

  • Trepakprince

    I think I’m in love with Neal! He’s such a voracious bottom and not in a breed me raw with a toilet brush kind of way.

  • andrew

    Eddie is hot. He looks a little like Topher DiMaggio.

    • Okosan

      For some reason i get ScottySire Vibes from him.

      • andrew

        Whichever, he looks mighty fine.

  • Plainview8

    I hope Neal does NOT become the GayHoopla House Bottom. In his scenes with Jerry & Eddie, neither guy touches him. Landon talking off screen is beyond annoying. Also, apparently Neal Peterson is the ex-boyfriend of Jacob Peterson of voyuerboys fame. The good thing about the Jerry & Eddie scenes with Neal is both “straight” boys stay rock hard. Neal seems to know what he’s doing, but i feel the powers that be at GayHoopla may misuse him, in a demeaning way. Finally, I cannot wait to see the photo spreads Eddie & Jerry did with photographer Mark Henderson.

  • Stephen

    Love all three of these beautiful men.

  • Maximus

    Oh look, something about straight people…

  • hotdickcum

    The awkward moment when Neal was fucked first with an extra large dildo, then Eddie’s dick. Cant wait for Eddie to flex while he gets fucked.

  • Swifty

    It’s sexier than anything that happened at Hustlaball…

  • Swifty

    Neal is saving GayHoopla honestly. His scenes with Jerry & Eddie are probably the best GH scenes ever…and I can’t deny my infatuation with Eddie…