Today Was Not A Good Day For Nica Noelle

Posted January 14, 2016 by with 38 comments

Director Nica Noelle took time out from allegedly forcing her models to sleep in houses covered in rodent feces and blaming rape victims for being raped to express her anger and frustration today over a very important event: Str8UpGayPorn winning a Cybersocket Award for Best Blog.


In addition to calling the Cybersocket Awards a “joke,” Noelle also lashed out at the adult industry as a whole, calling it a “political shitshow” that she’ll never take seriously:

nica2A few hours later, however, the completely mentally stable Nica Noelle had a change of heart about the Cybersocket Awards, once it was pointed out to her that the awards are based on fan voting:

nica4Unfortunately, Nica Noelle quickly had another revelation, and it brought her right back to where she started.

Stay strong, Nica.