Now ChaosMen’s Confederate Flag Tattoo Model Is Joined By The Joker

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2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_012With the return of “Basil” in yet another new scene today, it’s clear that ChaosMen has no problem being associated with the Confederate Flag tattoo. The racist symbol is on full display again in the studio’s latest update, and in case you thought things couldn’t get even more fucking weird at ChaosMen…uhh…

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_001In terms of the visuals alone (and putting aside the historical implications), you know things are bad when there might be a tattoo that’s actually more disturbing than the Confederate Flag.

That’s Bentley Layne and the Joker joining the Confederate Flag guy above, but as a reminder, here was Bentley Layne during his CM debut last year. Things…have changed:


Back to today…I feel (hope?) that ChaosMen is just trolling us at this point. Regardless, having Confederate Flag ghoul back for a third scene is almost as sad as it is disgusting, and I still don’t understand why ChaosMen would sink this low. (The studio never responded to Str8Up’s request for comment when “Basil” debuted.)

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_015 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_019 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_023 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_024

Going to dip my computer in bleach, bye.

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_034 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_050


  • Dreadmau5

    Maybe if the gay porn industry didn’t simultaneously fetishise and exclude people of color, we’d see less white supremacists, racists, and Trump supporters
    Remember kids: just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you can’t be racist

    • john a

      hmm i see two “people of color” in this scene so whoever has a racist symbol on their body is probably clueless to find out before putting it on or maybe just victim of selfhatred in the best dnesh d’souza style

  • Jesus sanchez

    Chaosmen is a joke

  • Scrapple
    • Adam

      I must admit it is fascinating to think about the mindset of a guy who… idk exactly what ethnicity he is but let’s just say he’s obviously not descended from vikings that clearly has no problem with having that flag on his body.

      • Scrapple

        It’s the same mindset of closeted people who promote policies which discriminate against non-heteros. Or people who turned in their own community members to Nazis. They think they’ll be spared when the shit hits the fan.

        • john a

          exactly. see dnesh d’souza e ben shapiro and all the jews and non white clowns supporting trumpism think they’d be sparred by their white supremacist “pals” I do think though that this dude here didn’t even have a clue what he was putting on himself. he seems pretty clueless

  • C A

    Bentley is a huge trump supporter and second amendment nut. I’m not surprised.

    • baz

      This trashy Joker Bentley, not the sexy one of Chaosmen past, right?

      • C A

        Yes this one.

    • john a

      a chicano pro trump go figure

  • Alexz

    It’s Chaosmen, while I’ll admit they’ve had some hot guys over the years, the general theme always seemed to be dirty/trashy looking dudes that I could find at a gas station. Basil fits right in.

    • Duncan Mudge

      Yup, really trashy looking guys. I’d be okay if chaosmen went away.

    • trumn10

      You are correct, however the past 12-18 months has been even worse than that. Absolute bottom of the barrel guys now. Anyone willing is put in front of the camera. CM was a decent site with good production values.

  • GN

    Two unattractive guys with lame tats having bad sex. Nothing here of note.

    • Broccoli Beefed

      Well one of them has ears like Dumbo, and a face that is weathered beyond his years ( from drugs perhaps) and the other looks like he is starting a spare tire around his waist, but I wouldn’t consider them unattractive, not based on what I see most Americans looking like in the general public. Based on where I work I get a good feeling of what Most Americans look like. And most are ugly,obese, out of shape and grotesque looking—something that does not depict these models.

  • CamCam

    This is pathetic smh. That’s all i can say on this.

  • Irene’s Foot

    Nah, FUCK Bryan Ockert & Chaosmen for bringing this ugly KKK guy back even though most people already dragged him for doing this (And paired this clown with a BLACK MAN)

    Next time, if Bryan ever bitched and moan about how people pirate his videos and it affected his business, just so he knows that is a karma for never learn from his mistake. I’m DONE with this.

    • trumn10

      He solved the pirating issue himself. No one would ever steal his vids now. Absolutely the worst looking guys of any in porn over the past year.

      • Me2

        Do not underestimate the depths of bad taste in the public. Case in point: Bo Sinn has a “career.”

        • trumn10

          You’re right! Perfect example.

        • Broccoli Beefed

          Bo Sinn is trashy but hot, and feeds that “getting raped by a straight man with a huge cock” fantasy that so many homosexual men love.

  • Edward

    I’m confused. You despise it, but you cover it/give them exposure. Are you contractually bound??? The first time————it was news. This time? It’s more of the same. Not news at all.

    • D Will

      Actually, I think this time it is more news worthy than the first time. The first time, Bryan could say to himself “maybe it isn’t that bad”, “i can pair him with Jerome and that will show that he isn’t racist” and so on. However, following comments here as well as WB and hopefully other places, Bryan should have just wrote off any scenes that he filmed with this guy (let them rot in the vault) and moved on to the next one. But clearly, he thought that his members didn’t mind.

      • Adam

        In fairness if you do apologise for what you’ve done and allow yourself to be shouted down by the faceless mob (all of us on the internet) for the length of a news cycle; sometimes it doesn’t stop there and you’re dragged even harder after your apology until you’re eventually forced to just go away. So depending on how bad the scandal is (or in some cases how much social media might overreact a relatively minor issue) there could be no coming back from it with a simple apology.

        Conversely Trump has spent the last few years showing we’re all just paper tigers, you can double down, continue to troll and eventually we will give up ranting about this week’s scandal when we realize public shaming isn’t going to make the person go away and our attention will move on to something else.

  • Silver64
  • M__M

    Under no circumstances should one ever get involved with someone sporting a Joker tattoo. The confederate flag tattoo is a given and quite obvious to avoid.

    I know Bryan’s taste in men is all over the place, but he needs show some consistency or else we end up with this.

  • ObsidianVendetta

    F#ck having standards. Gotta get paid. Dirty money is still money. Trashy money is still money.

  • Alex Lawson

    You know if you cover the confused guy face and right arm he doesn’t look all bad. That said though I respect everyone and wish everyone can enjoy their lives how they want so the hell with haters.

  • Broccoli Beefed

    I really don’t think these young porn actors that have the confederate flag tattoo know it’s ugly history or associate it with that. I mean look at these guys. Neither one of them look Anglo-saxon, white, whatever, and one of them has a confederate flag tattoo? Weird. Just weird. It is not the same world. That is for sure .