Now ChaosMen’s Confederate Flag Tattoo Model Is Joined By The Joker

Posted September 26, 2019 by with 30 comments

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_012With the return of “Basil” in yet another new scene today, it’s clear that ChaosMen has no problem being associated with the Confederate Flag tattoo. The racist symbol is on full display again in the studio’s latest update, and in case you thought things couldn’t get even more fucking weird at ChaosMen…uhh…

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_001In terms of the visuals alone (and putting aside the historical implications), you know things are bad when there might be a tattoo that’s actually more disturbing than the Confederate Flag.

That’s Bentley Layne and the Joker joining the Confederate Flag guy above, but as a reminder, here was Bentley Layne during his CM debut last year. Things…have changed:


Back to today…I feel (hope?) that ChaosMen is just trolling us at this point. Regardless, having Confederate Flag ghoul back for a third scene is almost as sad as it is disgusting, and I still don’t understand why ChaosMen would sink this low. (The studio never responded to Str8Up’s request for comment when “Basil” debuted.)

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_015 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_019 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_023 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_024

Going to dip my computer in bleach, bye.

2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_034 2346_chaosmen_basil_bentley_layne_raw_hires_hires_050