[UPDATED] OnlyFans Star Loc Rios Held Hostage In Madrid By Josh Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend Lazzarato, Urges Gays To “Beware Of This Man”

Posted September 7, 2023 by with 35 comments

[Update: Loc Rios has released a second video (“Part 2”) providing more disturbing details about the hostage situation and money he had to pay. This additional video is down below.]


The video below from Loc Rios, who is incredibly sweet and the last person who would deserve anything like this, is fairly self-explanatory, and I’m just grateful that he’s OK. In short, the OnlyFans creator got roped into a whirlwind European romance with notoriously abusive and mentally unstable gay porn star Lazzarato (seen above, right), who was similarly accused of harassing and manipulating gay porn star Josh Moore when they were in a relationship last year. At the very beginning of his video message, Loc warns, “Gays! Beware of this man,” while pointing to an image of Lazzarato and listing his social media accounts:

Loc says he endured multiple emotional outbursts and an eventual hostage situation at the hands of Lazzarato when they were staying together earlier this summer in Europe, and he goes into some of the details in the video below. Loc, the winner of the Thirst Trap Recap contest back in March, is urging followers to beware of “violent scammer” Lazzarato, who’s also accused of trying to make Loc pay €15 for one scoop of protein powder:

As of post time, Loc Rios stated that additional videos from the hostage ordeal would be posted shortly. This is a developing story…

UPDATE: Here is the second video posted today. Note that Loc states that Lazzarato defecated on his personal belongings, and there is footage briefly showing what appears to be fecal matter, which may be disturbing for some viewers: