Str8Up’s Best Of 2023 (So Far): Here Are All The Thirst Trap Recap Winners Of The Year

Posted June 22, 2023 by with 7 comments

Don’t ask me how the hell it’s possible, but it’s now nearly the middle of 2023, and that means it’s time to roll out Str8UpGayPorn’s annual mid-year review: Str8Up’s Best Of 2023 (So Far).

Today, we begin with a look back at the one category determined solely by readers’ votes: The Thirst Trap Recap winners from each week of 2023. These 23 winners secured their spots in each of the weekly polls, and they’ll compete at the end of the year in the annual Thirst Trap King contest (the reigning king of 2022, Gael Kriok, is seen above) with the upcoming TTR winners from the second half of 2023. So, there’s no poll and no voting today as we celebrate each star’s hotness and all their big wins since January.

Here are each of the Thirst Trap Recap weekly winners of 2023, and we begin with Big Mike and Andy Rodrigues, who made history in January when they became the first gay porn stars to ever receive the exact same number of votes in the same week, resulting in the TTR’s first ever tie.

Big Mike—Winner, January 25th

Andy Rodrigues—Winner, January 25th

Josh Mloz—Winner, January 17th

Caio Veyron—Winner, January 31st

Blake Mitchell—Winner, February 7th

Damian Night (Corbin Fisher’s Roman)—Winner, February 14th

Derek Kage—Winner, February 21st

Yes Brawn—Winner, March 1st

Loc Rios (Uncut Loc)—Winner, March 7th

Raphael James—Winner, March 15th

Dom King—Winner, March 21st

Johnny Kracken—Winner, March 28th

Jayden Marcos—Winner, April 4th

Nick Floyd—Winner, April 12th

Hard Tom—Winner, April 18th

Malik—Winner, April 27th

Drake Von—Winner, May 3rd

Cameron Neuton—Winner, May 11th

Max Price—Winner, May 17th

Oliver Marks—Winner, May 25th

Conrad Parker—Winner, June 1st

Jake Preston—Winner, June 8th

Fabian Divani—Winner, June 15th

Congratulations to the top 23 Thirst Trap King finalists of 2023 so far. The next regular Thirst Trap Recap and the crowning of another weekly winner will resume later this week.

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