Powerbottom Armond Rizzo Responds To Grabbys Nominations: “They’re A Joke”

Posted March 17, 2016 by with 62 comments


Armond Rizzo isn’t just great at power bottoming, he’s also great at speaking his mind.

Here are some of Armond Rizzo’s thoughts on the nominations for this year’s Grabbys, where he’s up for one award: Hottest Bottom.


Armond Rizzo was nominated for Hottest Bottom at last year’s Grabbys, too, and many people (including me) predicted that he would win. Instead, Chicago-based performer Johnny V. surprisingly took home the award, which Armond believes was a result of his friendship with the owners of the Chicago-based Grabbys:


Perhaps not surprisingly, Armond Rizzo will not be attending the Grabbys this year:


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