Quote Of The Day: “I’m Still Filming. Fuck What They Say.”—Donte Thick

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Today’s Quote Of The Day actually features quotes from two gay porn stars, and this very special double dose of dipshits is as dangerous as it is willfully ignorant, but you’d expect nothing less from gay-for-pay porn stars Sergeant Miles and Donte Thick, right?

Here below are Sergeant and Donte on Twitter today talking about filming porn with other people during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic—despite industry and statewide shutdowns of all non-essential businesses, and the fact that the virus is highly contagious and easily transmitted through close contact with other people (which, uhh, is exactly what you have if you’re filming a porn scene with someone)—with Sergeant sharing a conspiracy theory about Venezuelan food riots (lunatic right-wingers’ obsession with Venezuela never gets old) and begging porn industry trade group FSC to “lift this ban and let us work,” while Donte replies to Sergeant and admits that, despite the shutdown, he’s “still filming” anyway because, as he says, “I don’t bend a knee to no one”:

It’s not clear if the covidiots are aware that they can film as much solo content as they want (or they could film Zoom/Skype duo scenes like other performers are doing), but they continued their chat below, with Sergeant pining for Donte to be “closer” to him (kinda gay, tbh), and Donte joking about being blacklisted by the porn industry:

These two putting their brains (and, I use that word loosely here) together to reject science, medicine, and facts while bragging about risking other people’s lives all so they can make a few hundred dollars is of course ironic, given that both Sergeant Miles and Donte Thick—neither of whom are gay men—made matching headlines over the last two years for interrogating gay co-stars over their STD test results and refusing to work with gay HIV-positive undetectable performers, all in the name of protecting their own health and safety. So, in addition to being clueless bigots, they’re also two of the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

As you’ll recall, here was Donte Thick’s tweet last year about requiring mandatory testing and not working with undetectable models:

And here was Donte earlier today equating the flu with COVID-19 while suggesting that Sweden’s lack of a nationwide lockdown has been successful (it hasn’t—they have one of the highest death rates per capita in Europe, with 22 out of 100,000 dead):

Whether it’s from worthless dolts like Donte Thick/Sergeant Miles or the orange-hued and adderall-infused leader of the free world, avoiding false information isn’t easy. This brilliant and hilarious report below from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver helps explain how so many people are being fed so much fake news:

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