Performers Speak Out Against Gay Porn Star Sergeant Miles For His Homophobic Interrogation Over Their STI Tests

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93758_005Gay porn actor and Donald Trump supporter Sergeant Miles has made headlines for sharing his far right political opinions on social media this month, but today he’s making news for the offensive things he says to people on gay porn sets, not on Twitter. Two performers have come forward to share their stories of what it was like to work with Sergeant Miles recently, and the similarities between their two experiences show that Miles has a pattern of disrespecting his co-stars by sex-shaming them, interrogating them over their STI tests, and even making homophobic remarks.

This first account comes from gay performer Jessie Colter (note: before this story was published, Colter had asked that he not be identified, but he has since decided to come forward and speak openly). Colter’s interaction with Sergeant Miles was on a recent bareback shoot for Lucas Entertainment in New York City:

While I was in NYC shooting for Lucas Entertainment, Sergeant Miles asked to see my STI test results, claiming we were shooting together and he needed to make sure I was negative of all STIs, which I am. I was more than happy to allow this as we were supposedly shooting together. After showing him my test results, he goes on to tell me that he hopes I don’t hook up with all the other gay models while I’m staying in NYC. I asked him why he thought this. He said, “Well, isn’t that what the gay models normally do? I just don’t want to catch something, because some model decides to fuck other models and tricks while they’re here shooting. I could catch something I don’t want.”

I responded by telling Sergeant Miles, “Test results are only good for up to the date the test were taken. Do you really expect me or other models not to live their lives because you have some weird phobia about gay models having STIs? I’ve had sex multiple times since my STI test.” He didn’t seem very happy about that comment. I then went on to say, “I’ve caught gonorrhea on set. I go to my doctor, get the shot and I’m all good.”

He got a little upset and said, “I don’t want to catch something because you can’t stop fucking bareback. Have more respect for yourself and other models you’ll be working with.”

I then replied, “You can’t tell people not to have sex before filming with you just because you have a fear that you may catch something. If this is how you feel, then why are you filming bareback content?” He was clearly angry and walked away. However, it turns out we were never supposed to shoot together! He had no business asking to see my test results! I’m still confused to as why he was so adamant to see my test results? For the rest of my time there, he didn’t talk to me or really have anything to do with me. Other than mean-mugging me from across the room. He made a big deal out of nothing.

While performers asking co-stars about test results and STI history isn’t uncommon, this medical information is supposed to be managed by production staff, not used by performers to attack co-stars just prior to a shoot. This happening at Lucas Studios—which has been accused of not testing performers, or making performers arrange and pay for their own tests—is, unfortunately, not a surprise.

Sergeant Miles—who identifies as bisexual and performs in straight, gay, trans, and bi porn—accosted another gay co-star over his STI test on a recent Raging Stallion shoot, and the co-star that time was Kurtis Wolfe. Despite this being a condom scene that Raging Stallion did not arrange testing for, Miles still approached Wolfe just prior to the shoot, demanding to see his test results. Wolfe explains:

Before even saying hello to each other in the studio, Sergeant Miles demanded to see my most recent test results, for a non-testing scene. Major slap in the face right there. When we were doing cum shots, he made a comment about not getting anything in his eye, because he didn’t want to “catch anything.” Not like that mattered anyway, because we had to fake my cum shot. This was the first time I ever had to do that.

If he’s so paranoid about catching something, then he clearly needs to be in another industry. Also, the test results he showed me aren’t even as accurate as the ones my doctor does. Hell, he doesn’t even get throat or anal swabs. I should’ve been the one treating him like he has STIs, because he went cheap on his testing.

Porn stars’ health—both physical and mental—is obviously something that everyone in the industry should take seriously. When studios require testing prior to shoots, that information should be disclosed in a respectful manner between production and performers. Performers like Sergeant Miles interrogating and intimidating gay co-stars on set right before filming is disrespectful, and it can easily be perceived as homophobia, not to mention basic harassment and invasion of privacy.

Studios that continue to hire Sergeant Miles can be considered complicit in his behavior, as these studios are responsible for how all of their performers are treated on sets.

  • Ceecee

    Miles is a fucking insane bigot, a pro-Trump/anti-LGBT asshole who thinks all gay men have super STIs and that children should be equipped for war zones.

    I assume he’s going to be signed as a studio exclusive any day now.

    • n24rc

      With vivid pictures…probably. I heard that Daniels has severed professional ties with them because their dear CEO is a Trumptard. When she decided to go rogue and tell her story, they didn’t like that.

    • Scrapple

      I’m actually wondering if this whole “scorched Earth” thing is his way of transitioning into straight porn. That or he’s just really stupid.

      • Ulf Raynor

        His dick isn’t big enough, that’s why he does gay porn.

    • connor oborn

      when u point your finger about bigot pro trump anti LGBT you are just as guilty of this bigotry u stupid ass idiot what u served in the US Forces? yeah right u know squat about anything related to the fight for your stupid ass freedom u take so easily for granted grow up stop being so swayed by your far left media and learn to think for yourself again grow up

  • n24rc

    The logic fallacy Miles has should match the attitudes of straight side of the industry. Sgt Miles will fit right in over there.

    As if any of those models on the striaght side don’t have sex off set condomless….with questionable people no less.

    At that rate, why are people in porn to begin with if you don’t like that people have sex off set condomless? Why work in porn that doesn’t shoot with condoms.

    • Lovelle

      I thought the same thing. His homophobia & misogyny would actually find a welcome home on the straight side.

      When he does cross over for good, no doubt his final tweet from the “gay” account will say he was a paid performer who was never into men and that it was just his job. (“Goodbye and good luck, fags. Sergeant Miles out!”)

      • n24rc

        Aka, the Ryan Driller method. LMAO

  • Xzamilloh

    I’m confused… what’s the appeal? Who is clamoring for a Sergeant Miles exclusive scene? I’ve only seen a couple of his scenes (because of other models in them) and remembered being thoroughly unimpressed by his performances. Not seeing the appeal over here, and then he’s an asshole, so HARD PASS

  • Jace

    If you’re going to do bareback porn (and 90% plus of the porn Sergeant Miles has done is bareback) then you’re taking a real, identifiable risk that you may catch something. End of story. Running around and accusing your co-stars and demanding they provide you with their complete sexual history probably means you shouldn’t be doing bareback porn because it means you don’t (a) trust your co-stars; and (b) you think you can control the issue by asking complete strangers their health status.

    • If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen!

    • connor oborn

      miles easy solution to calm his fears is to grow up too make his exit from ALL the PORN he is doing str8 and gay

  • Zealot

    I’m gob-smacked that no one shooting with him has asked to see his latest mental health assessment and/or shot record from the vet. And while they’re at it, I’d also recommend he gets a good flea dip 48 hours prior to the scene (and certainly isolate him from other dogs for good measure).

    • Huron

      Best response ever!

  • Three Olives

    Maybe he could be referring to other STI tests but I thought scorpion tattoos were about as subtle as biohazard tattoos to indicate the person that has it is HIV positive?

    • aj

      wow thats my first time hearing that

      • David1983

        same here

    • You are correct it is another way for HIV+ gay men (maybe straight too?) to indicate that they are positive to get a scorpion tattoo because the scorpions sting is venomous . Doubters can Google it.

  • BoomPow Douche bag thinks having bareback sex for money equals self respect & respect for your partners and having bareback sex for pleasure and intimacy equals no self respect or respect for your partners? Fuck off Doe Boy!

  • wdeee

    I won’t even comment on the ignorance and disconnect exhibited by Miles but isn’t all of that testing and clearance stuff supposed to be handled by the company the models work for? If Miles is so concerned about STI transmission, shouldn’t he be working with companies that thoroughly test their models? As my grandma always said, “when you lay down with dogs, you get UP with fleas”.

  • Todd

    Can you please add this looooooosah to your list of people you DONT cover ??? Ewwwwww

  • Pinko of the Grange

    He is just a beta trying desperately to be an alpha, and most of the world is just to polite not to call him on it.

  • Marik Ishtar

    Zach, stop advertising that he’s homophobic. You will only encourage studios to hire him more. Adam Ramzi is probably petitioning to be his next scene partner as we speak.
    Raging Stallion is preparing a scene where he plays a teacher. Paul Canon, Damien Kyle, and Jake Porter have already signed up to play students at Chump University. Where they’ll learn to shoot their loads like they shoot their mouths.
    Maybe they’ll learn to shoot each other and solve all the worlds problems.
    You are right Sasha Velor, I’m sorry. But there’s only so much ignorance a rose tattoo can cover.

    When these people (like Miles and Keller) dig in their heels, we walk passed them. But what happens when they shout “Wait for me!”, do we pause and let them catch up or continue to leave them behind?

    • B.C.

      I have a problem with you mentioning Adam Ramzi and even Colby Keller in the post about G4pay arachnid loving right wing soldier Miles. It seems unnecessary and over-dramatic.

      • Marik Ishtar

        I admit that Adam may have been a bit extreme; perhaps I should have used Teagan Zayne instead? My point is that there are people who seem to run towards storms. Believing that befriending controversy makes them appear benevolent when it may actually be encouraging discordance.
        I stand by what I said about Colby, he did dig in his heels, and I’m curious to know if it will hurt him in the long run.

        • Huron

          Colby Keller is not a psychotic like Miles! Colby isn’t going around asking innocent humans to run interference with semiautomatic weapons to literally kill themselves! As Miles has stated. If you want to be an ass get in line behind Seargent Miles. In fact get infront of an semiautomatic weapons right next to Miles and tell us how you feel. That is what he said to and I quote ” The pussies that were hiding in the high school”. So please go a head and not be a pussy like Miles and see if you survive. Geesh there is a difference in the beliefs of Colby Keller and the war monger Sargent Miles.

  • Cubankid

    Where on earth do these “casting agents” find these men at? Miles being a bigot isn’t anything new, it just has never been talked about. One of those things that was swept under the pink rug.

  • Ninja0980

    And yet studios will still cast this guy and people will still watch someone who has made it clear he has nothing but contempt for us.
    I don’t get that, I truly don’t.

  • Romanno Salt

    i think Sargent Miles has a fair point about the tests. if models hook up with people after the test and before their scene, the test is worthless and the model exposes all of his scene partners to risk of disease.

    • BoomPow

      Wrong. He only gets to decide what he does in his own personal life. He doesn’t get to choose when, where, why, and with who, other people hook up with or what they do in their personal lives. Responsibility starts at home and he’s not taking any responsibility for his own choice to do bareback porn. Nobody is forcing him to take loads for money. It’s really very simple. Asshole needs to take responsibility for his own life and stop pointing fingers at everybody else.

      • n24rc

        Yep, and I would question Sgt Miles( or anyone in straight porn) logical reasons for thinking Straight porn is any better – testing only serves to detect from prior sexual history, not concurrent or proceeding ones after the test…the test doesn’t protect people from STI’s

    • Entropyguy

      If Miles is so concerned about catching something from a scene partner he really should stick to condom-only porn. Or get out of the industry altogether.

    • John

      Agree with Salt. Even sucking the dick with STIs is contagious. Have you ever watched the scene only sex with condom without sucking dicks and cum-shots?(or only for Paddy O’brain?)

      If what he does in his own personal life (choice) does not matter to making a porn, then why people keep bashing about him supporting Trump?

    • Well then he should not do bareback scenes. But he has not right dictating what his costars do when they are off camera.

    • n24rc

      Exactly… your point invalidates the credibility of straight porn – they argue they have “strict” testing, and thus can have bareback sex…yet Sgt Miles has no issues working with their talent – because it’s bigoted to assume a test on a straight set has more credibility than ones on the gay side as in either case you can have sex between tests…it’s bullshit to assume your partner is safe because they have a pair of tits and pussy, or just a pair of tits for tranny porn.

      People in porn are such bullshitters.

  • Marik Ishtar

    As always I’m baffled why studios hire men like this. I remember when Miles was talking about how he understood why straight porn didn’t trust crossovers, referring to HIV as unclean, and brought up his fears of scene partners barebacking. Billy Santoro and him were discussing this and I was like “You realize he’s talking about you, right?” Anyway, some performers called him out through subtweets, but I didn’t understand why not call him out directly. It wasn’t the first time his ignorance wasn’t being checked, so why continue to give a pass? It’s like the whole network was so afraid of stirring drama they let it fester. All those people around him calling themselves #sexpositive and proud sex workers, yet not one took a minute tell him “Just because you stick to eating apples in your personal life doesn’t make you healthier than those who enjoy eating oranges. And regardless of your fruit affliction you should still see a doctor because even veggies don’t keep the doctor away.”
    And don’t even fall back on “difference of opinion”. You have the time and tools to educate the man but did nothing. Some of you write editorials about why we shouldn’t exile gay-for-pay and Trump supporters but are silent when homophobia is right under your wing.

    It’s not about picking sides. Just ask yourself how are your actions (or inaction) making a better world for us all.

  • All the dying nearly bankrupt studios who continue to hire disgusting gay4pay homophobic jerks

    Kind of like the drunks on Skid Row with a failing Liver but they still need that bottle that’s all they know and Lucas looks to be picking up some Skid Row men!

    Will be so happy when Lucas flips belly up and Raging Falcon Hot pass into history. Long since given up on seeing even a glimpse of the gods who used to be featured at Falcon or the hot sweaty men at Raging.

    They all scraped the bottom of the barrel with this guy

  • pje821

    His hideous and creepy pec tattoos alone would keep me from hiring him (if I were a studio head). I can’t stand looking at him, and will not watch a scene with him in it. Knowing how he treats gay models only reinforces my opinion of him.

  • Scrapple

    Wait, Kurtis is gay now? Did I miss the fuchsia alert on my phone? I’m living for that cum shade. If Kurtis has to fake a popshot that’s pretty telling.

    As for Miles:

    You’re so concerned about viral loads, but you’re working with Lucas? You’re getting the lower tier STI tests? You’re doing bareback at all? What? When people are running around doing all that accusing it’s usually because they’re guilty and want to divert attention. That coupled with Kurtis’ comments about testing makes me think there might be some Mr. Marcus type shenanigans at play…

    And Anonymous Whistleblowing Henny, you might do well to check your credit report and put out a fraud alert, because I wouldn’t trust that hoe with your personal info. I wish you had read Miles for Lucas-grade filth for trying to come for your sexual history. As if STIs are only contracted during gay sex, and all gay models have bareback sex. Like Miles is cloistering himself after every testing and before every scene. Miles, get your life and get some books so you can become educated. Also, get your closet together, because it is filled with self-loathing, dusty skeleton bones and worn out Joy Mangano hangers.

    • elyp

      Probably the “gay” part refers to him performing in gay porn scenes?

      • Scrapple

        No, because Zach wrote “another gay co-star” not “another gay porn co-star.” Miles only seems to be going after the gay ones, because of course if you’re a gay man you’re a promiscuous street whore.

        Also, I checked out Kurtis’ sm and saw the husband/fiancé.

    • Default_User

      Did i miss something? I always thought Kurtis is gay.

      • Scrapple

        When he first arrived at Randy Blue? From what I remember the presentation was “straight, but fucked around with guys before porn.”

  • Scrapple

    I’ve always been curious about testing procedures. From what I’ve heard, quite a few studios let models use tests that are up to thirty days old. That’s a long ass time. A lot can happen in thirty days. Most people wouldn’t buy a carton of milk if it was seven days past the expiration date, but sex workers are relying on weeks-old tests? That seems like a bad idea, regardless of what type of porn you’re doing. I guess it’s no different than non-porn life, where probably most sexually active people don’t get tested monthly. But the assumption is men and women who shoot porn are going to have a bigger sexual chain link fence than the average sexually active person.

  • emercycrite

    Two words: stupid cunt.

    • Huron


  • James Johnson III

    I’m literally ashamed that I already own 2 scenes with this disgusting, likely mentally unstable thing (I can’t call him a human being if he would behave the way these stories say he does)

  • Drunky McDrunkerson

    but he’s old as hell and not that hot, he looks like Nick Offerman. Nope.

    • Benton Fraser

      How old is the “Sergeant”? Also, Nick Offerman: yes!

  • Scrapple

    JoJo! Should Miles apologize to save face and coins, I’ll be inspired to post a “Too Little, Too Late” gif.

  • nick

    oh, we’re still on this…….

  • Baradude

    Don’t even get me started about this beautiful man he left porn to soon he could have been the next Brent Corrigan!

  • Baradude

    Omg that gif brought me back to my Jr year of high school ?

  • Estelle

    Considering at least 90% of female talent is escorting with civilians that don’t test like porn performers do then the point is moot and the people defending this are naive morons.

    A clean test doesn’t and has never meant much in any part of porn since so many on both sides are hooking and now filming on the side with only fans, chartube etc….

  • The Porn Emperor

    Girl, please. You only have to read (and I use that term loosely–“decode” might be more accurate) Sergeant Miles’s social media posts to see that he is not particularly educated or bright. Like many other people, he is unable to follow a consistent line of reasoning. I feel a little sorry for him–he’s just dense and ignorant. You have to have low expectations for such people.

  • rooster sideburbs

    look at all these queens calling someone a bigot for dumb crap this blog posts. Miles isnt a right wing trump supporter you drama queens grow some balls. Calling everyone homophobic and bigoted because they have a diff opinion is a turn off. Ive even seen some girly men call him a racist for voting for trump. Get your panties out of your gaping asses. Miles is a real man who served this country in rhe armed services.

  • CamCam

    This pisses me off cause I used to like Sergeant but i can’t support an evil creep like this RAT right here. He needs to lose his career but sadly, this will make gay porn studios hire him even more. Look at Colby Keller for God’s sake. This is an abomination.

  • Kevin Jones

    LOL! If he is so worried about catching something, then either stop doing bareback or quit porn altogether. Problem solved.

  • This guy is delusional and mentally not all there. He needs to just retire and disappear from the public eye. I can see him doing really well in some rural area with lots of rednecks.

  • Ant

    I found Sergeant Miles even more attractive after this except for all his alt-right BS. Colter has a point though. He needs a different job if he’s so scared of getting STDs. I personally would never BB ever, not even random hookups unless everyone is protected and no anal. I’m way too scared.

  • Marcus Collack

    “I don’t want to catch something because you can’t stop fucking bareback” said the man who agrees to shoot Bareback porn…Like WTF

  • gaycuckhubby

    I thought it was the position of advocates for decades now that gay men should take their sexual health in their own hands and ask for latest test results and talk to their Partners about sexual history. Is being cautious now homophobic? If you are comfortable with your sexual behavior then you shouldn’t feel offended or ashamed when someone asks for your sexual history.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Countdown until Jaxton Wheeler tweets at him…

  • Cosmic

    I can see why he’s such a fan of the orange shit stain, he’s the same combination of mean, arrogant and VERY stupid.

  • paultacoma51

    Is it any wonder that “Sgt” Miles is a Trumper? Who else blames everyone else for his problems? If he is so afraid of STDs he shouldn’t be doing bareback; or how about getting out of porn and getting a job where he can keep his clothes on? And if Wolfe is right, he’s not even ponying up the cash to get a thorough test for himself! People who like pointing the finger are usually the biggest hypocrites.

  • He is beautiful, but disgusting… even his other type of porn.

  • Marcel M

    Plus he is NOT gay, he’s bisexual and fucks trannies also.

  • connor oborn

    its sound thinking on Miles part its odd they don’t think of their ‘show biz’ as a career vs a fuck a thon’ it strikes me that Miles is taking his ‘craft’ seriously and wants longevity…what is wrong with that? i think these other models are bias with Miles MAGA again and if this other models had ever contributed to the American democracy vs being so swayed by their far left media agenda this discussion wouldn’t be taking place

    • Zachary Sire

      fuck off