Here’s The Scene With “Nutjob” Trump Supporter Sergeant Miles That “Disgusts” Co-Star Kurtis Wolfe

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ragy5Proud Donald Trump supporter Sergeant Miles is back in another gay porn scene today for Raging Hot Falcon, and while his deluded fans might enjoy it, one person who definitely won’t be watching is Miles’ co-star in the scene, Kurtis Wolfe.

93758_12As you’ll recall, Kurtis Wolfe joined several performers and fans in speaking out against Sergeant Miles after the Trump voter shared his deranged beliefs that teachers should be armed with guns, and that the children who were attempting to hide from the mass shooter in Parkland, Florida last month were “cowering in closets” and part of an “institution of cowardness [sic].”

milesw coward

Kurtis Wolfe filmed the scene being released today several weeks prior to Miles’ idiotic and offensive tweets, and he subsequently shared his “disgust” that he had performed with Miles, not knowing how much of a “nutjob” he was:

Screen-Shot-2018-03-08-at-4.59.38-PMUnfortunately, Wolfe probably isn’t the only performer who filmed with Miles without being aware of his right wing beliefs and hardcore support of the Trump administration. Just last week, Miles was hired again by Raging Hot Falcon (who, apparently, enjoys having someone like Miles represent their studio and their brand?) to perform in the studio’s first bareback movie, and his co-star then was Eddy Ceetee.

In addition to his support of Trump and assault weapons used in mass murders, Miles also believes in deporting Dreamers who have lived in the United States their entire lives as the children of immigrants, because they are “trespassing.” Here he is being dragged by Eric Paul Leue of the Free Speech Coalition (the porn industry trade group), performer Aleks Buldocek, and several others on Twitter:

miles1 miles2 miles3 miles4

And, here’s Miles again last month, explaining that he feels out of place in Portland, Oregon, because of “douchebag social justice warriors, feminazis, and idiot Hillary supporters”:

miles5And, as a reminder, Miles has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump for years, reminding fans that he voted for the disgraced game show host to be President, and that “Trump supports LGBTQ people” (which, as everyone knows, is completely false):

DS1aU7WVwAAeOgN DS1aQcCU0AIkr66So, which gay porn studio will be paying Sergeant Miles to fuck in a gay porn scene for gay fans to enjoy next? Turns out, it’s disgraced gay porn studio Lucas Entertainment (not that Lucas actually pays people). A perfect match:


  • buffy2004

    Well, Miles and Lucas are a match made in hell so that is that. That someone pay to watch this kind of people on their porn is unbelievable for me.

    • Jeff Shew

      OH, I don’t buy Lucas scenes….I proudly steal Duckface’s product off tube sites–thank you overseas porny tech geeks :-)

  • byeberlin

    Such a shame that Miles is so gross because I love seeing Kurtis in action, especially as a bottom.

  • FieldMedic

    Miles is a perfect example of how the conservative mindset rots the brain.

  • Silver64
  • hk47Mik

    Always thought Aleks Buldocek was HOTT, seeing him disagree with this asshat made him even hotter now….love me some Kurtis wolfe but will definitely be skipping this one….

  • sxg

    Oh Kurtis Wolfe was very well aware of Miles’ support of Trump before the stupid gun tweets came out I’m sure. Kurtis is just a good pornstar that he sucks it up and pushes forward because it’s a job. But as great as Kurtis is, even he couldn’t completely hide his disgust for Miles because he had to fake his own cumshot
    Wait, why is Miles filming with duckface studios again? I thought he was glad he didn’t have to work with such a disgraceful company since his “contact” expired? Maybe he has received severe backlash from his dumbass tweets and he saw his bookings diminished and he had no choice but to run back to that hideous studio?

    • sxg

      BTW, I was wondering why this wasn’t a flip fuck scene and I noticed he hasn’t bottomed in porn in a long time. I was told that he doesn’t do it anymore because he doesn’t want to get blacklisted from straight porn. So it sounds like it could be fun tweeting out old pics of him bottoming and tag straight porn studios and pornstars he’s worked with…

      • lordgabux

        mwhahaha evil
        i love it
        And you know that’s BS because Lucas Knight bottomed ad nauseam and is doing very well in straight porn, so maybe no one can get it hard for him….

      • n24rc

        Porn is so regressive and hypocritical, because they take liberties and falsehoods to vilify gay/bi men from working as crossovers.

        Do you know how many excons, heroin addicts, and male/female escorts, do sex work on the side off set – on the straight side? Christ the whole Stormy Daniels saga outs porn performers as prostitutes, and allegedly Trump has a myriad of STI’s and had bareback sex with her…this is so stupid.

        The fact that they prevent gay porn actors from working in straight porn is laughable.

    • C A

      Like Mr. LeakedandLoaded?

  • Marko

    Feminazis? Pfft. I bet there are a good number of Dreamers who can spell ‘border’ and who contribute far more to the country and the world than Sgt Dingdong. I’m embarrassed I briefly crushed on this dumbass.

    • McM.

      Look. You can’t un-fap your dick.

      But you can make better choices.

  • Scrapple

    Let the dragging continue.

    Reveals like this make me happy mental instability and ignorance aren’t STIs.

    • McM.

      I bet that effect in Ghost cost tens of thousands of dollars to produce, and the studio required a highly trained team to pull it off.

      Nowadays there’s channels like FilmRiot teaching people how to do it in an afternoon with free editing software and an entry level Canon dslr.

  • edginghours

    The cognitive dissonance of the right:

    1) Gun laws won’t stop crime because criminals don’t follow the law.
    2) We need stronger enforcement of our immigration laws to stop illegal immigration.

    They don’t see the conflict in believing both at the same time.

  • Marik Ishtar

    When Sergeant Miles gets arrested for something (and you know he will at some point) I’m going to laugh my ass off so hard.

    • n24rc

      Most likely because of domestic abuse.

  • pje821

    Miles has clearly drunk the Trump/Fox Koolaid. He’s obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree. Not even knowing his political leanings before now, I couldn’t stand his appearance what with those stupid, hideous tattoos. I will not watch any scene that includes him, no matter the costar.


      What have u drank CNN aka FNN the Fake news networj

  • Xzamilloh

    Yes, Miles Sergeant, Trump apparently supports LGBTQ people, which is why he when he wasn’t lining his cabinet with Goldman-Sachs lackeys, he was lining it with anti-LGBT members and appointing a religious shock therapy encouraging wackadoodle as his VP. You know, I used to be of the anti-SJW variety until slowly but surely, I started to realize that idiots like Sergeant Miles, or Ben Shapiro, or Dave Rubin, or Faith Goldy, or Steven Crowder, and those white nationalist ethnostate advocates were not being called out for their egregiously horrible arguments and heinous behavior.

    Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate but we’re past that nonsense, even if she and Trump aren’t. Trump is just objectively bad, has demonstrated what a clusterfuck his administration is, and has made America into a complete joke. But the good news is that the tide has officially turned and he knows it, what with Alabama turning long held red seat blue, and with the recent loss of Saccone to Lamb in Pennsylvania.

    Sorry, Miles, but when you’re trying to deport individuals that have only known America and were brought here through no choice of their own, shouting down teenagers looking to actively make a difference with gun reform because they are sick of being held hostage to an actual powerful minority (The NRA and weak politicians), and a president who is the embodiment of everything you claim SJWs are (a thin-skinned snowflake that cannot take any criticism and only surrounds themselves with people that agree with them), then you’re gonna have to forgive me for not giving a shit about some blue-haired unicorn screaming about made up pronouns on college campuses.

  • Devin

    I don’t think ICE needs to be abolished. That’s like saying get rid of law enforcement. They may be heavily flawed, but to abolish them would be anarchy

    • Aaron Boone

      Sounds awesome.

  • KingBeaArthur

    1. Kurtis Wolfe
    2. Kurtis Wolfe bottoming

    but…Sergeant Miles is vile…

  • Jeff Shew

    Just curious…does he know he shot a bareback scene for Cruz & Co at Hot Raging Falcon with a man who is Arab? Being a Trump person, I am surprised he did the scene…

  • Miles has the right to support Trump but when he makes a completely false statement like “Trump supports LGBTQ people” that crosses the line for me. The only thing Trump supports about our community is taking our rights away, and allowing us to be denied service in the name of “religious liberty”. And If he feels so out of place in Portland than he should just not come back to the whole west coast cause Portland is not that much different than Seattle, San Francisco or LA. All three west coast states voted for Hillary sadly due to our archaic electoral college system the idiot candidate won more like stole the election. Miles should go to work for Trump and retire from porn for good. Then he can work for the liar in chief as Porn Star liason or something. Stormy is probably not the only one Trump has slept with.

  • n24rc

    I’d say it’s weird when a porn star has conservative ideology since it often conflicts with the porn industry entirely; but given Trump is the face of the GOP and his ties to Stormy Daniels, I’d have to say it doesn’t matter anyways.

    SgtMiles is a Greedy coward who spouts off this shit on twitter, but would he be so inclined to stand infront of a huge auditorium full of students and victims of this mass shooting and tell them to buck it up and have a “duel.” You are such a Pussy.

    Any Studio willing to hire him are terrible as well. I wouldn’t put it past the straight industry to look the other way eventually and welcome him. They are terribly regressive and greedy as well.

    Let’s face it with this shit pouring out of his mouth, his shelf life has gotten shorter.

  • n24rc

    SgtMiles shouldn’t talk about work visas and committing crimes, as it might hurt his employment changes with Lucas if ICE shows up the next visit ML makes to the US.

  • n24rc

    This is why twitter sucks for porn as the talent tweets and retweets stupid shit, rather than nudes or clips. Pick a fucking lane and stay in it, your not a fox news anaylist commentator.


    Why cant Sargent Miles be allowed to support Trump. Trump is draining the swamp and producing jobs and our economy is skyrocketing. As a conservative we are sick of the looney lefts whining and crying. I am sorry i didnt want your sorry ass Killary Clinton who would have increased welfare, taxes and overregulated businesses. Hilary is a freaking embarassment. I appreciate Sargent Miles opinions.

  • Dicky

    QMN has an “open letter” rebuttal to “recent attacks on [his] character” posted now if you guys are willing to continue your reporting.

  • FrenchBug

    Steve Cruz defending Miles because he had a “different life experience” lands him on my forever shit list.
    There are no excuses to racism and if you are making some, then you are as responsible for enabling and propagating it as those who spew that hate stuff.
    Vile, vile, vile. I am beyond angry.

  • Marcus Collack

    so is this an update…or nah