18th Employee Comes Forward To Accuse Michael Lucas And Lucas Entertainment Of Harassment And Non-Payment

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hgwThe most complained about and legally challenged gay porn studio currently operating faces new accusations today, this time from a model who claims he was not paid for work he performed earlier this year. The model’s name is Geordie Jackson (a newcomer from the U.K.), and the studio is, of course, Michael Lucas’s “Lucas Entertainment.”

Tweets from Jackson this morning allege that after he demanded payment for scenes he recently completed, he was blocked by Lucas’s social media accounts. He went on to indicate that he might be speaking with Vice about his experience. (Str8UpGayPorn has reached out to Jackson for details on the non-payment, and will update this post when he responds).

geor1 geor2 geor3 geor4 geor5Geordie Jackson last tweeted positively about his Lucas work on October 14th, and the bulk of his scenes appear to have been filmed in Mexico. Since Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment were sued in 2015 for fraudulently filming scat porn in a California Airbnb rental home, Lucas routinely films internationally now, likely to avoid lawsuits or other legal issues when people like Jackson come forward.

Jackson joins the growing list of former performers and employees (at least 18 as of today) who’ve come forward over the last four years to accuse Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment of fraud, non-payment for work, verbal abuse and sexual harassment, transmission of STDs on sets, workplace violence, misrepresentation of STD testing procedures, and even illegal drug distribution, as performer Tom Faulk recently alleged that Michael Lucas injects the prescription drug Trimix into his employees’ penises during filming. When performers have tried to quit Lucas Entertainment and speak out in the past, Lucas (who is known outside of the porn world for his bigoted hate speech against Muslims, making him a hero for racist right-wing media outlets like Breitbart) has been caught on tape making verbal threats against the performers, promising to destroy their careers. Lucas has also been caught threatening porn media outlets that advertise his content, telling them to not advertise other studios that feature models who’ve left his studio on bad terms.

There is no trade group, news site (other than Str8UpGayPorn), or union acting on reports that Lucas and Lucas Entertainment have mistreated or harassed employees, so if the company is ever going to be shut down for good, Lucas advertisers and Lucas retailers would need to stop promoting and selling his products, and consumers would obviously need to stop buying. The rights and well-being of sex workers (especially gay sex workers) have never been of any importance in American society—not even to many members of the sex industry itself, who happily do business with Michael Lucas today—so Lucas Entertainment continuing to operate while allegedly mistreating workers is not a surprise, unfortunately. Most people (including some members of the adult industry) will finish reading this article, shrug their shoulders, and say, “Oh well, that’s just Michael Lucas.”

See you back here next month when the next Lucas Entertainment performer comes forward to report abuse, harassment, non-payment, or something else.

  • as3487

    I don’t know how payment for porn works. If a performer quits during a shoot, is it accepted practice for studios to withhold payment?

    • McM.

      Depends on the contract.

      Then again, Zach noted how LucasEnt shoots internationally so this adds a layer of legal complications for unpaid performers restricting the studio from using their image for profit.

  • SaintMike

    there are trade groups and unions in porn? hm…didn’t know that

  • OverKill
  • FrenchBug

    I am torn between being secretly glad that there are still idiots willing to shoot for Lucas so that Zach has a fresh stream of stories underscoring what a horrible human being Lucas is hopefully to the point where *something* will finally happen to rid the world of this oozing sore on the scrotum of the gay porn world, or being at the point where if you are stupid enough to work for Lucas, I have zero sympathy when the inevitable and predictable happens.

    • Zachary Sire

      Conner Habib and I were talking on twitter about how so many Lucas models are foreign/international now, so there’s less chance they’re aware of who he is. And when something bad happens, they don’t know who to contact or what to do. They show up in one or two movies, then we never see them again. It’s all strategic on Lucas’s part. The majority of his casts are models from other countries, filmed outside the United States.

      • nick

        Clearly this blog should be compulsory reading for anyone embarking on a career in proffesional video whoremongery.

      • sxg

        Noticed that a LONG time ago. If the Vice article happens it could shed light on his dealings and he could end up in serious trouble for filming in countries where it’s illegal to film porn or he’s doing it without proper permits. Here’s hoping the article does happen.

      • skye3245

        But what about the non International guys and straight guys? Like Dakota Payne, Scott DeMarco, and others. Some are still willing to work with him even with his long sordid and destructive actions/rep. I don’t get it.

        • FrenchBug

          Well, Scott DeMarco also works for Jason Sparks so clearly he is at the very least not particularly bothered by sleaziness.
          But yeah you’re right that some names that pop up in his movies are puzzling, although thankfull fewer and fewer

  • Jace

    Lucas also hired a mass murderer, and even he complained about his treatment! At least the delicious Sergeant Miles has moved on to legit studios now.

    • nick

      Sergeant Miles………mmmmmmmmm.

  • Xzamilloh

    So how good must it be for Sean Xavier that he is still on Lucas Ent’s roster? And he would be dynamite at Cockyboys or NDE or a black studio that doesn’t edit atrociously like Dawg Pound, and he’s done a video for them in the past… that was edited atrociously.

  • Zealot

    You have blasphemed against the porn Gods. Your shooting sites are an abomination and besot with the droppings of thine performers before the most Almighty. Your paychecks bounce higher than you can shoot your tired old balls’ load. You infest the temples and bodies of your followers with pestilence and you spew falsehoods against thine brethren and kinsmen. Now I come before you to pledge that a host of trials shall befall thee if thy do not…


  • wincrasher

    hmmm…is he more likely to get sued into bankruptcy, or is he more likely to get murdered by one of his actors who’s mentally unstable? We need a statistician to weigh in here….

  • Ricky

    Lucas releases a new high-quality film every two weeks and has maintained that schedule for some time. He has to pay some of the models, more than a few do appear frequently, like American-born Devin Franco and Adam Killian.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Perhaps there is a pattern in cutting checks. ML, the Russian mob, overhead, locations, contract crew, staff, local talent, and finally the out of town talent. Just spitballin’ here.

  • CamCam

    This is so disappointing because Lucas makes some of the hottest films in gay porn but if they’re gonna treat their models like they’re nothing, then something MUST be done, even if it involves the law. And he’s this racist/bigot too? Man his ass needs to be grass like yesterday. It’s not cool at all.

    • Hari Kalyan

      I know I feel guilty watching but at least I don’t buy/subscribe to LE. I hope that absolves me. He and colby Keller need to be blackballed from porn

  • McM.

    Nothing is going to happen.

    Any studio or website making money off LucasEnt will always choose the money over performer well-being.

  • PaulieP

    revenge was so much sweeter before stupid twitter. announcing your intention is dumb.


    I would not expect anything less from a NASTY FUCKER like DUCK FACE Lucas !!!

  • Baradude
  • Badbike

    WHY.DO.PEOPLE.STILL.WORK.FOR.THIS.MAN?!?! At this point it is widely known how awful he and his company is. If you get caught up in his bullshit I feel not a lot for you cuz that shows you’ve done zero research which is foolish.

  • This just shows another sad way the gay porn industry has change since I retired. For in my days of doing porn, I always left a shoot with either cash or a check in my hand.

    However, this does not surprise me. After all, we are talking about Michael Lucas. A creature of no conviction. The only conviction he has is to do what’s common of people in the sex industry. Filling his pocket by preying on those who have doubts about their sexual beauty for one reason or another, and making a fetish out of it to sell, be it overtly or covertly.

    • Dulcis Memoria

      “Filling his pocket by preying on those who have doubts about their
      sexual beauty for one reason or another, and making a fetish out of it
      to sell, be it overtly or covertly.”

      No one has ever expressed this so succinctly and insightfully! Bravo, and Thank You!

  • Kevin

    Don’t really watch porn from LE don’t really feel sorry for models from the States or UK who decide to work for him because his treatment of certain models is public knowledge but there are models who continue to work for him like Tomas Brand and US models like Sergeant and Dylan James and they don’t complain about him.

  • n24rc

    Why is this guy even in gay porn if he is straight? Clearly the excuse of, “there a lot of money in it” cannot be used by these guys anymore.

  • Skipper217

    Another reason he shoots in Mexico could be that, under US law (2257) it’s illegal to shoot a foreign citizen in the US unless he has a US-issued ID, like a green card and/or a work permit. And it’s unlikely anyone would go to that trouble (and wait) for that. Shooting in Mexico allows Lucas to bypass that law and use all the foreign talent he wants.