Exclusive: Court Issues $1,000 Civil Judgment Against Michael Lucas For Not Paying Performer Beau Reed

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Last November, gay porn star Beau Reed told his story of on-set abuse and non-payment after working for Michael Lucas’ Lucas Entertainment during a shoot last fall. Now, Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment’s failure to pay Beau Reed has been proven in a New York City small claims court, and a civil judgment has been issued against the studio for $1,000 owed to Reed.

Here’s the judgment against Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment in the state of New York, awarding claimant Beau Reed (whose legal name has been redacted) a total of $1,020:

UjWdiGCB.jpg largeLucas had 30 days to comply with the January 17th judgment and pay the $1,020, but the 30-day mark passed last Friday, and Beau Reed tells Str8UpGayPorn that Lucas once again failed to pay him. Because Lucas did not abide by the court’s order, Reed says he’ll be contacting the court to take further action, which can include garnishment of Michael Lucas’ wages, liens against any of Lucas’ properties, or levies on any of Lucas’ bank accounts. The judgment against Michael Lucas’ Lucas Entertainment will be on their credit report for up to 10 years.

unanem3wws3Ujoq.jpg largeAs previously reported, Beau Reed performed in one scene during a Lucas Entertainment shoot in Barcelona last year (as seen above), but he was promised work in two scenes and a total payment of $1,000 (and, this was after Reed had to pay for his own flight from Canada to Spain). After completion of Reed’s one scene (which was released this month), Michael Lucas verbally harassed and insulted Reed on set, telling him that his skin was “bad,” his face was “puffy,” and that his skin was “too dark.”

Michael Lucas was present at the arbitration in New York last month, and he brought along two witnesses to testify against Reed. Those witnesses were performers Manuel Skye and Aaden Stark, who were on the Barcelona shoot. Skye and Stark regurgitated Lucas’ insults about Reed’s appearance (which don’t comport with any of the photos of Reed from the production, as seen above and below) during their testimony as part of Lucas’s defense for non-payment.

“Manuel Skye testified that I had craters on my body, and Aaden testified that it looked like I had a bad rash,” Reed tells Str8UpGayPorn, adding, “Both obviously lied, as is evidenced by the numerous pictures, the OnlyFans videos, and the subsequent scene with Diego and Wagner. It was very difficult for me to sit there and listen to their testimony.”

As Reed notes, Lucas posted an OnlyFans video featuring Reed after the shoot (which Reed reported due to non-consent, and had pulled down from the amateur video site), and the Lucas Entertainment scene featuring him and two other models was in fact released this month. Despite the claims about Reed’s appearance that led to his canceled shoots and non-payment, Lucas has been advertising the Reed scene—for which, again, Reed has still not been paid, despite a court order—all month, using it to promote Valentine’s Day sales and inundating social media followers with images of Reed every single day since the scene’s release:

lucas13 lucas2 lucas3 lucas7 lucas10 lucas15 lucas16 lucas14Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment have been accused of fraudillegal distribution of prescription drugs on sets, non-payment, harassment, and abuse by nearly two dozen employees, performers, and adult industry members over the last several years. The last civil lawsuit against Lucas—the infamous “feces mansion” lawsuit, in which Lucas was accused of desecrating a fraudulently rented Airbnb property by leaving it covered in drugs, urine, semen, and fecal matter—was settled out of court. Despite all of the credible allegations and now court-ordered judgments against him, Michael Lucas continues to produce content and receive promotion from some in the adult industry, who are complicit in his abuse.

The good news is, if Lucas and his disgraced studio can’t afford $1,020 even after a court ordered judgment, it shouldn’t be long before the entire studio is dead broke and shut down for good, and the abuse against performers can finally come to an end.

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  • Johnson

    Contact the Secretary of States Office and show them the judgement. Go after his license so he can’t be in business anymore and see how quick he pays.

  • Ty Huber

    I’m embarrassed to say I WAS a huge Lucas Entertainment fan. After it went bareback I loved the content, and was thrilled that downloading was opened up a couple years ago. Never realized what a sleaze ML is. So what to do with all this amazing, hot content I’ve downloaded? I’m thinking I’ll just keep it, and wave my hanky as ML Inc. gets what they deserve. I think my timing may have been perfect, though, because recent LE content hasn’t done much for me. Too many big ol’ tat daddies, not enough youngsters.

    • Stuart

      Lucas Entertainment has had many a hot guy in their movies over the years but they were all instantly ruined if Michael himself appeared, his stupid, pouty face just sucked all the hotness out of what would otherwise have been insanely sexy scenes.

      • Ty Huber

        I used to feel that way about ML onscreen — so very self-indulgent. And those endless, boring interviews! But these unsavory discoveries about what a shady fellow he is will make it difficult to enjoy seeing him at all.

  • Scrapple

    Michael’s standard response to any allegations or court rulings:


    Too bad deportation isn’t on the table. It pains me to see Manuel tied up in this mess. I thought he was better than that.

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  • GuruMike

    What kind of an asshole doesn’t pay his workers? Oh right. This one.

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  • luke hart

    It’s only $1000… with the amount they prob spent on lawyers, you’d think it would have been easier to pay him what they owed and be done with it.

    • BoomPow

      No lawyers involved in small claims court.

      • Maximus

        Parties are permitted to retain, and be represented by, private counsel for small claims proceedings. The vast majority of small claims cases are litigated pro se, but one does see attorneys from time to time.

    • JStar377

      Depending on the situation, you can sometimes get your attorney’s fees (usually limited by the judge). It makes litigating a small claim kind of a bitch if you have to pay the other side’s legal fees which are more than the value of the claim. This is why you know when to settle. Lucas would have been better off just offering him $500 to walk away, but I suspect his pride got in the way.

  • TheThom

    I’ve taken shits that were far more enjoyable experiences than anything Scrooge McDuckface has ever produced. Beau Reed is fucking beautiful. You pay your bitches, or you get stitches. That’s how it works.

  • Badbike

    Also who are the two dicks that told witness accounts against Beau? They should be put under the ringer too.

  • QuantiCat

    I’m sure Lucas’s tears over any impending financial woes would be delicious if the botox hasn’t yet destroyed his ability to produce them


  • BoomPow

    Let’s break this down. Petty. Vindictive. Unscrupulous businessman. Disrespected by his peers. Always getting sued & always losing. Cheats his employees. Must be a graduate of the fraudulent, now defunct, Trump U. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d5d7ab86e9cefa40b358ed466deb21ecf911a150fdffff93a7c39ffd6ef8b8d.jpg

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      And don’t forget – Michael Lucas is Russian!

  • hdc2015

    I’m surprised that this is not yet a class action suit lol.

  • A.C.

    This is not legal advice and should not be considered in lieu of speaking with another qualified attorney.

    At this point Mr. Reed’s first priority should be to move to enforce the judgment. It is in the first phases of this process that he could wield quite a bit of leverage against the studio. He should immediately move to record the judgment with the clerk of court. After that, he should serve MLE with an information subpoena. This will require him to disclose the assets of the business and where the assets are located. This would include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, property, and even office furniture. I am reasonably certain that an individual of such immense pride as Mr. Lucas would not want to disclose this information publicly for fear of embarrassment, and instead would relent and pay. If on the off chance he remains defiant and does not pay the judgment and or answer the information subpoena, Mr. Reed would then have clear license to file a civil contempt motion. If an order of contempt is entered on the record then a warrant can be issued directing the sheriff to bring MLE’s legal representative (likely Mr. Lucas himself) to court to answer the questions from the information subpoena on the record. Failure to comply at that point seems highly unlikely.

    My professional experience is that delinquent defendants tend to comply upon receipt of the information subpoena and simultaneous notice of the potential for criminal consequences for failure to comply.

    • JStar377

      Curious, did you notice that the section for judge was crossed out? Does that mean they were in arbitration? I wonder if Lucas includes an arbitration clause in his contracts or maybe the NY small claims courts makes parties try ADR. Not that that should make any difference in recording and collecting on the judgment, although it might be insult added to injury if he was forced to pay arbitration fees on top of the judgment.

      • A.C.

        In New York’s small claims court a litigant can choose to have their case heard by a judge or an arbitrator. As arbitrators outnumber judges almost 3:1, a plaintiff has a better chance of being heard quicker than if they request a judge. I suspect that Mr. Reed chose the arbitrator over a Judge, and I am also inclined to believe that Mr. Lucas did not appear for the trial and this was likely the result of a default judgement. Whatever the case the judgment is due and owing and Mr. Reed would do well to pressure Mr. Lucas immediately so as to receive his money sooner.

    • Maximus

      Is mediation ever available to litigants in N.Y. small claims courts?

      • A.C.

        Most certainly mediation is offered and more importantly it is strongly encouraged as an alternative to arbitration or trial. In fact, on the order of 88% of cases are handled by mediation at no cost to either of the parties.

        As the statements made during a mediation, including the mediation itself, can never be admitted or introduced at trial, it is a savvy lawyer’s way of discovering the other sides legal theories, strategy, and evidence before trial; a way to gauge the strength of their case and any weaknesses in mine. If the latter proves insurmountable I take my client aside and I encourage them to settle. If not, then I hold firm while at least appearing to earnestly engage the process so that I can learn as much about what I may face at trial as possible. In short, it provides me with a tactical/strategic advantage. When done properly mediation is a very effective alternative dispute resolution tool.

        You should see about becoming a licensed mediatior in NYC. I have a feeling that despite your misanthropic inclinations and tilts toward cynicism (and you are not alone in those feelings, ahem) you would find it to be a rather rewarding experience, ironically.

        • Maximus

          I’m certified as a mediator in Massachusetts. I do find it quite rewarding (most of the time… I’ve definitely been through some hellish mediations).

          I’m shocked by that statistic. Small claims mediation in Massachusetts is conducted entirely by volunteers affiliated with private organizations. The number of mediators available to litigants varies from court to court, and often from week to week. Even when mediators are available, there’s generally only a single case that goes to mediation (courts with busier dockets will have one to four mediation cases per week). It’s not uncommon to have zero cases go to mediation some weeks. How do the NY courts manage to get so many litigants to (1) actually show up to small claims sessions, and (2) agree to participate in mediation?

          • A.C.

            Actually, there are a fair number of small claims cases that end in defaults or in dismissals, particularly if both of the litigants are pro se. When one of the litigants is a corporation or some business entity, the business and the other party are often eager to mediate so as to work out the best deal without spending all day at trial. The fear of the unknown and being able to try a case successfully are powerful motivators.

            While mediation is always voluntary both litigants are reminded of court supervised and community based mediation centers and that it is always better to settle as opposed to taking the case to trial where the outcome is left to a judge.

            In New Jersey things are more direct. When the litigants show up for court they are immediately sent out to speak with a mediatior regardless of their desire to do so. The judges will not hear their cases until they have at least made an attempt to mediate the matter. It may not be successful but it is required. The mediators are all lawyers who work as court clerks in the courthouse and are relatively recent graduates from law school. In NY and NJ having a court system that is so invested in mediation makes the process work and adds to its success.

            I volunteered as a mediator for a little bit, however, I found that we were spending more time in training than actually hearing disputes. More importantly, they were never small claims cases but rather cases referred by the municipal courts. These were cases where one of the litigants swore out a criminal complaint against the other over some sort of ordinance violation or misdemeanor infraction. Either way it was not a small claims court matter.

          • Maximus

            That’s fascinating. New York and New Jersey operate very differently from Massachusetts.

  • Maximus
  • Trepakprince

    My opinion of Manuel has drastically changed. You’d think someone of his age would have a bit of honor. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df85687a8250da036ed6de9e1a41514ed671470a76d01fe4f3e72874302d3c24.gif

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  • peter

    I hope Fishface is so broke he has to file Chapter 7 to get out of paying this judgement

    • Seanumich

      Thats doesnt do Beau Reed any good at all. If he dosnt have assets totalling $1020, the studio would be closed already

  • Kanaka

    As a fan of Diego and Wagner I had to watch that scene. Beau was on it, looked good and the guys seemed to really enjoy teaming him. Lucas is a douchebag.

  • Devin

    Michael is too busy fucking boys on OnlyFans :)

  • youbitchesneedscience

    He only got paid $1000 and had to pay for his own airfare? And put up with Lucas’ abuse? So not worth it…