Exclusive: Performer Beau Reed Accuses Michael Lucas And Lucas Entertainment Of Abuse And Non-Payment For Scenes

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beaudPerformer Beau Reed has been working in gay porn for over four years, having shot with NextDoor, Men, Falcon, and several other studios. Last month, he pursued an opportunity to film with Lucas Entertainment in Spain, as he believed filming with the studio would help further his career and lead to more shoots with other studios. But, as is often the case with so many performers working with Michael Lucas, Beau Reed says he was abused, mistreated, and not paid for a filming agreement he made with Michael Lucas prior to the shoot.

Beau Reed is at least the 19th performer or employee to speak out and allege abuse, transmission of STDs on set, harassment, illegal distribution of prescription drugs on set, or non-payment by Michael Lucas over the last four years, and Str8UpGayPorn spoke to Reed below about his experience with Michael Lucas during the shoot in Spain. This included being insulted by Michael Lucas on set, being injected by Michael Lucas with the prescription drug Trimix, having to pay for his own flight to Spain (from Canada), and not being paid $1,000 for scenes he agreed to film.

0004Str8UpGayPorn: Hi Beau. So, before you went to Spain, how were arrangements made prior to the shoot, in terms of your scene rate, travel, and the production schedule?
Beau Reed: I talked to Michael Lucas, and he said he didn’t have the budget to fly me to Barcelona, but if I could make my way over there, he would put me in scenes.

He was saying you’d need to buy your own flight to Spain, and you’re in Calgary Alberta, Canada?
Yes. And I said I’d pay for my flight, as long as I had enough scenes to cover the cost and have a decent amount left. I see the reach Lucas has, and thought it would give me a bump in my career, and that it would lead to more work with other studios, so we agreed on me performing in three scenes.

What did he say he would pay for each of the scenes?
He was only willing to pay me $500 per scene.

Is that on the low end of scene rates?
Yeah, that’s low. I’ve been paid more at sites like BlacksOnBoys and NextDoorEbony. However, I understand smaller studios like BreedMeRaw often pay models less than $500 per scene. Lucas Entertainment is not a small studio, though.

They promote themselves as the largest gay porn studio in the world.
Right before my flight on November 4th, I got an email from the production assistant, Brian, saying they had changed my scene partners and reduced my scenes from three to two. So, now I was only looking at $1,000, and my flight was just over $1,000 CAD. It ended up looking like I might not even break even at this point.

Did you tell them this?

Yes. We went back and forth again, via email. Brian said he was really sorry, and that there was a miscommunication in the office. He then sent me an email with the third scene, and confirmed I was booked for a total of three scenes.

So things were looking good, other than having to pay for your own flight to Spain.
Everything was great. The production side of things was great. I arrived there on the 4th and was met at the airport by Brian. The villa we stayed in was beautiful. The production itself was streamlined and smooth. The crew and models prepare food and the models are taken care of just fine. From the production side of things, Lucas Entertainment did a fantastic job.

Photo of Beau Reed (far right) during Lucas shoot in Spain:

DOqgSfUVQAUXu-wSeveral performers have come forward to say that Michael Lucas makes them use Trimix, the prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. Did Lucas have Trimix at the villa?
Oh, yes. I have no issue with the use of erectile dysfunction drugs on set. I think it is a necessity in some situations, considering the length of more complicated scenes, like threesomes and gangbangs.

Were you surprised to see it being given out on set so openly though?
I was a little surprised that it was assumed everyone would receive injections, rather than it being a choice. I have worked on sets for four years, and am aware that individuals use Trimix readily. Personally, I’ve used herbal supplements and occasionally Viagra or Cialis, but never Trimix.

Who injected you with the Trimix, and where?
Michael Lucas. He injected me personally with Trimix in the shaft of my penis. It worked, and I was fully erect for many hours.

Whose prescription was it?
I can only assume it was Michael’s, but I cannot confirm that.

So Michael Lucas injects you, and then you filmed your first scene? With whom?
It was a three-way with this really cute couple, Diego and Wagner. It went extremely well, and we completed the scene very quickly. Steve, the director, told me I did a fantastic job. He was so impressed that he wanted to see more of me and petitioned Michael to include me in an additional scene with Andre Donovan. And, no complaints there, Andre is stunning.

And Michael wasn’t there for the shoot you did. He left after he injected you?
Right. There were two scenes being filmed simultaneously for the first few days, and he left to observe the other scene.

When did you see him next?
The following day, Michael asked me to come into the living room and talk. At first, I couldn’t understand what he was saying, or what he was trying to convey. He isn’t very direct. When he became clear, he said he had issues with my appearance.

Yeah, he said my skin was bad. He said that my face was puffy. Then, he said that my eyebrows were “wrong,” and that they were too high up on the sides. He showed me pictures of Tom Cruise as an example of how my eyebrows should look. But, what really confused me was that he said I was “too dark.”

As in your skin tone was too dark?
Yeah, he said I was too dark. My skin has color, but I wouldn’t categorize it as dark at all. I assumed he meant in comparison to other models that are ghost white or pale. I guess I’m not that skin tone, but I never have been.

Photo of Beau Reed with Lucas models during shoot in Spain:

unnamed5What was the point of this conversation? Was he asking you to somehow change your look before you shot your next scenes?
No, he was telling me that I wouldn’t be shooting any other scenes. Basically, that I was done filming.

But didn’t he already see you the day before, when you filmed the first scene?
Yes. I saw him the day I arrived, so it didn’t make sense. I think he saw the footage of the scene I did, and maybe he was intimidated by my performance somehow? Like, maybe he wanted more of a submissive bottom, but that’s not me. The week prior, I shot with photographer Mark Henderson, and I think I looked great, so I don’t see what Michael’s problem was with my appearance.

unnamed3Had you had any disagreements with Michael Lucas on anything else prior to that conversation?
No. There was obviously something that rubbed him the wrong way about me. I’m 35 years old, but I think I still look good. The director on the scene I performed in couldn’t have been happier. So, to have someone like Michael Lucas come in and say there are problems with my appearance, I’m like, are you fucking kidding me?

And again, you were already there on the agreement of three scenes, and you paid for your own flight?
Right. It was the 6th of November, and I wasn’t scheduled to leave the villa until after my scene on the 10th. I was crushed emotionally. I was thinking, OK, what is the best way for me to handle this without causing some huge confrontation with him in this villa, and ruining my porn career. I’ve sacrificed a lot to be in this industry.

So, was he trying to not pay you for the scenes he promised you, which you flew out there on your own dime to do?
Right. I’m only going to be paid for one scene, but I haven’t even been paid for that yet. They were supposed to wire it to me 24 hours after the scene, which was on November 5th. Now they’re saying it’ll come this week. Apparently, there was an issue with the wire transfer to my Canadian bank.

And that’s only $500, which isn’t even half your flight and other expenses you paid over there. 


Did you end up staying at the villa for the whole week, even though you weren’t filming?

Yeah, and Michael said I could, but it wasn’t really clear. Michael and other members of the production crew were sending me contacts of other studios in Barcelona to film with. It was very confusing. Basically, they were saying I was good enough to film with MenAtPlay, Fuckermate, or Kristen Bjorn, but apparently not good enough to be included in a Lucas production. I wish I would have just pursued scenes with TimTales rather than try to work with Lucas, but hindsight is 20/20. I ended up staying and remained positive. I cooked and cleaned with Ken Summers and hung out with the models. I really enjoyed all of the company and the atmosphere.

Did you talk about what had happened with other models on set? Did anyone wonder what had happened and why you weren’t filming?
No, I didn’t really say anything. A few people asked me and I tried to keep my responses brief. It was clear that this was not an isolated incident, and that this is par for the course at a Lucas production. People had left the set for different reasons in a more dramatic fashion, so maybe no one wondered what my situation was, because I remained calm.

Meaning, other people had issues with Michael?
Damon Heart left the villa earlier because he had an altercation with Michael. Another model left later in the week because of issues with the production, but I’m not certain what those issues were. All I know is that he was angry enough to punch a hole in the wall. I just kept thinking, is this going to ruin my career, if I stand up for myself? Anytime I’ve been on set, I’m totally professional. I get in, I do the shoot, and I get out. I didn’t want to be unprofessional there, despite being ridiculously upset. So, I just completely shut down.

What would you say to someone else thinking of going to shoot with Michael Lucas?

That’s why I’m talking about this now. I don’t want this to happen to any other model, ever again. This is abuse, plain and simple. I spent time and money on my appearance to be prepared, and him pulling the plug like that—while he’s filming in Spain—meant there was nothing I could do about it. If this were in the states or Canada, I guess it would be something you’d take to small claims court, since it was agreed I’d be paid the $1,500 for the three scenes. My advice to any model working with Lucas in the future would be to have a solid contract prepared prior to production. And, do not pay for your flight!

Did you have any idea that Michael Lucas was capable of such mistreatment? Had you not seen all the previous allegations of abuse?

My agent Chris did warn me before I left. He told me that it wasn’t going to be a good experience. But, like I said, I was hoping to help my career with this. Lucas Entertainment has a huge reach. But, really, I only have myself to blame for going.

Photo of Beau Reed with Wagner and Diego during Lucas shoot in Spain:

unnamedThe scene you filmed with the couple—do you think it’ll be released?
I don’t know if they’ll release it. It’s supposed to be Lucas’s Valentines Day scene. We actually say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in the scene. I hope they do release it, as I stand by my performance one hundred percent.

Who are some of your favorite scene partners you’ve had, and who do you hope to film with going forward?
I really enjoyed working with Manuel Skye and Teddy Torres. Ray Diesel will always be a favorite, because in addition to having an extremely large and beautiful penis, he also is a very good friend to me. Last and definitely not least, Trent King. He was and is wonderful. Everything about that man head to toe is beautiful. I should probably date that one.

Earlier you mentioned you had sacrificed a lot to be in the industry. Can you elaborate?
The porn industry wasn’t my only option as a career. I have a PhD in physiology. When I first started working in porn four years ago, I was working at a pharmaceutical company and living in Arizona. I did a couple scenes with Kink, one with Trenton Ducati and the other with Mitch Vaughn. The company I worked for found out, and they fired me. I’ve obviously made my own choices and continued performing. I love the art of pornography and I really enjoy being part of larger scale productions with storylines, because they’re more challenging and more rewarding. I’ve never had anything like the Michael Lucas situation happen to me at any other studio. I just really don’t want other models to have to go though this.

What are some examples of studios where you’ve had good experiences?
My favorite studios to work with have been Men, Falcon, and NextDoorEbony, with a special mention to BlacksOnBoys. The first three studios are highly organized and totally professional. The scenes are generally high quality, and well-received. I hope to work more with all three.

After this abusive experience with Lucas, what’s next for you? Will you continue shooting with other studios?
I will definitely continue to shoot with other studios. I hope one day to become an exclusive, but will continue nonetheless. I feel I owe it to my fans and myself to make the most of this journey. Because of the sacrifices I’ve made, it would be a waste to leave now. I started a production company last year back in Canada, and we should be able to start filming our first scenes in summer of 2018. I’m excited to step behind the camera!

Thanks for sharing your story, Beau. Hopefully others can learn from your experience.


  • Ed Woody

    Well, that was stunning twist. Who could have ever seen that coming, eh? That’s some Sixth Sense level shit.

  • Jay

    Mark Henderson is a witch. He is really magical.

  • James Johnson III

    How the fuck is this studio still in business?! The Weinstein company tanked for a shorter list than those who’ve spoken out against Michael

  • Xzamilloh

    No pun intended, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and makes his models perform in terrible conditions like a duck…

  • backhand

    im glad he did that with a confident man who can handle the heat because this type of attitude can break a young fragil guy… such a terrible story

  • OverKill


    I don’t feel bad for any performer that goes to work for LE. All should know by now how ML and his company operates. So if any performer decides to go over there and then complains:

    • c_find

      I get what you are saying but Lucas and Men are really the only two big studios that scout heavily in Canada. Also for some reason a lot of Porn performers don’t read porn blogs.

      • OverKill

        True, but performers have to talk to each other right? Some are friends. Word of mouth goes a long way as well.

      • FrenchBug

        I have very little patience for someone making such a life-changing decision such as filming porn without even Googling their future employer. For Fuck’s sake, everyone does it for *regular jobs*.
        But at least, naivete in a newbie is sometimes an excuse.
        Beau Reed has been doing porn for several years. There is no way in hell he hadn’t heard of Lucas’ lack of ethics, not to say worse.

        • c_find

          I’m not excusing it but from some of the guys and women that I know have done porn work a lot are not that informed about the industry. A lot just get into porn for the quick cash and the fact that they have an exhibitionist streak, porn is not their main job( not even escorting). I don’t know this guy personally so I can’t say if what he is saying is bullshit. Just giving a possible alternative from point of view.

          • FrenchBug

            Oh you’re absolutely right that’s what happens. But I am judging them for their stupidity. There is nothing wrong with doing porn but if you do it, like everything else in life, you gotta prepare yourself and do your research if you don’t want bad things to happen to you.
            If you don’t, well…

          • c_find

            ok I get your point 😉

          • McM.

            That makes sense, but it’s invalidated in Beau Reed’s situation due to the fact he started a production company last year. Researching other businesses (studios) in the same market is part and parcel of building a solid business plan.

            All I see here is that Beau Reed took a chance and got burned. Now he knows better, and hopefully got a lesson on how NOT to treat talent.

          • c_find

            Point taken and well made

      • moondoggy

        “Also for some reason a lot of Porn performers don’t read porn blogs.”


  • pje821

    Not surprising to read about more abuse from Michael Lucas; if I were a model I’d stay the hell away from him and that studio. I’ve seen several scenes of Beau’s, and I love his performances and huge cumshots. I am not a fan of his tattoos, but his other qualities far outweigh my distaste of them. Beau is obviously highly intelligent and hot as hell — in other words, marriage material. I wish him well in his porn career.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I love Beaus work! I’m sorry he had to go through this.

  • Zealot

    It’s unfortunate that no one has the resources to take ML to court over his failures to pay the models.

    However, I’m sure filming in Spain allows Lucas to avoid STI testing, and thumb his nose at pesky prescription drug laws in the U.S. I’m also not sure if it’s clever or dumb luck that the person negotiating the scenes is never Lucas so that he’s able to come in later and pull them (giving him plausible deniability that he ever sanctioned those scenes to begin with).

    I’m also pretty surprised that any agent would sanction their clients for work with Lucas, seeing as how their percentage would be affected when payments don’t come through. I feel bad for Beau, but how much more of this does will it take before models understand what most of us on this blog do about this flea-bag operation?!

    It’s frustrating at minimum and criminal in the extreme.

  • TrueWords

    Here are some other job opportunities to utilize your Ph.D Degree and potential pay scale…btw you can still go the gym, getting on a hook up app and meet hot guys and have sex, sex, sex…while building a steady future for yourself….so you do not have to deal with shady people Lucas


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1ca9fc1611f41f81b2b61605ea918db1c2417b0c75bae0212cc50c6e158032c6.png :

    • Two Cents

      Dang, you look good my beux!

      • TrueWords


  • FrenchBug

    Beau Reed has been working in porn for four years, including with some of the most prestigious studios, and “thought working with Lucas would help him get other opportunities”???????
    Sorry but this is BS of the highest level. He did it because he wanted the dough, knowing full well who Lucas was and now it turns out the same thing that happened to countless others happened to him.
    Well, you are welcome to regret a bad decision but if your starting point is to assume we are morons with such transparently stupid self-serving spin, you’re guaranteed to not even earn the littlest bit of sympathy your situation could yield in me.

    Lucas will go on being in business because performers like Beau Reed who know better continue to work for him. If you are an obscure Mexican or Ukrainian performer, I guess it is possible you don’t know better.
    But no American performer, let alone someone with a longish career, should give him either the benefit of one’s performance, let alone allow him to use the fact I worked for him to gild the lily on top of the shitpile that is this studio.

    So. Sorry but even though my Fuck Lucas is a bigger Fuck You and the man should go away, Fuck Beau Reed too. You knew and you still worked for him.

  • pilot101

    Michael Lucas had “issues” with his body, eyebrows, skin, etc? but he keeps calling Billy Santoro and Adam Killian and he thinks they are perfect and nice to see? how funny…

    • Xzamilloh

      Adam Killian has a body to die for, but everytime I see his face, I think “pomeranian”

      • McM.

        And he knows his porn angles, how to work his ass, and most importantly be great at being versatile.

        But yeah, he went overboard with those injections. But he’s passionate so I rarely notice it.

      • KingBeaArthur

        bitch………………I cackled.

      • Jon

        Omg, lmao. I can excuse it for dat ass tho.

  • zetan
  • John

    In Lucas’ defense, until a few years ago they did some of the hottest porn, on occasion, out there. I liked their stable of men. It has taken a nose dive in attractiveness and hotness in the past 3 or 4 years. I liked them best right after they went bareback. I loved The Intern.Some of their very best from the past were Joey Pele, Tomas Brand, Fabio Lopez, Jake Andrews, Ben Andrews, and Michael Lachlan ( one of the hottest performers of all time)


    There needs to be a self-policing agency created that oversees operations in the American Porn Industry. Sort of like when The Comic Book Industry faced a lot of backlash and created an agency that would police themselves and came up with a moral code and laws to oversee that things don’t get out of hand (or draw the ire of those less comic-y inclined). This agency would then place an agent at each production site, Porn would undergo review and individuals would be protected from predatory and the more incorrigible individuals in the industry. Perhaps a Sex Workers Union or something that would have power to expel the bad and enforce protections and standards (including things like pay, std testing, set conditions etc).

  • Drakken

    Beau is a great performer, I love an enthusiastic bottom that can take a pounding, and thet ass is a masterpiece. I’m sorry he had to go through that, Lucas is a piece of shit.

  • Ninja0980

    I know a couple of people that worked for this POS.
    All I can say is that if you are a porn star here in the States where it’s known who he is and is still willing to work for him.. that’s on you and no one else.

  • badgamer1967

    seriously though the number of articles on this site alone on Lucas productions should have given him some red flags at least, I cant help thinking https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16a6c0e8e816161e214ecc72a4396bfc362cc1a58986fd6ab9db784b3722f721.gif

  • czer

    I refuse to watch Michael Lucas produced porn. His product is awful. With such a horrible reputation it’s beyond me why any model would work for him.

  • Marcus Collack

    Um…There’s so much about his Fucketry on line, and SO MANY red flags in their dealings from start to finish, that I’m like:

  • Marcus Collack

    Um…There’s so much about his Fucketry on line and SO, SO, SO Many Red Flags in this deal that I’m like:
    Then I read “My agent Chris did warn me before I left. He told me that it wasn’t
    going to be a good experience. But, like I said, I was hoping to help my
    career with this. Lucas Entertainment has a huge reach. But, really, I
    only have myself to blame for going.” and to that I say:

  • KingBeaArthur

    TimTales was CLEARLY the better option. Pretty sure he still can. Josh Moore did after his drama with LE.

  • Two Cents

    No matter who he films with he thick in all the right places and I will eat the mess out that booty! He would be on my mustache all day – ya dig!

  • Joel

    If someone went to go inject a needle into my cock, regardless of the reason or with whatever it is, I’d smack them. You ain’t doing that to me. I hope Michael Lucas is taken down once and for all.

  • badboymac

    Really? Can’t believe no one has stated the obvious. This guy is less than average looking. He may be the best bottom on the planet, but that face…No Bueno! His pictures were probably photo-shopped (to death) and once ML (Duck-Face) saw him in person, he was like…Next! I can’t say I blame him. …And what highly educated person would fly to another country, at thier own expense for a promise of making a mere $2K (Net)? This guy has got sh*t for brains.

  • McM.

    Hopefully, when Big Sexy begins producing he takes everything he learned from Tyler Reed and throws it out the fucking window. Tyler Reed stopped putting effort into his own releases a while ago, and it won’t serve Beau to start off with sloppy processes. Basic handheld stabilizers are under $100 but a lot of outfits are like “fuck it, we don’t need smooth shots, the more the camera shakes the better.”

    I would have loved-loved-loved to see Beau Reed at any of the referred studios in Spain. They all pull out consistently good scenes, both in action and production quality. But I know he probably has to now focus on his own company and create a good foundation, and I’m interested to see what he has in store.

  • The Porn Emperor

    Do you people not remember that years ago, Michael Lucas made a whole movie about his shitty treatment of models, including non-payment? I think it was Top to Bottom; it had Chad Hunt and Erik Martins in it. There’s a scene where Chad Hunt shows up and grips to Lucas about not being paid, and not wanting to work again until he is, blah blah blah. Seemed taken from real life to me, even though it was presented as comedy.

  • Maximus
    • McM.

      Is that Michael C. Hall? What is the source of the gif?

      • Maximus

        Yes, it’s him. The GIF is from a YouTube video that he was in. It was supposed to be a comedy sketch, but they took the risk of trying to make child porn funny…… It didn’t work.

  • YandyDandy

    ” But, really, I only have myself to blame for going.” That’s the start, the middle and the end of the interview. The rest is just words.

    No fucks given.

  • GayhawkAZ

    I know Beau and trashing his choice to work for Lucas is not fair. He’s learned, obviously, but sometimes you have to go through the experience yourself to actually believe what’s being said. I wish him well and hopefully he visits Arizona again. ?

  • Parker Lewis

    Well why is he complaining about money when if it was about money he would not spend $1000 on airfare to make $1500 for one week of work doing 3 porn scenes.

  • Devin

    One person Michael seems to love is Devin Franco. I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop. Devin is super sweet, though….which can be good and bad. Hope Michael doesn’t fuck with him

  • Cosmic

    I’m sorry but if you let some guy you’ve just met stick a needle in your dick without knowing if it’s clean and unused or know for 100% what’s in it, then you’re just a dumbass.

  • JFish1976

    Looks like Duckface posted Beau’s scene with Diego and Wagner. Has Beau been paid for this scene or has Duckface gotten away with not paying yet another model for posted scenes? I hope someone is taking note of this and reports Lucas and his corrupt company to government institutions who will investigate him for all his wrong doings.

  • TDP

    Great job Beau for taking a stand on Michael Lucas! Personally when I see him in his movies (sexual and non) I always get bugged for some reason but now I know, he’s a jerk.