Cash-Starved Michael Lucas Is Now Trying To Sell A Three-Year-Old Cell Phone Clip Of Ashton Summers

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sumerThere is apparently no limit to how low disgraced (and evidently broke) porn director Michael Lucas can go with regard to how he treats performers and employees. Yesterday, Michael Lucas used his OnlyFans account to sell an old cell phone recording he took of gay porn star Ashton Summers, and he promoted the sale of the cell phone video on Twitter:

mic35OnlyFans is a subscription based, members-only service that has nothing to do with Michael Lucas’s porn studio, Lucas Entertainment. Michael Lucas, like all OnlyFans users, uploads amateur style cell phone and handheld videos to the site, and members pay a monthly fee to watch Lucas’s OnlyFans videos. Although Lucas did not tag Ashton Summers in his tweet promoting the video, Summers saw the tweet and the video promo, and he responded to Lucas earlier today. In his tweet, Summers revealed that the cell phone clip was recorded three years ago:

ashton1While Ashton Summers did work for Michael Lucas’s studio in nine scenes in early 2015, Str8UpGayPorn can confirm that Summers did not agree and was not paid to appear in a Michael Lucas “OnlyFans” video. Because as Summers notes, this video was filmed three years ago, long before OnlyFans even existed.

Summers posted a follow-up tweet moments later:

ashton2The video (which won’t be linked to here) is not a Lucas Entertainment scene that would’ve been released by the studio, as it’s a brief cell phone clip that had obviously been stored on Michael Lucas’s phone all these years. (Then again, a brief cell phone clip from three years ago might actually be better than what Lucas Entertainment produces today, but that’s another story.) As of post time, Str8UpGayPorn can not confirm whether Ashton Summers had agreed or given consent for the video on Michael Lucas’s cell phone to be sold anywhere for profit, but one source has suggested that this video was a “casting couch” type situation, filmed before Lucas agreed to put Summers in Lucas Entertainment scenes.

Update: Summers has confirmed that he was not paid for the video, he did not sign anything giving Lucas consent to sell the video, and that he was told the video was part of the Lucas Entertainment audition process:


Since Summers did not agree to have what he thought was a private cell phone video of him sold for profit three years after it was filmed, Michael Lucas could face civil charges from Summers. And, since Ashton Summers didn’t sign 2257 documents for this specific cell phone video to be uploaded and sold specifically on OnlyFans, Lucas and OnlyFans are in clear violation of federal law, and they could face criminal prosecution. Whether or not any lawsuits or charges are ever filed, a studio owner going through his cell phone to find old clips to sell on a low rent tube site is where Lucas is at in 2017, and that’s somewhat encouraging. One way or another, the end may be near for Michael Lucas.

Str8UpGayPorn has learned that after seeing Ashton Summers’ tweets today, Michael Lucas made threatening phone calls to people close to Summers, demanding that they make Summers remove the tweets. Obviously, Lucas was ignored and the tweets stayed up. Clearly angered, Lucas then tweeted out additional promotion of the video:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.38.05 PMAshton Summers is now the 20th performer to speak out publicly against Michael Lucas, following Beau Reed just last month, and following 18 others who have come forward to allege various forms of abuse, transmission of STDs on Lucas sets, harassment, illegal distribution of prescription drugs on sets, and non-payment by Michael Lucas over the last four years.

For those who wonder why mainstream American culture still looks down on porn as something that’s sleazy and harmful, look no further than the example Michael Lucas sets. Look at how nearly two dozen well-publicized allegations of misconduct and abuse are fully excused, accepted, and normalized by some in the porn industry—via annual award nominations, retail sales, marketing, and promotion given to Lucas Entertainment. So, it’s not a surprise that the porn industry has a reputation for being sleazy and harmful, when you consider that some in the porn industry are literally enabling sleaze and harm, over and over again, by supporting Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment. The only thing left to wonder about is who might be more harmful: Michael Lucas, or those in the porn industry who’ve chosen to ignore all the allegations against Michael Lucas?

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