Introducing Gay Porn Newcomer Tino Cortez

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0008Tino Cortez did appear in a handful of scenes earlier this year, but it’s his scene today with Rafael Alencar that could be his breakthrough performance.

0014Tino Cortez clearly went to the Johnny Rapid School Of Bottoming Faces, and he’s not afraid to show off his extremely toothy smile.

0015The title of this scene is “Please Don’t Break Me,” and while that title is presumably meant to be a plea from Tino (e.g., “please don’t break my ass in two with your cock”), I can’t help but think that it could also be a plea from Rafael, whose cock literally looks like it’s about to snap in half??

0018Oh, and if you were hoping to see a full view of Rafael Alencar’s legendary ass implants, sorry. still refuses to include any photos of those rumored implants. In the video, you will see a quick glimpse of them from the side, and from underneath.

Back to Tino:

0023It’s Tino Time!

0017tino2 tnio3Can you believe that this is a photo intended to advertise a gay porn scene? What a time to be alive. Or, what a time to be dying(?), based on the facial expression above.

0025Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Rafael Alencar Fucks Tino Cortez]


  • DrunkEnough

    Why does almost every insertion shot of Rafael’s cock look flaccid, like he’s Captain Rubberdick? Maybe he needs a cock implant next.

    • Tim

      try getting a cock that size actually hard, and you might faint.

    • gaysiantwink

      His cock looks fine though…

  • Xzamilloh

    The faces the bottom is making
    The twink body
    Rafael’s gorgeous face, gorgeous dick, but those horrible ass implants taking over his body.

    Let’s just forget this one happened

  • Scrapple

    It’s like he’s trying to serve Andy Samberg realness, but he’s stuck on Lonely Island.

  • Marcus Collack

    I still remember Rafael giving an interview where he says his brothers have “Bigger butt, and Bigger dicks” He’s the small one.

    • Xzamilloh

      Well, his ass is fake, so that’s a given, but I’d still would love to see these brothers of his. Any pictures??

  • V1

    After an hours-long shoot with Rafael Alencar, Tino’s hole will never be the same again.

  • nick


  • Xzamilloh

    The faces, Rafael’s ridiculously oversized fake ass (and the visible incision marks).. have fun with this one. I’m out

  • Audran

    Mmmm How do we define new comer ? Because i’m sure i’ve seen some scenes of Tino Cortez before…

  • Greg


  • Ben

    Nope, No more twinks and he’s fugly

  • Maximus
  • Trepakprince
  • Trepakprince

    This is a tragedy.

  • Jer

    That’s a whole lotta NOPE going on.

  • ToxicBrew

    He doesn’t seem attractive i’m surprised they didn’t dump him at Bromo for some raw spit roasting and low pay. Helix reject for sure.

  • ToxicBrew

    I didn’t know Hal Sparks had a gay son. Tino is not that attractive to be in porn. I’m surprised they didn’t dump him at Bromo for some raw spit roasting and low pay. Helix reject for sure.

  • mc90

    I guess they’re going with the “Big Dick, TIny Chick” route like in straight porn but surely it just doesn’t work that way for gay guys.

  • kireb

    it’s like watching a grandfather with his granddaughter…

    the horror…

  • sxg

    Can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of a twink but I am. I find him adorable. Sure his body is nothing to brag about, but for a twink I think he’s actually cute. And y’all know me I don’t usually like the twinks that Zach drools over on here because they’re very Mike Dozer flavored. But this one actually looks like he’s at least 18 thank god.

    And we should be glad that he has some really nice teeth that he’s willing to show off, because the mouths on some of these pornstars are utterly repulsive. Spend all that money on putting fake implants, botox, etc yet you can’t fix your mouth up while your at it? Especially for some that claim they were dentists?

    • Xzamilloh
      • Scrapple

        Lol. I was just talking about this movie the other day. Now you’re gonna make me play some Bobby Womack.

    • sanfv

      She also claimed to be Brazilian… But I heard her speak Portuguese ( or at least try) a couple times.

      • sxg

        Who Rafael? I’m sure she’s Brazilian. She has a pretty noticeable Brazilian accent when she tries to speak English. Also she was in some Kristen Bjorn films at the start of his career and this is during the time when the majority of his models came from Brazil and South America because that’s where he was KB was living at the time. He might have sounded awful speaking Portuguese because he speaks an extremely ghetto version of it, like cockney for the English.

        • sanfv

          She’s either Israeli or German.

          Exhibit A.

          He stumbles over simple words ( not favella Portuguese) and the way that they’re pronounced. The biggest give away is he doesn’t know how to say “Ireland” in Portuguese, which is very, very odd. I speak Portuguese and can tell you he is a non native speaker.

          There’s an older interview with “papomix” from almost 10 years ago where his Portuguese is even worse.

          Before Brazilian MySpace (orkut) went extinct, the couple of fan pages he had claimed he was a dentistry student from Israel. I know a few Israeli transplants in Brazil and they’re accents are spot on like Rafaels.

          She’s either mad fake like her ass or she’s dumb as fuck.

        • lordgabux

          hahahahhahahahaa All languages have trashy versions hahahahahhahahahaha

      • Henrique Alves

        Rafael is brazilian… she just think that if people think she isnt, she will become more famous… but she is just a cunt fake ass… Here you can see a video of she and Diego (also brazilian) speaking a better portuguese…

        • sanfv

          She is just mad fake! Just like that fake bunda of hers!!!

    • gaysiantwink

      Wait what is mike dozer flavored?

      • sxg

        Anything that you think looks too young to be in porn.

      • McM.

        92% of the Helix roster.

  • Parker Lewis

    Whatever.. next

  • That forehead/eyebrow situation…I don’t get…why does he look like that? That’s ‘needs another hour in the chair’ prosthetic looking. It’s just so damn flat. Is he one of those Japanese sex robots?

  • Todd

    Tino is serving his best Johnny Rapid facial expression realness ….

  • sanfv

    Two things are certain.

    1. Rafael’s fake ass. She needs to do upkeep if she wants us to believe.

    2. Tino’s fake hair color. How many bottles did homegirl use to get that marker colored brown?

    • McM.

      Thanks for mentioning the second part.

      It is petty, and something I normally don’t notice or care about, but Tino’s hair is bugging the hell out of me. Like, everything about it. The color, hue, and cut.

  • GN

    MEN has rolled out their new assembly line of Johnny Rapid clones with hyperbolized , uncomfortably-awkward Twinkish facial expressions, which of course, you can customize through an app on your IOS device.

  • ToxicBrew

    I didn’t know Hal Sparks had a gay son. I’m surprised they didn’t dump him at Bromo for some raw spit roasting and low pay.

  • DPS

    Rafael needs to hang it up since everything else on him his hanging down. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Rob36


  • lordgabux

    Not the best way to go ethnic.
    Pretty sure the Mayan gods are throwing up.

  • lordgabux

    It’s a disgrace this bitch went and fucked something so beautifully created by Nature…
    circa the 1990s hahahhahaha

  • lordgabux

    It’s a disgrace this bitch went and fucked something so beautifully created by Nature…
    circa the 1990s…

  • lordgabux

    It’s a disgrace this bitch went and fucked something so beautifully created by Nature…

    • Marco Sartori

      13 years ago.


      • lordgabux

        Honestly I had a feeling this movie was older than that hahahhahaha. Still one of KB’s best.