Randy Blue Announces Jarec Wentworth Live Show, Cancels It 4 Minutes Later

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Today is a fun day for gay porn studio emails! This afternoon, Randy Blue sent the below email announcing a webcam show with Men.com exclusive Jarec Wentworth and Angel Santiago:


Two days ago, Jarec Wentworth promised to quit his exclusivity Men.com if the studio didn’t fire Johnny Rapid’s “fat fuck” manager. So, did Queen Jarec make good on that threat and rekindle her relationship with Randy Blue?

Enlarged ad:

jarecrndyNot so fast!

Four minutes after receiving Randy Blue’s webcam show email, another Randy Blue email came in:

4minNo one’s saying what happened (my guess: Jarec never quit Men.com, but was going to try and do the cam show without them knowing so he could make some extra cash, yet once the ad was released and everyone caught wind of it, he pussied out), but if it involves Jarec Wentworth, you can bet it’s messy.

In other Jarec Wentworth news, a source close to Men.com’s production tells me that regardless of whether he quits or not, the studio is getting sick of Jarec’s “diva attitude.” Even Men.com can only put up with so much, and when Jarec recently tried to hire female hookers to come to his hotel room the night before a shoot, the studio finally told him “No.”

Drama has followed Jarec Wentworth a.k.a. “Jarek” ever since he left Sean Cody over a year ago. At the time, he told fans that he had reached his “scene limit” with the studio and was simply not permitted to shoot anymore, but Str8UpGayPorn has confirmed with Sean Cody that they have no such thing as a “scene limit,” and Jarek left the studio for undisclosed reasons.

Maybe instead of quitting Men.com, Jarec Wentworth will just be fired instead?


  • Zoompietro

    The good news is that his cunty attitude is going to put him in a position where he’ll be forced to bottom in order to get work with any reputable studios and I think that’s a win for all of us!

    • Rickman

      His present contract with MEN has a no-bottoming clause, inserted at his insistence. (This concession cost him 6 movies). But the contract runs out in May, and we can hope that MEN will decline to offer him another contract if he still refuses to bottom.

  • Alan Keddie

    What the actual frack?!

  • No scene limit at Sean Cody? Then why hasn’t the gorgeous and beautiful Calvin returned?

    • ltlantnee

      Brooks!!!!! Bring Back Brooks!!!!

    • sxg

      They leave out of their own choosing, no one forces them to leave. Unless they have become disastrous to work with.

    • NG212

      Maybe he moved on in life.

    • pangelboy

      Heard he went on to become a licensed therapist. Seems like he moved on.

    • andrew

      Hopefully Calvin and a whole lot of the other quality guys who have worked for SC, have gone on to other pursuits, to bigger and better things, and don’t want to return to porn.

  • ltlantnee

    No scene limit? Bring Back Brooks!!! Please.

    • Zoompietro

      YES!!! Brooks needs to get inside Tanner ASAP!

  • sxg

    Just to let you know, AFAIK Men does not have any restrictions on their models camming on sites such as Randy Blue and Flirt4Free. I know that Falcon Raging House doesn’t because Derek Atlas, Sean Zevran, and Johnny V continue to do camming at Randy Blue even though they are exclusives to another studio. So the incidents are unrelated. Perhaps there was an issue with the way Randy Blue marketed the duo cam show? I know that Jarec has been camming at Randy Blue since he left the site and became a exclusive Men model.

    And yes it is true there is absolutely NO SCENE LIMIT at Sean Cody. Anyone suggesting otherwise is a fucking idiot. Models have simply left on their own accord or perhaps something happened between SC and the model, like they’re tired of each other. With Jarec, I can imagine his porn ego got too big and he demanded more money per scene, or even royalties from his scenes, which he has asked at one of his studios after SC. He’s even asked for royalties from those requesting to do photoshoots with him, and because of that those photoshoots never materialized. He may be a nice guy outside the studio, but porn-wise he’s a money-hungry douchebag.

    • Rickman

      Jimmy Fanz, a MEN.com exclusive, cams at RB.

      I doubt that SC has a scene limit, but I have to wonder why JW would make that up. Presumably the reason he left SC was the same reason he left RB–no contract. He said he hated RB because they wouldn’t give him a contract, yet still wanted him to sign a 90-day exclusivity agreement every time he did an RB shoot, promising not to work for a competitor for 90 days. He waited until his last 90-day exclusivity ran out before he signed with MEN–who did give him a 12-month contract that runs around May 2015. That contract specifies how much he will be paid per scene. And he does have an agent–the owner of FabScout–to keep him in line and negotiate for him.

      Virtually every studio, including MEN, makes its performers sign of waiver of rights to their images. Absent a written agreement to the contrary, there’s no way JW would be getting royalties from his porn work.

      There’s nothing wrong with being money hungry. JW has only a high school education and no job skills. And since 2010, he’s had no income other that what he makes from porn and house painting. But he will be receiving royalties from the commercial he shot–if it airs.

      JW is an asshole. As he says in his MEN profile, “I can be very mean if you get on my bad side.” The problem is, the slighest real or imagined provocation will put you on his “bad side.” He can be very irrational. And when he’s angry, he turns rabid.

      • sxg

        JW made it up because he didn’t want to tell everyone that SC no longer wants to work with him because they deemed him too much of a pain in the ass to work with anymore. Who in gay porn is gonna self-destruct their own career like that?

        And Jarec was a pain in the ass at RB they were glad to see him go. Any public indication that they wanted to keep him around longer was just their way of being courteous and not dramatic about the whole thing.

        Although I have my mixed feelings at times with RB, I definitely know that they truly do take care of their models as best they can, so long as they are reasonable to work with. And I think Jarec did sign a 6-month contract, but you’re really in no way obligated to stay with the company for 6 months if you leave then you leave. You are less likely to be asked back though if you try and make a return.

        • If SC doesn’t have ascen limit then explain, Jess, Jamie, and the other models who were not invited back after doing a certain number of scenes. Were they all hard to work with? Not saying this guy is a saint, but let’s be honest. His work for SC was spot on. He was good, even great. Downhill after that, but that’s the way shit goes sometimes.

          • sxg

            Everyone leaves the studio, or porn altogether, for very different reasons. Jamie I believe left because his personal info was released somewhere on one of the blogs and I guess it spooked him and he had a total social media blackout. Why Jess left and came back to film with a dumpy studio instead of back to SC, who knows. The idea that there is a “limit” is just not there with SC. If at one point SC gets tired of you and doesn’t want to work with you again, or you are just not bringing in viewers, then I can see a model being axed whether you have filmed 20, 30, or 40 scenes. The idea that there is a limit indicates an actual number of scenes you meet then that’s it you’re gone no matter what, and that is not the case.

        • Rickman

          I know for a fact that Jarec did not sign a 6-month contract with RB, nor was any such contract even offered. Like all RB actors, Jarec’s employment was strictly ad hoc. If they want you for a shoot, and you were interested, you’d sign a contract just for that shoot–plus they also want you to sign the typical “exclusivity” agreement promising not work for a competitor for 90 days, but not promising you any future work. Jarec hated that. He had the same issue with SC. Neither SC nor RB gave him any written promise of future work.

      • SeanCody does have a scene limit. Just look at their site. None of their models stay for the long haul. None. Not that I’m complaining, it’s actually what set’s the site apart from others. Jamies, Jess, Jareck, etc, models just reach their limit. Rickman do your research, instead of blatant speculation.

        • zach

          No, you are wrong.

          If you read the article, you would’ve seen the part where it says “Str8UpGayPorn has confirmed with Sean Cody that they have no such thing as a scene limit.” That’s not speculation, it’s a fact.

          Some performers leave forever after 28 scenes. Some leave forever after 3 scenes. Some leave after 10 scenes and come back two years later to do 2 more scenes, and then they leave forever. The reason performers leave is because they move onto other careers, or to work for other studios. It’s as simple as that. Deal with it.

    • Rickman

      Ever since JW first cammed at RB back in Dec. 2013, I’ve been subscribed to email notifications that tell me the date and time he goes online at RB webcam. Based on these email notifications, I can tell you that his RB cams shows were quite rare when he was with RB, and even more rare after he left RB. On those very rare occasions when he appeared on RB cam after he joined MEN, he was only online for a few minutes at a time.

  • NG212

    I remember when Jarec was a young, humble kid. He said he was never really considered good-looking when he first arrived at SC.

    My how things have changed.

  • Rickman

    Jarec can’t quit MEN. He has an contract with MEN that doesn’t run out until May 2015. If he backed out, MEN and his agent (the owner of FabScout) could sue the crap out of him. His legal fees alone would wipe him out. No, JW is simply another overreaching porn diva with delusions of grandeur.

    • Porn Star

      Actually, Men allows any model who is unhappy to end their written contract.

      • Rickman

        Oh, is that written into the contract? No? Well, then it’s not legally binding.

  • nodoubtfan

    Keep the drama coming, Zach!

  • Casey Scott

    You know, for a straight guy, he’s displaying all the attitude of a gay diva. This is what happens when you lavish someone with attention and money because they look good but don’t really deliver on-camera.

  • dave1984

    Is it me or he looks like Harry Louis in that 1st pic? could someone please hack into Harry’s laptop & release his sex tape already????

  • BestHead

    It’s amazing how everyone calls him money hungry.
    Um, is there anyone in porn that isn’t? Isn’t that why you potentially ruin your future career? For money? You don’t actually think that all these kids do it for fun, do you? Especially the “straight boys”?
    Don’t ALL the studios take advantage of kids before they know better and sign them onto contracts where they get only a tiny fraction of the money the studios are making off them?
    God forbid these kids should try to make a few bucks during their year of fame.