Randy Blue Announces Jarec Wentworth Live Show, Cancels It 4 Minutes Later

Posted December 18, 2014 by with 29 comments


Today is a fun day for gay porn studio emails! This afternoon, Randy Blue sent the below email announcing a webcam show with Men.com exclusive Jarec Wentworth and Angel Santiago:


Two days ago, Jarec Wentworth promised to quit his exclusivity Men.com if the studio didn’t fire Johnny Rapid’s “fat fuck” manager. So, did Queen Jarec make good on that threat and rekindle her relationship with Randy Blue?

Enlarged ad:

jarecrndyNot so fast!

Four minutes after receiving Randy Blue’s webcam show email, another Randy Blue email came in:

4minNo one’s saying what happened (my guess: Jarec never quit Men.com, but was going to try and do the cam show without them knowing so he could make some extra cash, yet once the ad was released and everyone caught wind of it, he pussied out), but if it involves Jarec Wentworth, you can bet it’s messy.

In other Jarec Wentworth news, a source close to Men.com’s production tells me that regardless of whether he quits or not, the studio is getting sick of Jarec’s “diva attitude.” Even Men.com can only put up with so much, and when Jarec recently tried to hire female hookers to come to his hotel room the night before a shoot, the studio finally told him “No.”

Drama has followed Jarec Wentworth a.k.a. “Jarek” ever since he left Sean Cody over a year ago. At the time, he told fans that he had reached his “scene limit” with the studio and was simply not permitted to shoot anymore, but Str8UpGayPorn has confirmed with Sean Cody that they have no such thing as a “scene limit,” and Jarek left the studio for undisclosed reasons.

Maybe instead of quitting Men.com, Jarec Wentworth will just be fired instead?