Actually, Jake Bass And Paddy O’Brian Did NOT Fuck

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For those of you who care (and for those of you who don’t), the ongoing saga of Jake Bass and Paddy O’Brian’s “did they or didn’t they” duo scene for continues. For unknown reasons, didn’t have them fuck in “Men Of Anarchy” (I’m sure there was some kind of drama—there’s always drama at, which is crazy considering their combined star power. Then, yesterday, I got news that Paddy O’Brian and Jake Bass did fuck in a scene from the upcoming “Forbidden”‘ series. Now, today? Surprise! Jake Bass and Paddy O’Brian actually did not fuck after all.

An email just received from

I made a big mistake! After yesterday’s email someone from our product team brought it to my attention that Jake does NOT get fucked by Paddy. I made the assumption when I saw the poster…my first thought was “OH! That’s why he didn’t fuck with Paddy in “Men of Anarchy.”” So in Jake’s Forbidden scene, he’s actually with Allen King. Sorry for that.

Yeah, me too.


  • Donald Horn

    Ugh. is the worst. Jake Bass is never gonna happen. Let’s stop trying to make it happen!!!! He is sexy as fuck though….

    • LB

      He’s already happening, maybe not so much with str8upgayporn readers, but very much so with women at least. He and Colby Keller have legions of female fans.

      • NG212

        I prefer Colby in every way.

  • dave1984

    mendotcom is their own worst enemy, as someone eloquently wrote on here. WTF!!! they have all these hot & willing performers @ their disposal & just keep making @#$%^ porn.

  • Zoompietro

    They’ll fuck eventually, what’s really sad is that Jake Bass will probably end up having to do a scene with Colby Jansen’s fupa.

  • DeanD

    Just as I suspected Men has in fact, yet again, dropped the ball on this.

  • Alan Keddie the Jed Athens of gay porn studios?

    • Mihcael Davies


  • NG212

    I have such good memories with that Oprah gif. I miss her on daytime.

    And it need not be mentioned, but Men is as ratchet and short-sighted as always.

  • sxg

    Oh good news… for Paddy!

  • CockyboysGifs

    Was I the only one hoping Jake would meet Paddy in Forbidden Part 4? :/